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Roman, Romania pronunciations:

  • Romanian pronunciation: [roman]
  • Hungarian: Románvásár
  • German: Romes- mark
  • Yiddish: ראמאן
  • It is a mid-sized city, having the title of municipality, located in the central part
    of Moldavia, a traditional region of Romania."

    "Roman is located in north-eastern Romania, in Neamţ County, in the historic region of Moldavia, at the mouth of the Moldova River, a tributary to the Siret. The nearest large city is Bacău, 40 km away on DN2 and on the Suceava-Bucharest railway; Piatra Neamţ the county capital, is 50 km away and Iaşi, the historic capital of Moldavia, is 80 km away."

    The municipality of Roman comprises 3008 hectacres (about 1,161 Sq. Mi.) of which about half is developed. The municipal website says the population is "69.268 inhabitants".

    Artifacts have been found in the area from the Paleolithic Era (the Old Stone Age, which ended 10,000 years BP, 'before present') and Neolithic Era (the New Stone Age, which began 10,700 to 9,400 BCE in Syria and ended about 4,500 BCE with the coming of the Chalcolithic period).

    The town was founded in the late 14th century. At the site was the ruins of a ancient Roman (empire) fort. Roman may have been named for Roman I of Moldavia, There are stories that Jews were in Roman as early as the 1400s but the oldest tombstone in the Jewish cemetery is from 1746. An early 18th century Roman document mentioned Jews.