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Researching the Jewish shtetl of Pogrebishche, Ukraine

Welcome to the Kehilalinks website for the shtetl of Pogrebishche.

It is a place for those of us researching families from Pogrebishche to collaborate. If you are interested in Pogrebishche or have any information to share with other researchers, please send an email message to the Jewishgen town leader for Pogrebishche.

Basic Information and Site Organization

Name Spellings

The name Pogrebishche means "cellar", though it is unclear why this name was chosen for the town. Due to the numerous border changes over the centuries and the vaguries of transliteration, there are many different ways to spell Pogrebishche, including:

Pohrebysche (Ukrainian), Pohrebyszcze (Polish), Probishta (Yiddish), Pogrebishchenskiy, Pogrebischtsche, Pogrebisce, Pohrebysce, Pohrebysche, Pochrebishtche, Погребище, Prhobisht, פרהאבישטא, פראהבישט and פוהרבישצ'ה.


Pogrebishche is located in the current region of Kiev and in the former district of Vinnitsa of Ukraine. Prior to World War I, it was in the Berdichev district of the Kiev province in the Russian Empire. Its coordinates are Latitude 49°29´, Longitude 29°16´.

In our geography section, you will find maps and a list of nearby shtetls.


The town of Pogrebishche dates back to the 12th century. Starting in the 16th century it was the manor of Polish nobles - first the Zbaraski and then the Rzewuski family, who invited Jews to settle there. The Jewish community is first mentioned in the early 17th century.

In our history section , you will find a timeline, articles about the early history of the city, the various pogroms that took place, and the development of the Jewish community.


Although a small shtetl, Pogrebishche nonetheless had a culture of its own. This included several Jewish institutions, some notable artifacts produced in the town, a honorable Hassidic tradition, and an admirable list of famous Jews with a Pogrebishche connection.

In our Culture section, you will find descriptions of the art objects, articles about the Hassidic leaders, and a list of famous Jews from Pogrebishche.

Stories and Travel

The essence of genealogical research revolves around personal stories, including family histories, tales of immigration, and personal photos.

In our Stories section, we provide links to all types of personal stories about Pogrebishche including travel to Pogrebishche.


There are several cemeteries and landsmanshaften around the world with Jews from Pogrebishche. In Pogrebishche itself, there is an old Jewish cemetery with many gravestones still standing.

In our Cemeteries section, we provide information about these cemeteries as a research tool.


There is much research left to be done on Pogrebishche. This section lists potential resources and existing databases for researchers.