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Rakov, Mass Grave

Here in 1941 112 Jews from Rakov were brutally murdered

Rakov, Kahanovich-Botvinik Familis

Rakov - Senitzky Family

Rakov, Lifshitz Family

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Bunia Lifshitz and Fridland Shlomo

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Bunia Lifshitz, daughter of Shlomo Yehoshua Lifshitz,
Rakov. 20 June, 1920

Bunia Lifshitz and Shlomo Fridland and their eldest child.

Photo to her brother, Yidl Lifshits,

Fridland Family ?
Shmuelevitzi, Minsk, Belarus

Standing on the left: Bunia Lifshitz.Sitting on the Left her husband Shlomo Fridland

Bunia Lifshitz and Shlomo Fridland Family
Shmuelevitzi, Minsk, Belarus

Bunia, Shlomo and their children: Chuna, Moshe and Rivka

All perished during the Holocaust

Shlomo Friedland
Yad Vashem Testimony Pag




Rivka Friedland,
Yad Vashem Testimony Page


Moshe Friedland
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Kheina Friedland
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