Tiszafüred Holocaust

The First Tiszafüred Holocaust Memorial
Photo: Copyright © 1994 by János SZABÓ, Hungary
First erected in 1949
Now located at the St. Kozma Cemetery, Budapest

~ The Holocaust ~

The consequences of World War I put an end to social engagements which existed between the Hungarian elites and the Jewish community. Through the equal rights they enjoyed and through their patronage of commerce, the Jewish community had played an important role in the modernization of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The dominance of the Hungarian-speaking inhabitants was only possible with their help. After the enactment of the numerus clausus ("closed number" in Latin) regulations, restricting Jews from entering universities and professions, there was some stabilization. However, from the mid-1930's, anti-Semitism grew again and the power of politics legitimized it with its three anti-Jewish laws.

One economic result was the dispossession of Jewish estates. Prior to 1944, several licenses were withdrawn from shopkeepers, pubs and the trades. With some trumped-up pretext or trivial offense, a number of people had to serve jail sentences of several months.

Endre VÁRKONYI remembers: "My uncles were harassed from various jobs. One of them, David, was arrested on some pretext, perhaps it could have been for selling goods which were not allowed to be kept in a Jewish shop. Later, they called him up for forced labor and he was sent to Lavocs, Ukraine, where he stayed for a long time." In July 1941, they arrested 15 Jews and interned them in Kistarcsa.

After the outbreak of World War II, men between the ages of 18 and 42 were called up for forced labor. Later, an older age group was also called up and taken away for forced labor. When Hungary joined the war, they were sent to the Russian front and there, untrained and without proper equipment, they were forced to clear the minefields. The first martyr from Tiszafüred was the solicitor, Lászlo BLAU, who stepped on a land mine. In April 1944, they recorded 35 persons missing.

The lucky ones stayed mostly inside the country, building airports, and their lives depended on the compassion of their company commander and his men. Márton SCHWARCZ and his company were working on the airport in Szamosfalva when he broke his leg. He was taken to the Kolozsvár hospital where his leg was put in a cast. But on the order of a doctor, with the rank of major, they put him in a shed in the courtyard on a heap of straw because the major stated, "a Jew should not lie in a bed." His leg became quickly infested with maggots. Despite everything, he recovered and survived, unlike the rest of his family.

On 28 April 1944, the inventory of the Jewish-owned shops was confiscated. The county authorities first assigned the houses around the railway station as a ghetto and, later, an area in the middle of the town around the synagogue. In both cases, a number of Christian families were moved to a different location and their houses used as part of the ghetto. Upon the recommendation of the municipal magistrate, Gábor BALOG, Szabo GYULA designated the brick factory, which was owned by a Jew, as the ghetto. The municipal magistrate went out to the locale to make sure of its suitability. On 8 May 1944, the Jews of the Tiszafüred district were obliged to move there. According to the 1941 census, the number of Jews from surrounding localities was: Nagyivan one, Poroszlo 128, Sarud 12, Tiszaigar 14, Tisznána 47, Tiszörs seven, Tiszaszöllös 49 and Ujlörincfalva one.

Brick factory - Site of the Tiszafüred Ghetto
Photo: Curtesy of János SZABÓ, Hungary
(as it may have looked in 1944)

The brick-drying factory was only partially livable because it was half-open to the elements. The younger ones were assigned the task of constructing brick walls in the open areas so that a roof could be added. In the first two weeks, the commander of the ghetto was Dr. Jenö FICZERE, chief constable of the county. The chief of the local gendarmerie, Lajos NAGY, was transferred and, on 25 May 1944, Jozsef ERDÉLY become the commander of the ghetto. Later, the county sheriff sent Dr. Sándor SZILÁGY, gendarme lieutenant, to control the ghetto. He was the one who oversaw the interrogations and torture in the peasant cottage, which had been rented beside the ghetto. To feed the people in the ghetto, they collected 59,000 Hungarian pengö from its residents, of which they only spent 27,000 Hungarian pengö. At that time, the weather was unusually harsh. On 24 May 1944, according to the newspaper, in nearby Eger, it was raining and the temperature of 0.9° Celsius (about 33° Fahrenheit) was near freezing. Despite the harsh weather in the half-open brick factory, the people had to endure it.

Several times they searched people. The wealthy were bound, cruelly beaten and the men's private parts were beaten with stinging nettles (rows of hairs on the plant that act like hypodermic needles). The head of the Jewish council was Ernö WEINER, a timber merchant. His deputy was David WEISZMAN, a shopkeeper.

On 18 May 1944, men were drafted and sent from the ghetto to Hatvan Gombospuszta. They were divided into two groups. Group A consisted of the intellectuals and the rabbis who were taken directly to Auschwitz; Group B was everyone else. An army captain, Kálmán HORVÁTH, went around the ghettos of the Miskolc district, selecting men for forced labor, which gave a few thousand Jewish men the chance to survive. From Tiszafüred, he selected about 60 men—between 14 and 18 years of age and over 60—for the forced-labor camps.

Endre VÁRKONYI remembers: "Probably the worst days were before we moved to the ghetto. My poor old grandma called her neighbors, acquaintances and gave away her not so essential possessions: her bottles of jams, which she had treasured for years. Most probably she gave away all her belongings and clothing. Some of them for good, some of them for safekeeping. Those things don't have any significance now, because she never came back."

Lili WEINBERGER remembers: "On 8 May 1944, we went to the brickyard—the ghetto—where first we were under the impression that they are taking us for some work, perhaps in the country or maybe in Austria, so that was a bit reassuring. It was very cold all the time and raining. It was impossible to go out of the ghetto to the street."

Endre VÁRKONYI remembers: "We could not leave the ghetto. On the gate was a large board which announced: 'This is the place where the people of Jewish race from Tiszafüred district reside—the ghetto.' They even collected the dogs and the dogcatcher paraded in front of the ghetto showing the hides of the dogs on the end of a stick."

Mrs. Imre DEAK, a gentile, remembers: "They piled the possessions from the Jewish homes in the synagogue. It was a vast amount of good quality bed linen and silk quilts—and the mob—how does a mob behave? Greedily, doesn't it? I was at my gate and saw it. Some carried so many quilts and pillows that they could not see where they were going. Some did not need the feathers, only the thick pillow covers, so they slashed the pillows letting the feathers fly and all of Fö [utca] (Main Street) looked white, as though it had been snowing."

In the ghetto, they searched the men and women mercilessly, looking for hidden valuables. Dr. Imre LEBOVITS remembers: "The gendarme investigators arrived and started first with the most respected and the wealthiest people. With cruelty and with the most barbaric methods, they started to beat them with stinging nettles on their private parts, interrogating them about the hiding place of their valuables. One could hear those unfortunate people's cries. They beat them and it didn't matter if they confessed or not."

On 8 June 1944, in the morning, by horse-drawn cart and on foot, the Jews of Tiszafüred went to the railway station—not through the city but along the riverbank on the outskirts of town. This was at least a five-kilometer journey because the Corpus Christi procession was taking place in town. The station was cordoned off and the neighbors who had come to bid farewell to their friends were not allowed to enter it. In the station office, everybody was registered before deportation.

Tamás KUCZIK, whose father was ordered to transport the Jews on his cart, gives this account: "A railway engine came with four, five or six freight cars. The windows were blocked with barbed wire, which was brand new. I can even see it today. And then it started. First the children were shuffled into the cars and they locked the doors. The children started to cry inside and the mothers were crying outside. Then the women were shuffled into the next car and they locked the door. Finally, it was the men's turn. The whole procedure was quickly done. Then we were ordered to load the suitcases and bags. The gendarmes told us to just throw them in, that we didn't have to be careful with them, as the owners would never receive them."

Dr. Pál POLGARY, the chief magistrate of the administrative district, delivered his parting words to the Jews, "See you again, as fertilizer."

The train started toward Füzesabony. The Jews from Heves County were assembled in the brick factory at Kerecsend. They were there for one night. A few committed suicide and Jenö NAGY, the veterinarian, went mad. Next day, they were marched to the train station in Maklár, 10 km. away. Klára WEINBERGER remembers: "For me, the most horrifying memory is seeing the abandoned strollers on both sides of the road."

At the station, they crammed 82 people into a cattle car. The train went to Füzesabony, Miskolc, Kassa [Kosice, Slovakia] and then to Auschwitz. The journey took three days under inhumane conditions, without water, food or any sanitary facilities. Some people died or went mad in those three days.

Lili WEINBERGER remembers: "We did not know why or where they were taking us. The journey started Friday evening and the train rolled and rolled. We had to relieve ourselves in the car. It was already Saturday night and our water was used up. Then, suddenly, the doors opened and we got some more water, and then the train rolled on. It was midday on Sunday when we arrived in Kassa [Kosice, Slovakia]. They opened the door and some SS came inside and took everything we had left from us: soap, perfume, etc. We were hoping they would give us some water in exchange. We had some food, but nobody could eat."

On 13 June 1944, the train finally arrived in Auschwitz.

Mr. Ernö SZEGÖ remembers: "We arrived in Auschwitz at nine o'clock in the morning. They told as to disembark and leave our belongings in the cars. The elderly were set aside, supposedly to be taken further by truck. We had to line up in fives, beside the cars. One soldier whispered to Ibolya WELTMAN, 'the children are going to be separated from their mothers.' The news spread quickly and the mothers embraced their little ones tighter and they marched together to their deaths. The elderly were taken away on trucks and they told us that we would meet later. We never saw them again. Now we were marched toward Mengele and he sent some people—those he disliked—to the right. My sister and I were sent to the left. Between the rows, SS officers were roaming on their motorcycles with revolvers in their hands. We saw some women with close-cropped hair behind barbed wire working. I thought, Oh my God, what is waiting for us?"

Lili WEINBERGER remembers: "My last sight of my father was when he went to the other side with the men. We were driven forward with only the dresses and sandals we had on. We looked back, where the men were, and we gave them a parting glance. We never saw them again. We were lined up in fives, with our mother, our aunt and two other relatives. The rows grew less in front of us until we arrived in front of Mengele. I was the closest to him and he waved me to the left, then came Klari and she was sent to the left, too. I did not know what it meant, left or right, but when Klari said, 'No, I want to stay with my mother,' Mengele's answer was 'No, you are young, you can work, you have to go that way' and both of us were pushed to the left. The elderly were considered to be 52-53 years old! We were told 'they will be taken to a bath and you will meet them again, later.' That is how they separated us."

Mrs. Ernö SZEGÖ remembers: "After the selection, they took us for disinfection. They took our dresses and shoes to disinfect. We got back our own shoes, but not our dresses. Everybody had to make do with what they could grab. The girls from Slovakia shaved us, cut our hair, then oversaw the baths. After all that, they threw us some dresses, no underwear. That was Birkenau. We were there—3,000 of us in one barrack—for two months. Then we were transported to Brema, to clear ruins. Every day, early morning, they put us in trucks and took us to work. For breakfast, we had black coffee. In the evening, back in the barracks, we had carrot soup, 25 grams of bread and two grams of margarine. Many of us ate everything at once in the evening, so at least to be full once a day."

Most of the women who survived the selection were sent to work in different parts of Germany or Poland, clearing ruins or in an armaments factory. A number of them died, some from starvation. Even after liberation, some died from typhus.

Lili and Klara WEINBERG stayed in Auschwitz. Lili injured her hand while digging trenches. The wound got infected and they had to operate, but the healing process was slow. She can be thankful for her sister's cleverness that she is alive today. At the end of October, one of the soldiers noticed that her hand was not fully healed, so both were sent off to the gas chambers. For three days, there were 108 of them naked, without food or water, crowded in the gas chamber, waiting for their deaths. Klara WEINBERG remembers: "In the gas chamber I found a half-potato which I shared with my sister. And when my sister said kühne, freien (courage, we will be free), we both stood up, held hands and said loudly, we are going to our parents."

On 17 January 1945, with the advance of the Russian army, the first successful activity of the Red Cross was to rescue them from the gas chamber. Barely alive, one weighed 20 kilos (44 lbs.) and the other 30 kilos (66 lbs.).

Most of the survivors, who came back, emigrated elsewhere or went to live in Budapest or other big cities. We could not find even one family where every family member was alive. The war, the forced labor, the concentration camps and the loss of their relatives, left a lifetime mark on the survivors. Even those who did not suffer the worst of the horrors were affected.

Today, there is only one Jewish person living in Tiszafüred. (2010)

Source (portions):
Tiszafüred-Füzetek (booklet)-5
Copyright ©2004 by Ágnes (née SZEGÕ) ORBÁN, Ph.D.
Translated by Agi CASEY, Australia

~ Nevek Deportation Lists ~

The names below are from the Nevek deportation lists.
Source: The Nevek Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals listed as living in or born in Tiszafüred. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a given name = Mrs. )

ACKERMANN, Gabor 1915 LEHMANN, Laszlo 1905
BAAN, Imre 1904 LOW, Karoly 1907
BARDOS, Dezso 1885 MARKUSZ, Sandorné 1881
BARNA, Imre 1910 MAYER, Bernatné 1880
BLAU, Imre 1915 MEZEI, Jozsef 1894
BLAU, Oszkar 1906 NAGY, Andorné 1901
BOLGAR, Istvan 1872 OSZTREICHER, Arthur 1886
BORNSTEIN, Miksané 1894 RESSLER, Anna 1912
BRAUN, Lajos 1900 REVESZ, Laszloné 1905
BRULL, Daniel 1893 ROBOZ, Imre 1914
BRULL, Ferenc 1902 ROBOZ, Laszlo Dr. *
BRULL, Jeno 1900 ROSENBERG, Malvin 1921
CSILLAG, Gaborné 1881 ROSENBERGER, Pal 1915
CSOMOS, Belané 1903 ROSENFELD, Aladar *
DEMENY, Zsigmondné 1892 ROSENFELD, Dezso *
EBSTEIN, Jeno ¹ 1904 ROSZLER, Adolf 1893
EPSTEIN, Endre 1886 ROTH, Miklosné 1899
EPSTEIN, Jozsef * ROTTENSTEIN, *né 1872
FARKAS, Sandorné 1870 RUBENSTAG, Mihaly 1902
FELDMANN, Miklosné 1908 RUBINSTEIN, Andor 1906
FEUERWERKER, Wolfné 1909 RUBINSTEIN, Belac Dr. *
FISCHER, Izsoné 1908 RUBINSTEIN, Laszlo 1913
FISCHER, Klara 1920 SALAMON, Agnes 1928
FRANK, Lipotné 1878 SCHICK, Gizella 1928
FRANK, Zsuzsa 1929 SCHICK, Gyorgyné 1911
FRIEDLANDER, Laszlo 1911 SCHICK, Istvan 1930
FRIEDMANN, Benoné 1874 SCHON, Jeno 1892
FRIEDMANN, Viktor 1908 SCHWARCZ, Endre 1903
FUNK, Erno 1911 SCHWARCZ, Imre 1918
FUNK, Jeno 1915 SCHWARCZ, Jenoné 1879
FURSZT, Jakabné 1902 SCHWARCZ, Laszlo 1912
GLOSIOS, Daniel 1875 SCHWARCZ, Oszkar 1905
GOLDBERGER, Samuel 1864 SCHWARCZ, Samuel 1872
GOLDMANN, Ede 1904 SCHWARTZ, Bela 1918
GOLDNER, Adolfné 1893 SCHWARTZ, Borbala 1912
GOLDNER, Erno 1900 SCHWARTZ, Dezso Dr. *
GOLDSTEIN, Sandor 1880 SCHWARTZ, Gyorgy 1919
GROSZ, Artur 1877 SCHWARTZ, Sandor 1909
GROSZ, Janos 1919 SEBO, Rezsoné Dr. *
GROSZ, Pal 1907 SIEGELBAUM, Miklos 1926
GRUNBAUM, Laszloné 1921 SIEGLER, Bela Dr. *
GRUNBERG, Lajosné 1923 SOLTI, Andrasné 1894
GYORGY, Imre 1914 SOLTI, Gabriella 1922
HALAS, Jenoné 1906 SOMLO, Rezso 1902
HARNSTEIN, Mihalyné 1891 SOS, Gyulané 1863
HOLLO, Bertalanné 1891 SPANYI, Tibor 1920
HOLLOS, Bertalanné 1892 SPITZER, Jenoné 1890
JOLESZ, Arnold 1878 SPITZER, Jozsef 1913
JUNGREISZ, Fanni 1872 STEIN, Arturné Dr. *
KAPOSI, Ferenc 1885 STEINER, Endre 1921
KARDOS, Danielné 1891 STERN, Belané 1899
KASZAS, Andras 1920 SZEP, Antal 1876
KATZ, Iren 1919 SZEP, Dezso 1880
KISS, S.Sandorné * SZEP, Zsigmond 1874
KLAR, Manoné 1880 SZIKLA, Maria 1921
KLEIN, Martonné 1898 TISZA, Bela 1876
KOHN, Erno 1901 TREBITS, Marton 1919
KOLB, Endre 1920 UNGAR, Katalin 1904
KONIG, Lajosné 1905 WEINBERGER, Lili Dr. *
KOVES, Gyulané 1907 WEINTRAUB, Karolyné 1922
KRETS, Gyula 1879 WEISZ, Jozsef 1883
LANG, Arminné 1878 WELTMANN, Istvan 1924
LASZLO, Bertalan 1898 WIENER, Ignac 1869
LEFKOVITS, Etel 1891  

¹ Jeno EBSTEIN may be a transcription error since Jeno EPSTEIN died in 1941.

~ Tiszafüred Martyr List ~

The names below were transcribed from the first martyr monument pictured above. The additional information was found through personal research in public death registers.

Copyright ©2004 by Ágnes (née SZEGÕ) ORBÁN, Ph.D.

( -né suffix at the end of a given name = Mrs., özv. = widow and Ifj. = junior )

Notes in brackets
[ ] follow the data.

Surname, Given Spouse Birthdate Birthplace Father Mother Occupation
ACKERMANN, Lujza Héber, Dezsõ 1883   A., Mór Schirf, Sári midwife
ACKERMANN, Sarolta Bernát, Andor 1911 Budapest Simon Weinstein, Róza cosmetician
ACKERMANN, Simon Grosz, Róza 1876 Kunhegyes Simon Neuberger, Mária taylor
ADLER, Géza   1888 Tiszafüred Jakab Weiczner, Rozália typographer
ADLER, György   1938   Adler, Sándor Wildman, Magdolna  
ADLER, Ignác   1896.II.4 Tiszafüred Adler, Mór Goldmann, Cili carpenter
ALTMANN, Ilona Daszkál, Márton         midwife
ALTMANN, Lili Rosenbaum, Márton         midwife
ALTMANN, Mariska Hofstäder, Mór         midwife
ASZÓDI, Ágnes   1930.IV.12 Tiszafüred Dr. Aszódi, István Lõwinger, Rozália  
BAJOR, András Péter   1938 Tiszafüred Bajor, Jenõ Epstein, Magdolna  
[ 1 ]
Epstein, Magdolna 1900.VII.1 Zsitvabesenyõ Braun, Samu Mitók, Irma produce
BARNA, Anna   1930.IX.3 Tiszafüred Barna, Imre Kovács, Borbála  
BARNA, Bertalan Gutfreud, Ilona 1904.I.13 Tiszafüred Barna, József Reiner, Ida (land)
BARNA, Etel Weltman, Nándor 1887 Tiszafüred Barna, József Reiner, Ida midwife
BARNA, Imre Kovács, Borbála 1901.IX.10 Tiszafüred Barna, József Reiner, Ida officer
BARNA, Judit Etel   1942.III.2 Tiszafüred Barna, Bertalan Gutfreud, Ilona  
BARNA, László   1899.XI.5 Tiszafüred Barna, József Reiner, Ida merchant
BARNA, Mária   1935.IV.21 Tiszafüred Barna, Imre Kovács, Borbála  
BARNA, Zsuzsika       Barna, Bertalan Gutfreud, Ilona  
BÉKEFI, Katalin Dr. Várkonyi, Móric 1896.VI.1 Tiszafüred Dr. Békefi, Lajos Pauncz, Johanna midwife
BÉKEFI, Lajos Dr. Pauncz, Johanna 1866 Eger     lawyer
BERNÁT, Andor Ackerman, Sarolta 1912 Budapest Bernát, Izidor Schönfeld, Leopoldina hair
BERNÁT, Mária   1943.XI.4 Tiszafüred Bernát, Andor Ackerman, Sarolta  
BÍRÓ, Sarolta Schwarcz, Dezsõ 1884 Eger   Kluger, Sarolta midwife
BLAU, Albert Weisz, Regina 1880.V Tiszafüred Blau, Zsigmond Fried, Nina brush
BLAU, Andor Lichtig, Margit          
BLAU, Imre
[ 2 ]
  1913 Tiszafüred Blau, Albert Weisz, Regina  
BLAU, Irén Dr. Jakab, Ernõ 1891 Tiszafüred Blau, Albert Weisz, Regina housewife
BLAU, Jancsika            
BLAU, László Dr.
[ 3 ]
Morgenstern, Irén 1908.X.14 Tiszafüred Blau, Albert Weisz, Regina lawyer
BLAU, Oszkár Weltmann, Ibolya 1906 Tiszafüred Blau, Lajos Singer, Viola carman/
taxi, owner
BORNSTEIN, Nina Fankfurt, Móric 1874.XI.21 Tiszafüred Bornstein, Mór Schvalb, Leni housewife
BRAUN, Aladár Moskovits, Pepi 1879   Braun, Ignác Braun, Sáli földbérlõ
BRAUN, Aladár Kaufman, Szidónia 1879.XI Tiszafüred Braun, József Spitzer, Lina termény
BRAUN, Erzsébet Block, Miksa 1886.VIII Tiszafüred Braun, Ignác Braun, Sáli housewife
BRAUN, Gábor
[ 4 ]
Weiszmann, Margit 1894.V Tiszafüred Braun, Ignác Braun, Sáli textile/
BRAUN, Helén SchwarczIstván 1900   Braun, Sándor Frank, Szeréna housewife
BRAUN, Ilona Korda, Lajos 1910.IV.26 Máramarossziget Braun, Aladár Kaufman, Szidónia housewife
BRAUN, Jolán   1912.X.27 Tiszafüred Braun, Aladár Kaufman, Szidónia housewife
BRAUN, Lajos   1895.VI Tiszafüred Braun, Miksa Braun, Róza  
BRAUN, Lény Lõw, Béla 1864.V.20 Tiszafüred Braun, Péter Weisz, Eszter  
BRAUN, Mária   1908.II.7 Tiszafüred Braun, Herman Fish, Róza  
BRAUN, Miklós   1916.I.24 Tiszafüred Braun, Aladár Kaufman, Szidánia  
BREUER, Ágnes   1938.XII.10 Tiszafüred Breuer, József Jakobovics, Franciska  
BREIER, Endre   1890.III Tiszafüred Breier, Ferenc Schvarcz, Berta  
BREUER, Ernõ   1935.VII.26 Tiszafüred Breuer, József Jakabovics, Franciska  
BREIER, Ferenc Efrájim Schwarcz, Berta 1863.VIII.29 Tiszafüred Breier, Éliás Blau, Róza merchant
BREIER, József
[ 5 ]
Jakabovics, Franciska 1904.XII.16 Tiszafüred Breier, Ferenc Schwarcz, Berta merchant
[ 6 ]
Moskovits, Márton 1908 Tiszafüred Breuer, Ferenc Schvarcz, Berta  
BREUER, Margit Halász, Jenõ 1897       housewife
BREIER, Margit Zuckerman, Salamon 1906.II.3 Tiszafüred Breier, Ferenc Schwarcz, Berta housewife
BREIER, Rozália
[ 7 ]
Schwarcz, Sándor 1898.VII.20 Tiszafüred Breier, Ferenc SchwarczBerta housewife
BREIER, Sáli Lebovits, József 1860.I.20 Tiszafüred Breier, Éliás Blau, Rézi housewife
[ 8 ]
Kohn, Dávid 1898.V Tiszafüred Breier, Ferenc Schwarcz, Berta housewife
BRIEGER, Aladár   1894   Brieger, Ábrahám Fleischer, Róza merchant
BRIEGER, Gyula   1898   Brieger, Ábrahám Fleischer, Róza  
BRIEGER, Paula   1904   Brieger, Ábrahám Fleischer, Róza  
BRÜLL, Borbála            
BRÜLL, Etel Feuer, Géza 1865 Tiszaigar     housewife
BRÜLL, Gizella Ungár, János 1875 Nagyiván Brüll, Mihály Kepik, Telze housewife
BRÜLL, Julianna Rosenfeld, Lõrinc 1883 Kunmadaras Brüll, Adolf Brüll, Mari housewife
BRÜLL, Sándor   1898.IV.10   Brüll, József Schwarcz, Cili  
CZEIZLER, Etel Schwarcz, Géza 1884       housewife
CZÓBEL, Cecília   1862.XII.1 Nagyvárad Czóbel, Bernát Hvizl, Anna school
DASZKÁL, Klára       Daszkál, Márton Altman, Ilona  
DASZKÁL, Márton Altman, Ilona          
DEUTSCH, Regina Silberman, Jakabné 1877.VII Tiszafüred Deutsch, Ignác Schwarcz, Johanna  
DEUTSCH, Sarolta Elbogen, Béláné 1886.XII.30 Tiszaörs Deutsch, Sámuel Kohn, Léni housewife
DIAMANT, Gyula   1927.III.9 Tiszafüred Diamant, Manó Lebovits, Ilona  
DOMÁNYI, Berta Weiszmann, József 1871 Kál Dományi, Hermann Barna, Ernesztin housewife
DOMÁNYI, Blanka Weiszmann, Ignác 1879.IX.4 Kál Dományi, Hermann Barna, Eszter housewife
EISEN, Dezsõ Spitzer, Szeréna 1904 Miskolc Eisen, János   driver
EISEN, János   1937   Eisen, Dezsõ Spitzer, Szeréna  
EISLER, Mária Boros, Lajos 1887   Eisler, Dávid Klein, Fáni housewife
EISNER, Berta Friedmann, Jenõ 1890   Eisner, Izrael Lõvi, Janka housewife
ELBOGEN, Béla Deutsch, Sarolta 1898.II.1 Gyetva Elbogen, Sámuel Klein, Róza religion
ENGEL, Jolán Schwarcz, Móric 1877 Szeghalom     housewife
EPSTEIN, Etel Eszter Piliczer, Ignác 1898 Sárszent-miklós Epstein, Jakab Pollack, Janka  
EPSTEIN, Jakab, Ifj.   1882.III.29 Tiszafüred Epstein, Mór Adler, Leni innkeeper
EPSTEIN, József   1902.VIII.21 Tiszafüred Epstein, Sándor Goldmann, Róza innkeeper
EPSTEIN, Magdolna Bajor, Jenõ 1909.VI.3 Tiszafüred Epstein, Géza Strausz, Blanka  
FELDMESSER, Menyhértné and son            
FISCHER, Bella Róth, Jenõ 1889   Fischer, Samu Wig, Sáli housewife
FISCHER, Henrik Schwarcz, Karolina 1894.II Tiszafüred Fischer, Lipót Krausz, Fáni joiner
FISCHER, Ibolya   1922.IV.11 Tiszafüred Fischer, Henrik Schwarcz, Karolina  
FISCHER, Imre   1933.XII.6 Tiszafüred Fischer, Henrik Schwarcz, Karolina  
FISCHER, Irén Rosenberg, Zoltán 1898.II Tiszafüred Fischer, Sámuel Wig, Rozália housewife
FISCHER, László Schwarcz, Sarolta 1899.VII.5 Tiszafüred Fischer, Lipót Krausz, Fani joiner
FISCHER, Lipót Krausz, Fáni 1866.I Tiszafüred Fischer, József Rosenberg, Fáni merchant
FISCHER, Ottó   1935 Tiszafüred Fischer, László Schwarcz, Sarolta  
FISCHER, Sándor   1926.VIII.14 Tiszafüred Fischer, Henrik Schwarcz, Karolina  
FISCHER, Tibor   1929.II.14 Tiszafüred Fischer, Henrik Schwarcz, Karolina  
FISCHER, Zsigmond   1928.VII.14 Tiszafüred Fischer, László Schwarcz, Sarolta  
FLAMM, Anna Fuchs, Lajos 1907.VII.27 Tiszafüred Flamm, Ferenc Schwarcz, Sára housewife
FLAMM, Dezsõ Fuchs, Sarolta 1901.II.22 Tiszafüred Flamm, Ferenc Schwarcz, Sára merchant
FLAMM, Ernõ   1931.VIII.30 Tiszafüred Flamm, Dezsõ Fuschs, Sarolta  
FLAMM, Ferenc Schwarcz, Sára 1867       merchant
FLAMM, Irén Grosz, Miksa 1884.IX.8 Tiszafüred Flamm, Ignác Schwarcz, Róza  
FLAMM, Jenõ   1939   Flamm, Imre Heller, Erzsébet  
FLAMM, József   1894   Flamm, Ferenc Schwarcz, Sára carman/taxi
FLAMM, Magdolna   1930.III.20 Tiszafüred Flamm, Dezsõ Fuchs, Sarolta  
FLAMM, Olga Weinberger, Dezsõ Dr. 1889.I Tiszafüred Flamm, Ignác Schwarcz, Róza  
FLAMM, Mihály   1937.I.18 Tiszafüred Flamm, Dezsõ Fuchs, Sarolta  
FLEISCHER, Mária Würdiger, Salamon          
FRANK, Etel Jólesz, József   Poroszló      
FRANK, Ibolya Ackermann, Sándor 1910        
FRANK, Ilona Goldstein, Aladár          
FRANK, István   1894.IX.13 Tiszafüred     officer
FRIEDLÄNDER, László   1911.III.20 Tiszafüred Friedländer, Sámuel Lebovits, Regina electrician
FRIEDLÄNDER, Sámuel Lebovits, Regina 1881 Tiszaluc Friedländer, Jakab Kis, Póli spice
FRIEDMAN, Ármin            
FRIEDMAN, Hermann Czeisler, Róza 1876 Debrecen Friedman, Mihály   merchant
FRIEDMAN, Géza Epstein, Sára 1905       officer
FRIEDMAN, Ibolya   1913   Friedman, Jenõ Kohn, Berta  
FRIEDMAN, Irén Lebovits, Sándor 1900        
FUCHS, Dénes   1937.X.10 Tiszafüred Fuchs, Lajos Flamm, Anna  
FUCHS, Jenõ   1929.V.8 Tiszafüred Fuchs, Lajos Flamm, Anna  
FUCHS, Lajos   1898 Erdõbénye Fuchs, Sámuel Spiegel, Lina tailor
FUCHS, Margit Wildman, Gyula 1896.VI.3 Tiszafüred Fuchs, Emil Dr. Reisz, Vilma  
FUCHS, Miklós   1936.I.16 Tiszafüred Fuchs, Lajos Flamm, Anna  
FUCHS, Sámuelné, özv.            
FUCHS, Sarolta Flamm, Dezsõ 1906   Fuchs, Sámuel Spiegel, Lina  
FUCHS, Vilma Dr. Kiss, Aladár 1883.VIII.7 Bodrogkeresztúr Fuchs, Mór Flamm, Amália  
FUNK, Rózsi Goldman, Béla          
FUNK, Tamás            
GELBSTEIN, Józsefné, özv.            
GELBSTEIN, Margit       Gelbstein, József    
GERÖ, Henrik           merchant
GLIED, Vilmos            
GLIED, Vilmosné            
GLÜCK, Gyula Treuhaft, Etel 1897   Glück, Adolf   timber
GLÜCK, Judit   1939   Glück, Gyula Treuhaft, Etel  
GOLDBERGER, Éva            
GOLDBERGER, Kató            
GOLDBERGER, Laci            
GOLDBERGER, Sándor Fuchs, Anna 1912   Goldberger, A   bagman
GOLDBERGER, Tibor   1942.X.5 Tiszafüred Goldberger, Sándor Fuchs, Anna  
GOLDMAN, Irén   1906.VII.20 Tiszafüred Goldman, Herman Rosenfeld, Sára  
GOLDNER, Pepi Halpert, Jakab 1868.III.29 Tiszafüred Goldner, Salamon Rubinstein, Betti  
GOLDSTEIN, Adolf   1885.VIII.1 Tiszafüred Goldstein, Soma Kohn, Hani printer
GOLDSTEIN, Aladár   1882.IV.1 Tiszafüred Goldstein, Soma Kohn, Hani  
[ 9 ]
Adler, Sándor 1914.X.24 Tiszafüred Goldstein, Adolf Rubinstein, Gizella  
GOLDSTEIN, Rozália Friedländer, László 1914   Goldstein, Marcel Eisler, Márta  
GROSZ, Emil Kaisler, Etelka         printer
GROSZ, János   1919.IV.4 Tiszafüred Grósz, Miksa Flamm, Irén  
GRÓSZ, Miksa Flamm, Irén 1879 Forró Grósz, Sámuel Helfenson, Mária officer
GRÓSZ, Sarolta Ackerman, Simon 1885        
GROSZMANN, Rezsin Rubinstein, Adolf 1887.XI.16 Tiszafüred Groszman, Jakab Schwarcz, Anna  
GROSZMAN, Sarolta Trencsényi, Lajos 1875   Groszman, Vilmos Brüll, Júlia  
GRÜN, Editke       Grün, Simon    
GRÜNBAUM, László            
GRÜNBERGER, Dávid   1860.XI Tiszafüred Grünberger, Bernát Ungár, Kati  
GRÜNBERGER, Dávidné and her 2 children            
GRÜNBERGER, Róza Würdiger, József 1907 Bodrogkeresztúr Grünberger, Sámuel Kupferstein, Mária  
GRÜNFELD, Artúr       Grünfeld, Lipót Weiszman, Amália  
GRÜNFELD, Lipót   1892   Grünfeld, Lajos    
GRÜNWALD, Margit       Grünwald, Lipót Neuman, Amália  
GUTTFREUD, Ilona Barna, Bertalan 1914        
GUTTMAN, Szeréna Kanczler, Sámuel 1884 Horány Guttman, Lipót Reichman, Rézi  
HALÁSZ, György   1934 Tiszafüred Halász, Jenõ Breuer, Margit  
HALÁSZ, (Fischer), Jenõ
[ 10 ]
Breuer, Margit 1893.XI Tiszafüred Fischer, Samu Wig, Záli produce
HALÁSZ, Magdolna   1930.I.30 Tiszafüred Halász, Jenõ Breuer, Margit
HALPERN, Mari   1898.II.12 Tiszafüred Halpern, Jakab Goldner, Pepi  
HÉBER, Márta   1919   Héber, Dezsõ Ackerman, Lujza  
HELD, Simon Jungreisz, Heléna 1898   Held, Lázár Friedman, Gizella  
HELLER, Erzsébet Flamm, Imre 1914   Heller, Jenõ Ungár, Etelka  
HERCZEG, Éva            
HERMAN, Erzsébet Schwarcz, Sándor 1896   Herman, Kálmán Kohn, Fanni housewife
HERSKOVITS, Gyula   1908.IV.3 Tiszafüred Herskovits, Chajem SchwarczLívia  
HERSKOVITS, Henrik   1875.VII.10 Máramaros Herskovits, Eizik Iczkovics, Dóra blacksmith
HERSKOVITS, Ilona Klein, Ferenc 1905.III.21 Tiszafüred Herskovits, Henrik Iczkovits, Dóra  
HERSKOVITS, Irén   1915.III.19 Tiszafüred Herskovits, Henrik Iczkovits, Dóra  
HERSKOVITS, Irma Rosenfeld, Aladár 1901.V.22 Tiszafüred Herskovits, Henrik Schwarcz, Laura housewife
HERSKOVITS, József and his wife   1912.X.21 Tiszafüred Herskovits, Henrik Schwarcz, Laura  
HERSKOVITS, Szeréna Schwarcz, Sándor 1900   Herskovits, Bernát H., Pepi housewife
HOFSTÄDTER, Mór            
HORN, Erzsébet Rubinstein, Herman          
JAKAB, Iván   1934   Dr. Jakab, Ernõ Blau, Irén  
JAKABOVITS, Franciska Breuer, József 1913   Jakabovits, Bernát Blumensthol, Szeréna  
JÓLESZ, József Frank, Etel 1884.II Tiszafüred Jólesz, Lipót Braun, Fáni  
JÓNAP, Rozália Schwarcz, Dávid 1888.III.2 Tiszafüred Jónap, Ignácz Klugy, Sári housewife
JUNGREISZ, Herman, Májer Kornfeld, Róza 1869.II Tiszafüred Jungreisz, Náthán Heller, Pepi merchant
JUNGREISZ, Miksa Náthán   1895   Jungreisz, Herman Kornfeld, Róza  
JUNGREISZ, Irén   1914.VI.19 Tiszafüred Jungreisz, Herman Kornfeld, Róza housewife
JUNGREISZ, Petronella and her children Nutovits, Lipót 1902.VII.20 Tiszafüred Jungreisz, Herman Kornfeld, Rózsi housewife
KASPIN, Etel Weiszmann, György          
KABOS, Erzsébet       Kabos, Jenõ Schlesinger, Róza  
KABOS, Imre   1917.V.3 Tiszafüred Kabos, Jenõ Schlesinger, Róza  
KABOS, Sándor   1911.VII.11 Tiszafüred Kabos, Jenõ Schlesinger, Róza  
KAISLER, Elza Funk, Ernõ          
KAISLER, Etelka Grosz, Emil          
KAUFMAN, Szidónia Braun, Aladár 1885        
KEREKES, Imre Lõwinger, Borbála 1901 Cegléd Kohn, Herman Brieger, Julianna merchant
KEREKES, Tibor   1935.IV.9 Tiszafüred Kerekes, Imre Lõwinger, Borbála  
KLEIN, Alice Nagy, Jenõ     Klein, Fülöp Jelinek, Róza  
KLEIN, Anna Rubinstein, József 1916        
KLEIN, Dávid   1873.X.20 Tiszafüred Klein, Éliás Weisz, Fáni farmer/
KLEIN, Éva   1920.I.6 Tiszafüred Klein, Bertalan Lebovits, Erzsébet  
KLEIN, Irén Rubinstein, László 1913        
KLEIN, Katalin Hofmann, Zsigmond 1900.XII.12 Tiszafüred Klein, Ferenc Spiegel, Regina  
KLEIN, Lajos            
KLEIN, Lilla Schwarcz, Dénesné 1918 Tiszafüred Klein, Adolf Kepecs, Engima  
KLEIN, Miklós   1897.X.9 Tiszafüred Klein, Ignácz Czikholz, Eszter  
KLEIN, Regina Kohn, Sámuel 1909 Egerlövõ Klein, Dávid Gelber, Gizella housewife
KLEIN, Ráchel (Róza) Schwarcz, Ignácné 1867.X Patkós Klein, Éliás Schvalb, Hanna housewife
KLEIN, Szeréna   1904   Klein, Dávid Gelber, Gizella  
KLEIN, Teréz Lefkovits, Mór 1912.XI.2 Tiszafüred Klein, Dávid Gelber, Gizella  
KOHEN, Ilona   1909   Kohen, Jakab Lindenfeld, Karolin housewife
KOHEN, Rozália Schwarcz, Lázár 1900   Kohen, Jakab Lindenfeld, Karolin housewife
KOHN, Éva, Gizella   1939.XI.7 Tiszafüred Kohn, Sámuel Klein, Regina  
KOHN, Irén Rubinstein, Andor 1911 Miskolc Kohn, Vilmos Klein, Regina  
KOHN, Sámuel   1891.VI.11 Tiszafüred     tailor
KOHN, Sarolta Rosenfeld, Dezsõ 1896 Tiszaörs Kohn, Dávid Weisz, S housewife
KORDA, Erika, Mirjam   1939.IX.14 Tiszafüred Korda, Lajos Braun, Ilona  
KORDA, György   1933.VII.10 Tiszafüred Korda, Lajos Braun, Ilona  
KORDA, Lajos Braun, Ilona 1906 Erdõbénye     officer
KORNFELD, Rezsin Jungreisz, Herman 1874 Hajdúdorog      
KORNSTEIN, Henrik   1865   Kornstein, Ábrahám   merchant
KORNSTEIN, Margit   1895   Kornstein, Henrik Fischer, Nina  
KOVÁCS, Borbála Barna, Imréné 1908   Kovács, Ignác Schwarcz, Erzsébet  
KOVÁCS, Borbála Trencsényi, Lászlóné 1918   Kovács, Mór Réci, Sarolta  
KRAUSZ, Berta Víg, Béláné 1879.I Tiszafüred Krausz, Sándor Goszman, Lotti  
KRAUSZ, Fáni Fischer, Lipótné 1874   Krausz, Ábrahám Stern, Eszter housewife
KRÉMER, Ernõ            
KRÉMER, Ernõné            
KRÉMER, Mérton            
KRÉMER, Rózsi            
LANG, Erzsébet   1922.II.21 Lang, Jakab Rubinstein, Hermin    
LEBOVITS, Erzsébet Klein, Bertalan 1891.IV Tiszafüred Lebovits, József Breier, Sáli housewife
LEBOVITS, Jenõ Schwarcz, Ilona 1890.III.4 Tiszafüred Lebovits, József Breier, Teréz merchant
LEBOVITS, Regina Friedländer, Sámuelné          
LEBOVITS, Sándor Friedman, Irén 1894.VII Tiszafüred Lebovits, József Breier, Sáli watchmaker
LEFKOVICS, Mór Klein, Teréz          
LEFKOVICS, Sándor   1895.I   Lefkovics, Péter Weisz, Emma  
LICHTIG, Margit Blau, Andor 1906.V.27 Tiszafüred Lichtig, Leó Blumerberg, Gizella housewife
LÖW, Margit   1890.IV Tiszafüred Lõw, Sámuel Schwarcz, Ilka housewife
LÖWI, Erzsébet Weiszman, Dávid 1905        
LÖWINGER, Boriska Kerekes, Imre 1903.V.15 Tiszafüred Lõwinger, József Sohr, Ilona housewife
LÖWINGER, József Sohr, Ilona 1877.X.26 Hugyag Lõwinger, Sámuel Kohn, Karolina teacher
LÖWINGER, Magdolna Fleischer, Sándor 1910.X.10 Tiszafüred Lõwinger, József Sohr, Ilona housewife
LÖWINGER, Márton Ulmer, Róza 1874        
LÖWINGER, Rozália Dr. Aszódi, István 1901.XI.7 Tiszafüred Lõwinger, József Shor, Ilona  
MERCZEL, Ágnes   1932.IV.10 Tiszafüred Merczel, Ernõ Klein, Ilona  
MERCZEL, Artúr   1929.XII.16 Tiszafüred Merczel, Ernõ Klein, Ilona  
MERCZEL, Ernõ Klein, Ilona 1907       shakter (religious slaughterer)
MERCZEL, Éva   1935.I.24 Tiszafüred Merczel, Ernõ Klein, Ilona  
MERCZEL, Judit   1941.V.21 Tiszafüred Merczel, Ernõ Klein, Ilona  
MERCZEL, Mór his wife and their children            
MERCZEL, Sándor   1944.XII.6 Tiszafüred Merczel, Ernõ Klein, Ilona  
MOHR, Judit Zsuzsanna   1938.VI.7 Tiszafüred Mohr, Pál Schvarcz, Borbála  
MOHR, Pál Schvarcz, Borbála 1906.VI.28 Túrkeve Mohr, Bernát Glázer, Katalin dental
MORGENSTERN, Irén Dr. Blau, László          
MOSKOVITS, Regina Moskovits, Sámuel 1860        
MOSKOVITS, Pepi Braun, Aladár          
NAGY, Jenõ, (Groszman, Jónás) Klein, Alice 1880 Sirok     veterinarian
NEUMAN, Amália Grünfeld, Lipót 1903        
NEUMAN, Jenõ and his wife            
NEUMAN, Juli       Neuman, Jenõ    
NEUMAN, Márton       Neuman, Jenõ    
PLATZER, Endre            
PLATZER, Vera            
PERLSTEIN, Etel Schwarcz, Móricz 1896   Perlstein, Dávid Geldner, Mária housewife
PILITZER, Rozália Stern, Baruch 1899.VIII.1 Tiszafüred Pilitzer, Ignác Epstein, Etel  
RÁCZ, Sándor           pharmacist
RÁCZ, Sándorné            
REICH, Jenõ Schwarcz, Mária 1906.V.29 Tiszafüred Reich, Salamon Klein, Regina commercial
REICH, Judit   1936   Reich, Jenõ Schwarcz, Mária  
REICH, Tamás   1944.IV.3 Tiszafüred Reich, Jenõ Schwarcz, Mária  
REICHMAN, Ilona Róth, Ármin     Reichman, Dávid Czimmer, Róza  
REINER, Ágnes            
REINER, Béla            
REISZMAN, Gyuláné, özv.            
ROSENBAUM, Ibolya       Rosenbaum, Márton Altman, Lili  
ROSENBAUM, Márton Altman, Lili          
ROSENBAUM, Róza Weiszman, Gábor 1903        
ROSENBERG, Hanni Würdiger, Mihály 1873 Tiszaszõlõs Rosenberg, Lõrincz Wildman, Mária housewife
ROSENFELD, Aladár Herskovits, Irma 1901 Pásztó     merchant/
ROSENFELD, Anna   1922.VII.17 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Dezsõ Kohn, Szeréna  
ROSENFELD, Dezsõ Kohn, Sarolta 1890.VII Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Ábrahám Schwarcz, Nina merchant
ROSENFELD, Edit   1938.II.31 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Dezsõ Kohn, Sarolta  
ROSENFELD, Éva   1931.X.10 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Dezsõ Kohn, Sarolta  
ROSENFELD, Éva       Rosenfeld, Aladár    
ROSENFELD, György   1942.XII.4 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Aladár Herskovits, Irma  
ROSENFELD, Ilona   1925.V.17 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Dezsõ Kohn, Sarolta  
ROSENFELD, Klára   1935.III.18 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Dezsõ Kohn, Sarolta  
ROSENFELD, László   1935.III.5 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Aladár Herskovits, Irma  
ROSENFELD, Lõrincz Brüll, Julianna 1879.III Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Ábrahám SchwarczNina innkeeper
ROSENFELD, Piroska   1929.VI.2 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Aladár Herskovits, Irma  
ROSENFELD, Sándor   1939.V.2 Tiszafüred Rosenfeld, Aladár Herskovits, Irma  
RÓTH, György   1917   Róth, Jenõ Fischer, Bella  
RÓTH, Jenõ Fischer, Bella 1886 Nagyvárad Róth, Ignácz Teitelbaum, Bella locksmith
RÓTH, Lajosné, özv.            
ROTH, Róza            
ROTHFELD, Erzsébet            
ROTHFELD, Farkas            
RÖSZLER, Mária Valach, Kálmán 1889   Röszler, Herman Frereich, Verona  
RUBINSTEIN, Adolf Groszman, Rezsin 1879.XI.15 Tiszaigar Rubinstein, Dávid Brüll, Hani  
RUBINSTEIN, Éva Kamilla   1943.IV.6 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, József Klein, Irma  
RUBINSTEIN, Gizella Goldstein, Adolf 1885   Rubinstein, Miksa Fuchs, Betti  
RUBINSTEIN, Hermina Lang, Jakab 1895.XI Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Kóbi Rubinstein, Lina  
RUBINSTEIN, (Roboz) Imre István
[ 11 ]
  1914.XI.22 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Adolf Groszman, Rezsin  
RUBINSTEIN, Jolán Terner, Artúr 1905.I.17 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Dávid Schäfer, Róza  
RUBINSTEIN, Julianna Weiszman, Miklós 1898.X.29 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Salamon Ungár, Sáli  
RUBINSTEIN, Kóbi (Akiva) Rubinstein, Nina, (Lina) 1869 Kiskõrös Rubinstein, Dávid Steiner, Jozefina merchant
RUBINSTEIN, László   1930.VII.5 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Miksa Rosenfeld, Margit  
RUBINSTEIN, Lina Rubinstein, Kóbi 1871.VI.26 Tiszaigar Rubinstein, Dávid Brüll, Hani  
RUBINSTEIN, Margit Schwarcz, Andor 1898.X.26 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Kóbi Rubinstein, Nina  
RUBINSTEIN, Margit Platzer, Endre          
RUBINSTEIN, Róza   1900.XI.11 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Jakab Schwarcz, Mária  
RUBINSTEIN, Sámuel Schwarcz, Kornélia 1875.II.4 Tiszaigar Rubinstein, Dávid Brüll, Hani merchant
RUBINSTEIN, Tamás   1939.IV.28 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, László Klein, Irén  
RUBINSTEIN, Terézia   1910.II.15 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Samu Schwarcz, Kornélia  
RUBINSTEIN, Zsuzsa   1938 Tiszafüred Rubinstein, Andor Kohn, Borbála  
SCHÄFER, Tini            
SHÄFER, Róza Rubinstein, Dávid 1878 Tiszaszõlõs      
SCHICK, Gabriella   1926.IV.7 Tiszafüred Schick, István Schwarcz, Erzsébet  
SCHICK, Magdolna   1927.X.2 Tiszafüred Schick, István Schwarcz, Erzsébet  
SCHICK, Margit   1929.III.13 Tiszafüred Schick, István Schwarcz, Erzsébet  
SCHVALB, Kati Földes, Árpád, 1895   Schvalb, Márton Ungár, Róza  
SCHWARCZ, Ágnes   1936.XI.15 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Perlstein, Etelka  
SCHWARCZ, Albert   1894   Schwarcz, Kálmán Guttman, Eszter winemaker
SCHWARCZ, Andor   1893.IV.1 Tiszafüred, Schwarcz, Ignác Klein, Róza merchant
SCHWARCZ, Anna Groszman, Jakab 1866   Schwarcz, Lajos Schwarcz, Pepi  
SCHWARCZ, Béla (Somló)   1918.XI.22 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Engel, Jolán merchant
SCHWARCZ, Béla   1876.VI Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Jónás Schwarcz, Regina  
SCHWARCZ, Bernát   1885       peddler
SCHWARCZ, Borbála Mohr, Pál 1911.I.7 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Dávid Jónap, Rozália housewife
SCHWARCZ, Dávid   1871.VIII.22 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Áron Fried, Zillie merchant
SCHWARCZ, Dénes Schwarcz, Erzsébet 1917       merchant
SCHWARCZ, Dezsõ   1908.XI.29 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Ignác Klein, Róza  
SCHWARCZ, Ernõ Weisz, Irén 1896.III.2 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Zsigmond Léderer, Cili merchant
SCHWARCZ, Erzsébet, Schick, István 1908.II.20 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Bernát Weisz, Zsani housewife
SCHWARCZ, Erzsébet   1926.I.26 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Dezsõ Bíró, Sarolta  
SCHWARCZ, Éva   1929.II.27 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Ernõ Weisz, Irén  
SCHWARCZ, Gábor András   1942.I.6 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Dénes, Klein, Lilla  
SCHWARCZ, Géza Czeizler, Etel 1880.VIII Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Dávid Gróf, Julianna peddler
SCHWARCZ, György Schwarcz, Magdolna 1915   Schwarcz, Dávid Jónap, Rozália timber
SCHWARCZ, György   1919.IX.9   Schwarcz, Dávid Bíró, Sarolta  
SCHWARCZ, Ignácz   1864 Putnok Schwarcz, Ábrahám Grünfeld, Klára merchant
SCHWARCZ, Ilona Lebovits, Jenõ 1892 Sátoraljaújhely Schwarcz, Ignác Schwarcz, Katalin  
SCHWARCZ, Ilona Schwarcz, Márton 1914.II.13 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Jenõ Rosenfeld, Zsanett  
SCHWARCZ, Ilonka   1932.VII.2 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Perlstein, Etel  
SCHWARCZ, Imre   1924.V.31 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Géza Czeizler, Etel  
SCHWARCZ, Irén   1913   Schwarcz, Dávid Hartman, Ilona housewife
SCHWARCZ, Irma Grünfeld, Ignácz          
SCHWARCZ, István   1989.II.31 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Engel, Jolán  
SCHWARCZ, János   1943.IV.17 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, György Schwarcz, Magdolna  
SCHWARCZ, Jónás Jenõ Rosenfeld, Zsanet 1866 Dormánd Schwarcz, Dávid Czimmerman, Máli tinker
SCHWARCZ, Karola (Léni) Fischer, Henrik 1892.IV Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Zsigmond Léderer, Cili  
SCHWARCZ, Károly   1917 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Sándor Hermann, Erzsébet tailor
SCHWARCZ, Katalin       Schwarcz, István Braun, Heléna  
SCHWARCZ, Lajos   1908   Schwarcz, Dávid Hartman, Ilona  
SCHWARCZ, Laura Herskovits, Henrik 1877.II.17 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Lõrincz Rubinstein, Hani housewife
SCHWARCZ, Magdolna Schwarcz, György 1921.XII.29 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Géza Czeizler, Etel housewife
SCHWARCZ, Magda   1922.VIII.31 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Andor Rubinstein, Margit  
SCHWARCZ, Magda   1929 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Móricz Perlstein, Etel  
SCHWARCZ, Margit Grosz, Imre 1903.XII.13 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Jenõ Rosenfeld, Zsanet housewife
SCHWARCZ, Margit   1904.V.12 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Engel, Jolán housewife
SCHWARCZ, Margit   1911   Schwarcz, Kálmán Guttman, Eszter seamstress
SCHWARCZ, Mariska Reich, Jenõné 1904.VIII.13 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Ignácz Klein, Róza housewife
SCHWARCZ, Márton   1890   Schwarcz, Zsigmond Léderer, Cecília baker
SCHWARCZ, Móricz   1867.IV Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Bernhard Klein, Juli tailor
SCHWARCZ, Móricz   1894.IV Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Zsigmond Léderer, Cili innkeeper
SCHWARCZ, Oszkár   1905.III.13 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Dávid Bíró, Sarolta  
SCHWARCZ, Rezsõ (Somló)   1902.VI.26 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Mór Engel, Jolán  
SCHWARCZ, Robi            
SCHWARCZ, Sándor   1888.VII Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Árpád Schwarcz, Fáni merchant
SCHWARCZ, Sándor   1894.IX Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Ignácz Klein, Róza  
SCHWARCZ, Sára            
SCHWARCZ, Sára Reich, Ferenc 1908.VI.6 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Jenõ Rosenfeld, Zsanett photographer
SCHWARCZ, Sarolta Fischer, Lászlóné 1898.II.5 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Zsigmond Léderer, Cili housewife
SCHWARCZ, Tibor   1927.X.23 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Móricz Perlstein, Etel  
SCHWARCZ, Veronika Ágnes   1934.XII.28 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Benedek Trencsényi, Erzsébet  
SCHWARCZ, Veronika Katalin   1928.IX.23 Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Andor Rubinstein, Margit  
SCHWARCZ, Vilmos   1857.V Tiszafüred Schwarcz, Bernát Klein, July tailor
SCHWARCZ, Zsuzsika       Schwarcz, István Braun, Heléna  
SEBESTYÉN, Sándorné, özv.            
SEIDNER, Pál            
SIEGELBAUM, Jenõ, and his three children   1896   Siegelbaum, Sámuel Kronfeld, Lizi merchant
SILBERMAN, Emil   1938.III.23 Tiszafüred Silberman, Jakab Deutsch, Regina  
SILBERMAN, Ernõ   1935.III.21 Tiszafüred Silberman, Jakab Deutsch, Regina  
SILBERMAN, Herman   1931   Silberman, Jakab Deutsch, Regina  
SILBERMAN, Jakab   1904   Silberman, Áron Schirf, Eszter merchant
SINGER, Viola Blau, Lajos 1882        
SIRF, Sára Ackeman, Mór 1848        
SOHR, Ilona Lõwinger, József 1878.X.3 Tiszafüred Sohr, Miksa ì., Katalin  
SOLTÉSZ, Júlia   1890   Soltész, Henrik Dr. Rosinger, Etel housewife
SPIEGEL, Jenõné, özv.     Tiszaszõlõs      
SPIEGEL, Julianna Schwarcz, Sámuel   Tiszaszõlõs      
SPITZER, Emma   1908.V.21 Tiszafüred Spitzer, Alajos Klein, Piroska housewife
SPITZER, Erzsébet Grünwald, László 1906   Spitzer, Alajos Klein, Piroska housewife
SPITZER, Gabriella Schwarcz, Vilmos 1896   Spitzer, Lajos Schwarcz, Ilona housewife
SPITZER, Ilona   1904.IV.9 Tiszafüred Spitzer, Alajos, Klein, Piroska  
SPITZER, Szeréna Eisen, Dezsõ 1906   Spitzer, Alajos Klein, Piroska  
STRASSZER, Róza   1922.VII.15 Tiszafüred Strasszer, Sámuel Szoffer, Jolán  
STRASSZER, Salamon            
STRASSZER, Sámuel   1885.X.9 Tiszafüred Strasszer, Akiba Broda, Cecília Rabbi
STRAUSZ, Paula Epstein, Géza          
TERNER, Sándor   1928.XI.8 Tiszafüred Terner, Artúr Rubinstein, Jolán  
TRENCSÉNYI, Erzsébet Schwarcz, Benedek 1907   Trencsényi, Lajos Groszman, Sarolta housewife
TRENCSÉNYI, Gábor   1940   Trencsényi, László Kovács, Borbála  
TRENCSÉNYI, Károly   1908   Trencsényi, Lajos Groszman, Sarolta  
TRENCSÉNYI, László   1915   Trencsényi, Lajos Groszman, Sarolta  
TREUHAFT, Etel Glück, Gyula 1897 Szerencs Trencsényi, Salamon Funk, Amália  
ULMER, Róza, Regina Lõwinger, Márton 1876       housewife
UNGÁR, Jónás   1875   Ungár, Lipót Brüll, Eszti merchant
UNGAR, Sály Rubinstein, Salamon 1863.VI.26   Ungár, Lipót Brüll, Eszti  
VÍG, Béla   1872   Weisz, Dávid Schwarcz, Betti retired
VÍG, Irén   1893   Víg, Béla Krausz, Berta  
VÍG, Jolán   1890   Víg, Béla Krausz, Berta  
VÍG, Margit   1896   Víg, Béla Krausz, Berta  
WIENER, László            
WEISZ, Adolf and his wife            
WEISZ, Dezsõ            
WEISZ, Irén Schwarcz, Ernõ          
WEISZ, József   1883   Weisz, Ignácz Wiener, Debóra  
WEISZ, Juliska Flamm, Gábor          
WEISZ, Regina Blau, Albert 1878   Weisz, Herczog Kohn, Rebeka  
WEISZMAN, Sámuel, Dénes   1867        
WEISZMAN, Gábor   1897.X.24 Tiszafüred Weiszman, József Dományi, Berta  
WEISZMAN, Gyula   1899.I.21 Tiszafüred Weiszman, József Dományi, Berta  
WEISZMAN, Ignácz   1878.V Tiszafüred Weiszman, Miksa Weinstein, Julianna watchmaker/
WEISZMAN, Irén Friedman, Gyula 1909.X.24 Tiszafüred Weiszman, József Dományi, Berta merchant
WEISZMAN, Lujza Schwarcz, Sámuel 1886.IV Tiszafüred Weiszman, Miksa Weinstein, Julianna innkeeper
WEISZMAN, Margit Braun, Gábor 1905.XII.17 Tiszafüred Weiszman, József Dományi, Berta  
WEISZMAN, Miklós           produce
WEISZMAN, Zsuzsanna   1937.V.16 Tiszafüred Weiszman, Dávid Lõwi, Erzsébet  
WELTMAN, Ibolya Blau, Oszkár 1912.III.2 Tiszafüred Weltman, Nándor Barna, Etelka  
WELTMAN, István   1924.III.12 Tiszafüred Weltman, Nándor Barna, Etelka  
WELTMAN, Laci            
WELTMAN, Náthán Barna, Etelka 1884       innkeeper
WIESEL, József and his wife            
WILDMAN, Gyula Fuchs, Margit 1886.VII.13 Tiszafüred Wildman, Lipót Schwarcz, Szidónia landowner
WILDMAN, Magdolna Adler, Sándor 1917 Tiszaszõlõs Wildman, Gyula Fuchs, Margit  
WÜRDIGER, Ágnes   1942   Würdiger, Salamon Fleischer, Mária  
WÜRDIGER, István   1939   Würdiger, József Grünberger, Róza  
WÜRDIGER, József, Dénes   1934   Würdiger, Salamon Fleischer, Mária  
[ 12 ]
Fleischer, Mária 1907.II.11 Tiszafüred Würdiger Rosenberg, Hani carman/taxi


[ 1 ] - Died 1945.III.15 in Donneskirchen of typhoid. [ 7 ] - Declared dead 1947.XI.3.
[ 2 ] - Died 1944.XII.28 in Kassa (Kosice) of typhoid. [ 8 ] - Declared dead 1950.VIII.8.
[ 3 ] - Died in the summer of 1942 in Ukraine. [ 9 ] - Declared dead in 1949.
[ 4 ] - Died 1945.II.15 in Doneskirchen of typhoid. [ 10 ] - Died 1944.XII.15 in Jennersdorf of typhoid.
[ 5 ] - Declared dead in 1950. [ 11 ] - Died 1943.I.12 in Ukraine.
[ 6 ] - Declared dead. [ 12 ] - He froze to death in Donneskirchen in 1945.

~ Tiszafüred Holocaust Survivors ~

In 1941, 442 Jews were registered in Tiszafüred. After the liberation, only 70 were alive, returning to Tiszafüred to reestablish the Jewish community. Following is a "partial" list, 65 names, of the survivors. After 1956, few remained. ²

In Appreciation: Appreciation is expressed to Dr. Imre LEBOVITS, a survivor, who reviewed and contributed to the following list of Tiszafüred survivors.

ASZÓDI, Imre Dr.  
ASZÓDI, István Dr.  
BRAUN, Andor  
BRAUN, Lili  
BRAUN, Márta  
ENGEL, Imre  
EPSTEIN, Erzsébet  
ERLICH, Gabriella  
FISCHER, Klara  
FISCHER, Margit  
FLAMM, Gábor  
FLAMM, Imre  
FRIEDMAN, Veronika  
FRISCH, Lenke  
FUNK, Pál  
GRÜNFELD, István  
HELD, Irén (née Jungreisz)  
HERMAN, Gyula  
KATZ, Iren  
KATZ, Veronika  
KLEIN, Bernát  
KLEIN, Mária (née Frisch)  
RADVÁNYI, Matild (née Rosenfeld)  
REINER, Edit  
REINER, József  
ROSENFELD, Aladár two persons with this name, one perished in the Holocaust
ROSENFELD, Aranyka  
RUBINSTEIN, Lazslo name changed to: RÓZSA, Lazslo
RUBINSTEIN, Margit (née Rosenfeld)  
RUBINSTEIN, Mihaly incorrectly listed as RUBENSTAG, Mihaly 1902
SCHWARCZ, Benedek  
SCHWARCZ, Boriska  
SCHWARCZ, István  
SCHWARCZ, Kálmán (Juda)  
SCHWARCZ, Margit  
SCHWARCZ, Márton  
SCHWARCZ, Nándor  
SUGÁR, Éva (née Rosenfeld)  
SZÁNTÓ, Kálmán dr.  
TERNER, László  
TISZA, Béla  
WEINER, Erno  
WEINER, Julianna (née GLIED)  
WEINER, Zsuzsa  

Source (portions):
² The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, (2001), p. 1310.

~ Tiszafüred Survivor Testimonies ~
Following are items or links to personal stories by Holocaust survivors from Tiszafüred. If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Tiszafüred, click HERE to contact me.

NOTE: Clicking a link will open a new page.

  • Matild RADVÁNYI: "A number of times I could not eat dinner during the news, when I saw that they were killing people here and there. For what and why? Nothing is worth killing each other for."

  • Dr. Imre LEBOVITS: "It cannot go on like this, because hate is an evil advisor. To live in harmony is the most important thing. People should never forget what happened, and it should never happen again. What happened to us should not happen again; not with the Jews, not with anybody."

  • Book: Tiszafüred-Füzetek (booklet)-5
    Author: Ágnes (née SZEGÕ) ORBÁN, Ph.D.
    Publisher: BlonDekor Printery, Tiszafüred (2004)
    ISSN 1588-1709

    Tiszafüred és vidéke zsidóságának emlékezete
    (To the memory of the Jews of Tiszafüred and surrounding district)

    Published in a series about local history for the Kiss Pál Museum.
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