[18 C. Poland, 19th-20th Century Imperial Russian Podolia,
20th Century USSR, now
Independent Ukraine]

     Of the loads on their their backs they joked:  "I'm carrying the Torah"

In Honor of the Lives, Deaths and Survivals of the

Lat/Long:    48°48´/27°38´
Formerly:  Mogilev-Podolia Uyezd, Podolia Gubernia 
Today:  Murovannye-Kurilovtsy Raion, Vinnitsa Oblast

Bus Routes
(For information only; this is neither a
recommendation or endorsement. )

Vinnitsa to Murovannye-Kurilovtsy, Bus #156
Vinnitsa to Murovannye-Kurilovtsy, Bus #730

In the fall of 2003 I began to search in earnest for information on Jewish Snitkov. It was dismaying but not unexpected to find that very little about this  active town of over 1000 Jews appears in English, nor  in other languages, nor in photos. There were a very few entries in JewishGen's myriad databases and projects.  What I found then and since is on these pages, and research continues. Although the current focus is on the final generations of Imperial Russia, more contemporary information will be included in the future. Little as there is, it is important to publish whatever can be found.
    If you are aware of other sources of information, please share them with me and other visitors to these pages.
    If any of you reading these pages also have roots in Snitkov I hope  you'll not only find something meaningful here, but also will contribute a paragraph or essay concerning what you know of your Snitkov ancestors, recent or distant, including their photos. 

Thank you. Welcome.

                                                                                                                            Michelle Frager  

= Snitkov? Snitkowo? Snitkiv?   ¤ UPDATED:  OCT. 2005
= Jewish Snitkov: A Sketch of its Civic Life:   ¤ UPDATED:  OCT. 2005
                    - Population History
                    - Civil and Geographic Nature
                    - Economic Activity
                     - Jews &  Christians
= Snitkov's Jewish Life: Synagogue and Memory Book
= Some Family Records:
              = 1892 Tax Poll - First Page List- 11 Names
              = A Few Port of N.Y. Snitkov Immigrations
              = Some Snitkov Natives - Brief Biographies
= Article Sources  ¤ UPDATED:  OCT. 2005
= Memoir:  A Child's Snitkov (coming soon)
= Twentieth Century
(in process)

* A large scale high-definition area map of Snitkov with neighboring shtetls, towns and hamlets in 1942 is at:                            http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/100k/M-35-116.jpg

* SNITKOV today is located at this Mapquest link:  MAPQUEST-Snitkov

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* Articles, history, geography, trip diary, book reviews, photos; newly expanded.
* Downloadable database (small) of all Podolia towns/shtetls with political-geographic identifications, at the Ukraine SIG:

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