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Tetiev is the form of the name most commonly used by those who lived there and who emigrated, as well as many of their descendants. It is often (though not invariably) pronounced Tet-eev, in two syllables. Tetiyev is the local official name form approved for use within the US Government by the US Board of Geographic Names (US BGN), and represents the more Russian pronunciation.

The name of the town has been reported in many forms over the years, including-
Tetiev-Tetijev-Tetiyev-Tetievo-Tetiewo-Tetiyiv-Tetiew-Tatiew-Tetiw-Tetyiow (Polish)-Titeyow-Titejov-TeTiïb/TETIÏB (Cyrillic).   When using JewishGen's databases such as the JewishGen Family Finder , as well as Internet search engines, be sure to check all spellings. Misspellings (on passenger manifests and elsewhere) include Tetico.   Other variants and misspellings can be seen in the passenger manifests that recorded the arrival of Tetiever emigrants.

All of the original names are of course spelled with the Cyrillic alphabet, used by both the Ukrainian and Russian languages. The names in the following table are, and have been transliterated quite a few ways over the years, and there are no absolutely correct variants. Be prepared to see almost any Ukrainian place-name spelled several ways in the Latin alphabet, or in English, as you consult various sources of information.

Geography and Access

Tetiev is a small town located about 70 miles south-southwest of Kiev. The largest nearby city is Belaya Tserkov, about halfway up the road to Kiev.

Coordinates-Latitude 49º22´N; Longitude 29º40´E
Population, current-10,000-19,999 range
Altitude-561 feet/170 meters
Time Zone-Same as Moscow-3 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time. Relative to the U.S.A., Tetiev is 8 hours earlier than New York most of the year; 9 hours earlier from April 1 to the fourth Sunday of April and 7 hours earlier from October 1 to the fourth Sunday of October.

Distances from Tetiev to Nearby Communities
Place names are per US Bureau of Geographic Names (US BGN).



Distance, miles


Belaya Tserkov

49º47´N 30º07´E


Kiev (Kyyiv)

50º26´N 30º31´E




49º29´N 29º16´E



49º44´N 29º40´E



49º23´N 30º12´E



48º46´N 30º13´E



49º31´N 29º55´E



49º15´N 30º06´E


Telephone Access-Ukraine Country Code-380. Tetiev City Code-


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