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Search JOWBR for Sobrance Cemetery photos at http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Cemetery/


Translation of the ŇSobranceÓ chapter from Pinkas Hakehillot Slovakia http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/pinkas_slovakia/slo368.html


Sobrance Municipality (Slovak only)


Zidovska komunita v meste Sobrance


Denisa Vinanska has created this Slovak-language website to document the story of the Sobrance Jewish community.  Contents include images from the Jewish cemeteries in Sobrance and nearby communities and pictures of a few of the Jewish residents who were murdered in the Shoah.


Peter Ujvari, Magyar Zsido Lexikon, <http://mek.oszk.hu/04000/04093/html/fejlec01.html >


Encylopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust (ISBN 0-8147-9356-8)


Janos Dvorzsak, Magyarorszag Helysegnevtara [Gazetteer of Hungary], Budapest, 1877.  <http://kt.lib.pte.hu/konyvtar/kt03110501/tartalom.html>


Fenyes Elek, Magyarorszag geographiai szotara. Vol. I-IV, Budapest ,1851 Reprint Budapest 1984.


Landowners and Leaseholders in Hungary, 1895 A magyar korona orsz‡gainak mezőgazdas‡gi statisztik‡ja. : M‡sodik kštet. : Gazdaczimt‡r / szerk. Žs kiadja a Magyar Kir. Kšzponti Statisztikai Hivatal 



Natan P.F. (Marcus) Kellerman, In Search for the Lost Grave, <http://www.centropa.org/reports>


Baedeker, Guide to Austria-Hungary, 1911




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