40,000 BCE: Human remains from 42,000 years ago in what is now Romania
440 BCE : earliest written evidence of people living in the territory of the present-day Romania comes from Herodotus in book IV of his Histories
1387-1392 Town of Roman founded
Middle Ages: Romanians lived in three distinct provinces Wallachia (Romanian: Ţara Românească—"Romanian Land"), Moldavia (Romanian: Moldova) and Transylvania.
1450: Guttenberg unveils the first printing press
1492: Columbus 'discovers' America
1541: Romanian provinces of Moldavia, Wallachia, and Transylvania, came under Ottoman suzerainty,
1763-1783: American Revolution
1789-1795: French Revolution
1836: Siege of the Alamo, Texas wins independence
1849: California Gold Rush
1850: US Congress fails to resolve slavery and tension between states
1853-56: Crimean war-Russia fights Britain, Turkey, France, and Sardinia Jeans invented in California
1861-1865 American Civil War
1870: Ghettos abolished in Italy
1876: In US Alexander Bell invents telephone
1877: Thomas Edison invents record-player
1878: Romania recognized as an independant state by the Great Powers
1893: Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois
1896: Theodore Herzl publishes—The Jewish State (Zionism)
1897: First Jewish Zionist congress
1898: Spanish-American War
1899-1902: second Boer War in South Africa
1900: Boxer Rebellion in China
1909: Founding of Tel Aviv as Hebrew speaking Jewish city
1912: Alaska granted territorial status by US
1914: Panama Canal opens
1914: As World War I, Romania declares it's neutrality
1916: Romania declares war on Austria-Hungary
1918: Romania is defeated and negotiates the Treaty of Bucharest with Germany
1918: Romania joined World War I again
1914-1918: World War I
1919: Treaty of Versailles ends World War I
1919: Ernest Rutherford splits atom for first time
1919-1920: US Congress refuses to recognize League of Nations
1929: Stock Market crash
1929-late 1930s The Great Depression
1941: Romania, ruled by Ion Antonescu, entered WWII on the side of the Axis powers
1944: King Michael I of Romania overthrew Antonescu and Romania joined the Allies and declared war on Germany
1939-1945: World War II
1945 United States drops 2 atomic bombs on Japanese cities
1948: Independent State of Israel founded
1950-1953: Korean War
1954-1975: Vietnam War in Southeast Asia
1967 6-Day Israeli-Arab War
1973 Yom Kippur Israeli-Arab War
1974: President Nixon resigns from office after Watergate scandal
1990-1991: Persion Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm
2001 September 11th attacks, Terrorists destroy World Trade Center in New York City
2003-2011 Iraq War