Pine Bluff, Arkansas U.S.A.

Pine Bluff nostalgia photos (Set #2)

Paul Perdue, a native of Pine Bluff and an avid Pine Bluff historian, has collected many Pine Bluff related photographs and postcards. Now he resides in Dallas, Tx. Please visit his website of Pine Bluff Postcards here. He also has thousands of images in his Facebook albums; if you are on Facebook, feel free to view them at this link. He has been gracious to share them with this website.

Flood of 1927The Flood of 1927. The Automobile Electric Company was owned by Virgil H. & William T. Gray.The Automobile Electric Company was located at 915-917 Main Street, the building that later housed Young's Cleaners, and that looks like the future Young's building on the left.

Duck hunters 1930sDoes this tie go with my hunting jacket?" Pine Bluff's Joe Borecky, Leonard Cook and A.L. "Arnie" Kliner stopped by Logue Studios after a successful hunt in the 1930's.

Duckett's GroceryDuckett's Grocery was in the east end of Pine Bluff, across from Second Baptist Church. It was in business for over 50 years. That's Clifton Duckett on the right in the white jacket, and Mert Duckett on the left wearing a white apron. Their mother was Grace Duckett.

Main Street at Christmas 1965Pine Bluff's Main Street, all gussied up for Christmas in 1965.

Pine Bluff tire & Rubber 1955Pine Bluff Tire & Rubber Company right after it opened for business in 1955. A lot of us know the place better as Roberts Brothers Tire Service. And check out the big Fisk Tire ad out front! The sleepy Fisk Tire boy first appeared in Fisk ads in 1907. Fisk's slogan? "Time to re-tire". (Get it?)

Sylvester Shoe Repair 1915-1925Ben Sylvester in his shoe repair shop at 306 Main Street, circa 1915-1925.

Dollarway High 1960Dollarway High School, 1960

Baseball champions 1904Pine Bluff's 1904 Champion Cotton States League baseball team

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