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Rosh Pina, Israel
ראשׁ פּנה

Coordinates:  32° 58' 12.01" N  35° 32' 31.72" E
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Wilkomitz House, estab. 1899
First Hebrew School
in the Galilee
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Vilkomitz Family

Simcha Vilkomitz and his wife Lieba Segal emigrated to Palestine in 1896, where they settled in Jerusalem. After three years, the couple moved to Metula. Following their time in that moshava, in 1903 Simcha and Liebe went on to Rosh Pina, where they remained until Simcha's death in 1918, age forty-seven.

Simcha Chayim Vilkomitz was born in Nyasvizh, Belarus in 1871; his wife came from Vilna. There is a section (p. 254) devoted to him in the Nesvizh Yizkor Book, yet to be translated into English; several other brief references to Vilkomitz can be found on pages 197, 234-5 (in English), 287-88 (p. 288 in English) of the yizkor book.

Simcha was the founder of the first Hebrew School in the Galilee region, where it was established in Rosh Pina; the school still exists in Rosh Pina as the Vilkomitz School.

Simcha and his wife Liebe had two children – a daughter, Ivria ('Jewish Girl'), and a son, Amiassaf ('Gathered My People'). Ivria married Moshe Carmi; together they had two daughters – Dalia Cohen, a musician; and Semadar Giberman. Amiassaf became a member of parliament, and was a secretary of the Moshavim organization.




Liebe Vilkomitz née Segal
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Simcha Vilkomitz Biography
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Moshe Carmi Biography
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