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Shma Israel

Here are buried victims of the Holocaust,
descendants of the founders of Novopoltavka, killed and buried alive
by Nazis, on September 10, 1941.
Only for the fact that they were Jews ..
We remember you
Holocaust Monument Novopoltavka Memorial text
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Novopoltavke memorial project agreed upon by the Jewish society
and culture of Nikolaev region chief of staff Novopoltavka. Letter of authorization shown below.



English translation of application for the monument containing witness testimony.
Image links to larger size PDF version.
Russian language application for the monument containing witness testimony.
Image links to larger size PDF version.
The three page handwritten letter below is the original testimony
transcribed above into russian with english translation.
Images link to larger version PDF.
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Resolution of the village council for permission to build the Novopoltavka Holocaust Memorial, on the site of the death of the Jewish population in 1941.


July 17, 2007

On the occasion of the dedication
of the memorial of the tremendous destruction
of the Jewish people during the war in Novopoltavka

In view of the efforts of the head of the Jewish community M.D.Goldenberg, in getting permits for putting up a memorial to the Jews who perished during the war in that region, in accordance with the regulations and codes of the Ukraine,


To grant permission for a monument to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust in 1941, to be funded by contributions and donations.
A plot of land of 0.02 (hectares) to be allotted at the place of death of the majority of women and children, in place of the Jewish Cemetery.
The monument will be built at the end of the street Stepovaya.
Control of the construction of the monument according to the sanitation and ecological norms.

Town chief P.A.Yatzina =

VIEW PDF of the Holocaust Memorial application letters and approvals.


At the Memorial location, residents of Novopoltavka: Sarah Mikhelson (1925), Anatoliy Mikhelson (1948), Bella Pischits (1925), Maria Pischits (1923), Svetlana Tesler (1956)
Anatoliy Mikhelson is the organizer and creator of the Holocaust Memorial.

Note by Anatoliy Mikhelson:
I decided to build the Memorial at the place where the majority of women and children died and were buried. The men were shot farther away, near the tanks ditches.
Immediately after the liberation from the germans in 1944, Asya Leikind came and saw that part of corpses were not buried properly. They were just covered with dirt. A proper buried was made and this area can be seeing in the picture, where the trees and bushes are.
The permit states: "In place of the Jewish Cemetery", meaning the place where Jews were killed and buried, but not a traditional Cemetery.


2007 opening of Novopoltavaka Holocaust memorial, with Head of Mykolaiv society of Jewish culture Mikhail Goldenberg (1949) and two Ukrainian women, witnesses of Jewish murder in Novopoltavka in 1941

A letter from a witness to the Holocaust:

Childhood memories of the tragedy of the pages of our village Novopoltavka
during the period and during the War of 1941-1945 era.

I lived in my childhood in the village Novopoltavka. I remember it was scary.
One gloomy day a local radio reported that all the Jews gathered valuables and took with them. And who would not do that, the power of the will.
People went to the shawls thrown over their shoulders, crying. All accompanied neighbors - came out, said goodbye, but they did not know and no one knew what they were. Only it was a foggy morning, the clouds were going to meet them are black. We moved very quickly. All were German patrols with dogs. Who came to say goodbye - the Germans shouted: "Quick! Quickly! ".
Come to the center. There once was a general store, fenced yard. There with the whole village gathered. Forced to undress robe, took valuables. Near the huts of the former residents of Kravtsova on the Steppe, at the corner of a large pit was dug, and dug the garden along the side of the ditch long. They brought people put small children around the pit and machines for shooting him. Then they pulled out of the pit and threw into the moat, which is along the garden.
And so the whole day crying poor.
Only one episode, as she ran away (Gind Kopelev) from the Germans. They caught up with loschadyu. So long it was running in the ravines, about rowing. There were deep holes, and there she was caught and pulled in a pony tail hair up to the pit.
Two children fled Bleher. The Germans searched everywhere, all threatened, who hid in the yard and then set fire Bleher hay and straw. He was burning, they thought they were there.
After the war we were in the city of Nikolayev with her aunt, went for a walk in the park. And my aunt was a teacher. And there sat on a bench guy and a girl of about 12-15, and they found out her aunt, and said that they Novopoltavki. They put someone, and they survived. Their surname Levin, and parents were killed. It is crying, and where they lived, I do not know.
It now lives Emelyanov Grigory Petrovic\

The Pit, where he was an old airfield. Said goodbye to many, but I forgot them, just remember Medvedovskaya, who lived in a hut at, Balkarshu, who lived in the house, where he currently lives and Gulamov Sivirin.
All adults were hiding, crying for such a terrible Punishment for their neighbors, and I did not understand as a child and vylazit to the mill and watched the horror that has remained in my memory ever since.
The things they went through several days and collected the wagon in every house, and took not all, but the best.
Land vorushilas several days and nights, but can not be approached. Only one escaped, ran away, but I do not know.

Vesela Valentine (Simchenko)


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