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Rakov, Mass Grave

Here in 1941 112 Jews from Rakov were brutally murdered

Rakov, Kahanovich-Botvinik Familis

Rakov - Senitzky Family

Rakov, Lifshitz Family

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Kahanovich Family



Rakov Cemetery

Shimeon Dov

the son of Haim haKohen,

1917, 12 Shvat

Plot 672




Shimon Dov Hakohen

(1835 - 1917)

Shimon Dov lived in Volozhyn.

He is burried in Rakow.

The photo was provided by Bennie Kahanovich.

Bennie remembers his mother's words about his grandfather Shalom Kahanovich.

Shalom Kahanovich used to stand outside the Rakow cemetery fence, watching his father's, Shimon Dov, grave and prayed Kadish. He was Cohen and could not enter a cemetery.

Shimon Dov was a Tora Scriber.

His sons Avraham Akiva and Shalom Zvi were also Tora Scribers.

Rakov Cemetery

Botvinnik Neham'ya the son of Shlomo Eli and Doba, 1909

Benni Kahanovich's grandfather

Plot 801




Rakov Cemetery

Shlomit the daughter of Hirsh Rafael 1893.

Benny Kahanovich assume that she is his great grandmother, wife of Neham'ya Botvinik.

Plot 327



Rakov Cemetery

Alperovich Ester 1940

Plot 641

Ester is the daughter of Neham'ya Botvinik. She had a sister Bayla Kahanovich.

Ester's children are Doba Lazarovich, Zvi and Yitzhak Alperovich. Her grandson is Rafael Lahav from Jerusalem.



Beyla - Shimon Dov's wife.

Beyla-Shimon Dov' wife and mother of his six children' who has small grocery store. She died in 1904.
  Her  maiden name was daughter  of Shalom Tzvi "Podrabinowitz"





Shalom Tzvi (drawing)

(1872, Rakov, Belarus - 1964, Kfar Vitkin, Israel)

Shalom Tzvi immigrated to the USA on July 1, 1939. He then immigrated to Israel on Feb 14, 1947.



Shalom Tzvi, son of Shimon Dov Kahanovich - 1939, USA.

Arrived at Rakow from Volozhyn.

Shalom Tzvi left Rakov, Belarus on July 1, 1939 to prepare the background for moving his family to the USA.


The Three Kahanovich sisters:

Left to Right:

Etl, Sonia, Doba



Shalom Tzvi and his wife Beyle (sitting) - Bayla was murdered in Rakov, the Market Square on Yom Kippur, the 31th of September, 1941.

Right to Left:

Sonia, Shabtay Seniizky,

Etl (Sonia's sister) and her son Shimon Senitzky(standing)

The photo was taken in 1932- just when Sonia Kahanovich was planning to immigrate to Israel.

The family had a leather business. Grandmother Beyla, wife of Shalom Tzvi, managed the shop. Her Polish neighbors came into the shop one day, announced that she is a rich person and claimed her assets in money and jewelry. Grandmother did not give in but the despicable robbers did not give in either and they murdered her.

The event happened befor the murder of Rakow Jews in the Synagogue.



Etl Kahanovich, her husband Kohos Goldshtejn and their daughter Miryam. On March, 1, 1941 they had another daughter, Doba.

Kohos was a teacher in Rakov. He was captured by the Nazis. He ran away from Minsk concentration camp and was murdered in 1941.



Sonia Kahanovich

immigrated to Israel in 1932


1932 - Sonia And Chaim Kahanovich in Herzelia, Israel


Sonia and Chaim Kahanovich

Chaim immigrated to Israel on March, 29, 1925.

Sonia immigrated to Irael in August, 1932

The Wedding Day was on Dec 7, 1933


Kfar Vitkin, Israel

The Family in Kfar Vitkin Israel

Right to Left:

Grandfather Shalom Zvi-Hirsh, Lea - Benny's sister, Sonia - Benny's mother, Erik (Arie) - Benny's brother who was killed in Yom Kippur War. Chaim - Benny's father. In the front row, Sonia is hugging her son Shimon, the youngest brother Benny.



August 1938, Sonia Kahanovich travelled to Rakov with Lea, her 3 years old daughter.

Sonia did not know it then,

but her trip was a far well trip. At that time her uncle Chaim Shaya and his wife Ester were also visiting Rakov.

She and her father, Shalom Hirsh Zvi, were the only survivors in the family.

In July,1939 Shalom Hirsh Zvi travelled to America by himself. He planned to bring over his family, but time was short. The whole extended family was murdered in the Holocaust.


The Senitzky family lived in Vilna. Grandmother Bayla lived in Rakow. Shabtay Senitzky was a successful accountant. The Senitzky family suffered in Vilna's Ghetto. Shimon, fell ill with scarlatina. The family, except Shimon Senitzky, perished in the Vilna Ghetto.

Shimon Senitzky was mved to a concentration Camp in Kaluga, Estonia. He was murdered by the Nazis on Sep, 1944, just before the Russian Army came in.




Arie and Bluma Finger.

The parents are Chana Kahanovich (Chaim Kahanovich's sister)and Meir Finger. The Family lived in Volozhyn and perished in the Holocaust.


Yeshayau Kahanovich and Henia

Yeshayau is Benny's uncle, his father, Chaim's brother. Henia's maiden name was Tabachovitz. The couple had a daughter Lea and a son Arie, Laybele, born on 28 July, 1939. The family used to live in Volozhyn. They all perished in the Holocaust.



Shabtay and Doba Senizky and their children Zeev and Shimon


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