The shtetl of P'yatyhory, located in the political subdivisions of Tetiivskyi Raion, Kyiv Oblast, is eighty miles south-southwest of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Its map coordinates are 49° 21' north latitude and 29° 56' east longitude.

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History of P'yatyhory

The Jews of Piatohor were victims of the mid-eighteenth century Haidamak uprisings. The Haidamaks were Russian serfs and members of the Greek Orthodox Church who rose against their Polish overlords and Jews, some of whom were agents of these Polish overlords. In 1768 a number of Piatohor Jews were robbed and murdered.

The Russian Civil War of 1919 - 1921 subjected the Jews of Ukraine, including those of Piatohor, to the assaults of the various forces involved in this chaotic war. In particular, the infamous Denikin, leader of the White Army (supporters of the Tsar), and his troops attacked the Piatohor Jews.

The Nazis arrived in Piatohor in mid-July 1941. It did not take long for the Germans and their local minions to begin their murderous campaign against the Jews. Following the standard script, the Germans forced the Jews to wear the Star of David. Arrests and murders began within two weeks of the Germans' arrival. On 26 April 1942, young Jews and childless couples were sent to the Buki labor camp. Those Jews who still remained in Piatohor were murdered by Ukrainian police on 14 November 1942.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
Slain Jews

November 1942
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source: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life, Before and During the Holocaust, vol. 2

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