Ternivka, Podolia, Ukraine:

Podolia, Ukraine

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The Graves

Sura Leibovna Anovski's tombstone. Ternivka

Shura Janovski, daughter of Leib 
1904 – 1981
Sura Leibovna Anovski's tombstone. Ternivka

Tombstones of Musia Burd and 
				Rebecca  Jusin. Ternivka

On the left: Musia Burd , daughter of  Josif 
1942 – 1955
On the right: Rebeka Burd, daughter of Aron
1883 – 1955

Tombstone of Mania Lvovna Nemerovski. Ternivka

Mania, daughter of Lev Nemerovski
1921 – 1950
From husband and daughter
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Unknown tombstone. Ternivka

Tombstone of Gershon Davidovich Shugin. Ternivka

Gershon, son of David Shugin
1878 – 1933
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Tombstone of Khaya Isakovna 
				Veksler. Ternivka

Khaya Veksler, daughter of Isak
1916 – 1969
Tomstone of  Nikha Leibovna Velksler. Ternivka

Nikha Veksler, daughter of Leib
1876 – 1968
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Unknown tombstone. Ternivka Unknown tombstone. Ternivka

Tombstone of Liba Bazrlianski. 

Liba Barzlianski, daughter of Moisey
1928 – 19??
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Tombstone of Suria and  
				Aizik Kreiman. Ternivka

On the left: Suria Kreiman, daughter of Jakrun 1896 – 1973
On the right: Aizik Kreiman, son of Zakhar
1897 – 1981
Tombstone of Genia Grinshun, 
				daughter of Gersh. Ternivka

Genia Grinshlun, daughter of Gersh
March 19, 1915 – April 23, 1970

Tombstone of Lev Moisevich Zhornitzki. Ternivka

son of
Moisey Zhornitzki
1897 – 1960
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Tomnstone of Izak Yanovski. Ternivka Tombstone of Isaak Janovski. Ternivka
Isaak Janovski
1897 – 1952

Tombstone of Sholom Shloimovich Burd. Ternivka

son of
Shloim Burd
1895 – 1952

Tombstone of  Jonia Jankelevich Tenainki. Ternivka
son of
Yankel Tenainski(?)
1892 –1941
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Tombstone in Hebrew. Ternivka Tombstone in hebrew. Ternivka
Tombstone in hebrew. 
				Ternivka Tombstone of David Davidovich Nemirovski. Ternivka

son of
David Nemirovski
1882 – 1977

Photographs and page design by Christine Usdin.

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