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Researching the Jewish shtetl of Pogrebishche, Ukraine

Travel and Stories about Pogrebishche

Family Stories about Pogrebishche

We are looking to collect any pictures, stories or interviews that pertain to Pogrebishche. If you have family photos from Pogrebishche, or have family stories written down, please be in touch.

A story of Rav Avraham Zack contributed by Harold Ginsparg, his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson. This story tells of how the Zack family was granted rights to log in the nearby Sharmavka forest.

The history of the Tulchinsky family's flight from Pogrebishche donated by Norm Leckie. His family operated an inn and tavern in Pogrebishche, while others were grain dealers. This story also contains interesting source ideas for anyone looking to research their family history in Canada.

Trips to Pogrebishche

Several researchers have gone to visit Pogrebishche. This is in fact the most common reason why we are contacted - to give suggestions about trips to the town. We always suggest that people who visit Pogrebishche submit a summary of their trip, to aid others in the future.

Josh Spinak visited Pogrebishche in 2011 and kindly agreed to share his amazing pictures. Click here and here and here to see the various photo albums.

Gary Nachshen visited Pogrebishche in 2009. He wrote a series of letters about the experience, and included some photos.He also was instrumental in fixing up one of the mass graves from the Holocaust.

Elaine Kipp travelled to Pogrebishche in 2013, and shared a report of her journey.

Ethan Rofman tooks some photos in Pogrebishche in 2005. Click on the picture to see images of Pogrebishche taken by him.

The image at the top of our website is a painting of Pogrebishche done by Napoleon Orda from 1872, which shows the main Pogrebishche synagogue in the foreground, with the church beyond. Source: Gallery of Sketches by Napoleon Orda.

Sites in Pogrebishche

Attached is a list of sites in Pogrebishche that may interest visitors.

Cemeteries and Mass Graves

See our cemeteries page


World War II monument in the center of town

Monument to 7 leaders from World War II who were honored

Monument to the WWII battle in which Pogrebishche was recaptured (tank)


There is a shuttered Sugar Factory in town, on Proletoskaya Street. 4.

Neo-Classical building with statue of Lenin in front.


The town's lake and the bridge which crosses it.

There is a park in town.


City Hall

Town Archive

Town Library

Archive in Kiev that holds most of the pre-war records

Archive in Vinnitsa

Restaurants and Accomodations

Most people who seek a restaurant in town tend to end up at the same place, a lodge with several mounted animal heads on the wall. Definitely not kosher.

To the best of our knowledge, there are no hotels in town. Most visitors stay in Kiev, Bila Tserkva, or Uman and visit Pogrebishche as a day trip.

Travelling to Pogrebishche

Most people visiting Pogrebishche tend to come from the direction of Kiev in the north. The most direct route, via route T0203, becomes very bumpy after Skvira, as it is cobblestone. Expect to travel at around 25 km/h. It is quite scenic, though. An alternative route through Ruzhyn is slightly longer, but a much better road and actually takes less time.