Whether you are just beginning to explore your family connection to P'yatyhory or have been researching for many years, the following list of resources can be helpful in furthering your family investigations.

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry


The following link allows the researcher to search for specific burial information.

After clicking the link, enter surname in the first search box.

Do a "town" search for P'yatyhory in the second box, setting the
Geographical Region to Ukraine/Russian Empire.

JOWBR Search Page

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem – by place of birth
Yad Vashem– by place of residence

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Oral History

Galina Iosefovna Klotsman

YouTube Video

Piaterer Verein Cemetery Memorial

YouTube Interview

Ukraine SIG Town Page

The following link allows the researcher to
search the Ukraine SIG Pyatyhory Town Page:

Ukraine SIG Pyatyhory Town Page

JewishGen Communities Database

Pyatyhory Page

International Jewish Cemetery Project

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical
has set about locating, surveying, and
describing the status of Jewish cemeteries.

Jewish burial sites in Pyatigory:

Pyatigory Jewish Cemeteries

Routes to Roots

Search on Pyatigory


Pyaterer Relief for the Homeless 1922

The following link displays a letter and accompanying table sent to Congregation Sons of Israel in Springfield, Mass.  The letter includes a request for additional financial assistance for former Pyaterer residents living in Kishinev, Bessarabia, in 1922.  The table represents the allocation of the money previously sent by former Pyaterer residents living in Springfield, Mass, and Philadelphia, Penn.  The third document includes a summary of a meeting pertaining to Pyaterer Relief that took place in January 1922 in Springfield.  These documents were found in a notebook in the home of Ralph (Tkach) Kallin in Springfield.  Special thanks to Ida Selavan Schwarcz for translation assistance.

Pyaterer Relief Documents 1922


Immigration Data 

This link will take you to a document that includes ship manifest data for Pyatyhory residents who immigrated to the United States and other countries in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Ancestry.com is the primary source for this data, which was compiled here by Michele Kallin.  Note: You will need to review the original source content to determine the accuracy of the information.  Please contact the webmaster with additions or corrections.

Immigration Data