Sobrance, Slovakia

Szobr‡ncz [Hun], Szobr‡nc [Hun], Sobranz [Ger]

Lat: 48ˇ 45' N, Long: 22ˇ 11 E'









Sobrance, the easternmost town in Slovakia, is in the Kosice Region (Košický kraj) of Slovakia, about 15 km from Uzhorod, Ukraine and 22 km east of Michalovce.  Before the end of World War I, Sobrance, then Szobr‡nc, was the main city in the Szobr‡nci j‡r‡s (district) of Ung megye (county), Hungary.  Uzhorod, formerly Ungvar, Hungary, was the main city in Ung megye.


In 1882, there were 51 towns in the Szobr‡nci district, most of which are now in Slovakia.  Those now in Ukraine are marked (U):


Vinna-Banka, Bask—cz, Benetine (U), Bunk—cz, Csecseh— (U), FekŽsh‡za, Gajdos, GŽzsŽny, Hanajna, Hliviscse, Hornya, Hunk—cz (U), Jeszen› (U), Magyar-Jesztreb, J—zsa, Kaluzsa, Kereszt, Klokocs—, Kolib‡b—cz, K—nyus, Kuszin, Lucska, Orechova, Osztr—, S‡ros-Poly‡nka, Poroszt—, NŽmet-Poruba, …rdšg-Poruba, PrŽkopa, Fels›-Remete (U), S‡ros-Remete, Fels›-Reviscse, S‡ros-Reviscse, Als—-Ribnyicze, Fels›-Ribnyicze, Ruszk—cz, Solymos, Szentes, Komor—cz-Szobr‡ncz, Sztrajny‡n, Tarna, Tiba, Ubrezs (U), Vajnatina, V‡ralja (U), Remetei-Vasgy‡r, Verb—cz, Kis-Zalacska, Nagy-Zalacska, Zavatka.



The 1910 Austria-Hungarian Military map below on the left shows the Hungarian names of many of the towns in the Szobranci district.  The middle map is current and shows Slovak place names.  The large body of water is Zemplinska  š’rava, a 12.74 square mile dam and lake that was built in 1961-65 and is used for recreation and to supply cooling water for the Vojany Power Station in southeastern Slovakia. The red line delineates the border with Ukraine.


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