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  • Yad Vashem Shoah Victims database for Novopoltavka residents: Yad Vashem has collected and recorded names and biographical details of half of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices; more individuals remain unidentified. Yad Vashem has assumed a duty to persist until all their names are recovered. The Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names includes many individuals from Novoplotavka (467 as of March 2012). This link to the Shoah Victims database displays, in alphabetical order, their name, place of residence, or place of birth, birth date and source of the entry. LINK TO DATABASE LIST NOTE: List will open in a new browser window or tab.

  • Ellis Island Arrival Records

    At this point it is very difficult to build a reliable database for immigrants that came from Novopoltavka. Most of the passengers declared that they came from Russia, some of them from Odessa (not too far from Novopoltavka), from Kherson, etc. There were many typos and misspellings of the names and towns. Some of them (like the family of Charles and Ester Litmanowitz) probably travelled from Havana, Cuba mentioning their place of birth as Russia.

    For example, we found Elka Litmanowicz on the Steve Morse extract. Perhaps On checking her original manifest line 16, pages one and two (see documents link below), we found that her name may have been Elsa/Elza rather than Elka. Such typo's on documents are common. Original documents are often difficult to decipher. Thus we assume that misspellings are the norm and do searches expecting variations. Elsa/Elza/Elka's nearest relative in Europe was her father, Abram Litmanowicz, in Gub. Kherson. She was traveling to her brother, G. Lithman who lived at 22 Temple Street, Paterson, NJ, USA. We assume her brother was Gersch Litmanowitz, who arrived in the United States at the age of 18 on May 07, 1907 (Ship Smolensk). He listed his last place of residence as Odessa. His port of departure was Libau, the same as Elka's.

    Chana Litmanowicz was probably a younger sister. She departed from Libau too, arriving to Ellis Island on Oct 28, 1912 on the Ship Czar at the age of 16.
    Another relative was Moisy Limanowitz, who arrived at the age 44, on Sept 4, 1907 in the ship Saratov. His departure was also from Libau.
    We were able to get 38 results for departures from Kherson, which was one of the governmental areas including Novopoltavka. However, at this point we can't discern who specifically originated from our town. LINK TO SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (PDF will open in new browser window or tab) Source:



Novopoltavka Census 1858 Revision List Surnames

Novopoltavka Census 1858 Family Surnames and details

View detailed family census data information for the following families

SELECT the family SURNAME at the bottom of the displayed page to view SURNAME details.
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Select a family name below to view ONLY the original Russian census documents for that family.
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Gersh and Vulf BLEKHER
Gersh Leibovich BLEKHER
Gozios and Mikhel VULFSON
Levin Natonov NATONSON 2
Levin Natonov NATONSON
Man Shliomov MININD
Nokhom Yankelevich PERMAN
Vulf Leibovich BLEKHER 2
Yosel and Gozios VULFSON
Yosel Levinov VULFSON 2
Yosel Levinov VULFSON
Yosel Vulfov VULFSON
Markus and Yosel LITMANOVICH

NOTE: In the 1843 signatory list there are two Natanson households:

  • Natonson - households of Yosel and Mozes Natonson
I assume that these are sons of Salomon.  The other sons may have been younger and not recognized as heads of household.  

Salomon's sons (1837 list):

  • NATANSON, Gejman Jossel' Son of Salomon Natan, 16 years old Record 1115    Yosel in signatory list
  • NATANSON, Mozes Son of Salomon Natan, 15 years old Record 1116   Mozes in signatory list
  • NATANSON, Ittsig Son of Salomon Natan, 12 years old Record 1117 
  • NATANSON, Izrael' Levin Son of Salomon Natan, 10 years old Record 1118
Mozes, Ittsig, and Izrael and their families are listed with Salomon's brother, Levin, in 1858 Revision List.


  • Novopoltavka Census April-30-1858



This census was taken on April-30-1858 in Novopoltavka which belongs to the Kherson province in Ukraine (today, after the 1923 revolution in Russia, Novopoltavka is part of Nikolayev).
After that we have, from the left to the right, two columns that indicate "133" which is just the column ID.
The 3rd column is the most valuable since it indicates the head of the family and the residence in his house.
On the top - Nohom (Nahum) Yankilevich (son of Yankel-Jacob) Perman. The column to the right shows 28 which is Nahum's age in the preliminary Census that was done in 1850.
The next column is for remarks, and the last one is his age in the current census (36). This information lead us to the conclusion that Nahum was born in 1821-1822.
Below Nahum are his children:
Yankel (15 years old)
Isaac (14 years old)
Leib (was 3 years old in the Census of 1850 and died after that)
Menashe (6 years old, so he didn't appear in the Census of 1850)
Volf (Adolfo) who was 4 years old and he didn't appear in Census of 1850
And last one - Leib, Yoav's gggrandfather who was 6 month old :-)

Below Leib appears Nahum's brother, Tavel (maybe Tuvia) who was 22 years old in 1850 and in this Census (1858) he is 30 years old.
Below him appears his son, Yankel, 5 years old.

Below Yankel appears Ber, another brother, who was 22 years old in 1850 (which lead us to the conclusion that Ber and Tavel were twins) and died in 1854. No children or wife are mentioned.

Novopoltavka Census April-30-1858 (Women)


This is the women part of the Census. It indicates Nahum's wife, Fruma Perman (bat Moshe) who was 44 in 1858 census, which means she was 8 years old older than Nahum (not so acceptable these years) and her daughter Perla who was 8 years old (born in 1850).
Below appears Tavel's wife, Dvora, who was 25 years old in 1858.
  • Grinker and Minind Family Data 1858 Census

SOURCE: State Archive of Kherson oblast’ (region), Ukraine
Fund 22, opis’ (description/anagraph)1, delo (folder) 95
Revision document list of Jewish farmers of Kherson guberniya 1858 year,
1059 pages.
(Ревизские сказки о евреях-земледельцах Херсонской губернии 1858г. 1059л.)
Novo-Poltavka (Новополтавка)
Translation: Anna Grinker
Grinker family
Л.833об-834 124\124 Абрам Лейбович Гринкер,36
Его сын Захария,полугода
Абрама 1й брат Мендель Лейбович Гринкер,32
Мать Абрама Гринкера Бася Берелева,61
Абрама Гринкера жена Лея Захарева,31
Его дочь, Либа,3
Менделя гринкера жена Элка Шмулова,36
Менделя дочери:
Абрама 2й брат Зорох Лейбович Гринкер,28
Зороха Гринкера жена Фрейда Абрамова,24
Его дочь Либа,2
Абрама 3й брат Рувин Лейбович Гринкер,16

Translation - Grinker:
Page 833 back – 834 (№)124/124 Abra(ha)m Leibovich (means son of Leib or Leiba) Grinker, 36 (years old)
His son Zechariah, ~six months
The first brother of Abram - Mendel Leibovich Grinker, 32 (years old)
Mother of Abram Grinker – Basya Berleva (means daughter of Berl), 61 (years old)
Wife of Abram Grinker – Leia Zahareva (daughter of Zahar), 31 (years old)
His daughter, Liba, 3 (years old)
Wife of Mendel Grinker – Elka Shmulova (daughter of Shmul or Shmuel), 36 (years old)
Mendel's daughters:
Surah (like Sarah), 10 (years old)
Ruhel (like Rachel), 2 (years old)
The second brother of Abram – Zoroh Leibovich Grinker, 28 (years old) – probably Anna Grinker’s ancestor
Wife of Zoroh Grinker – Freida Abramova (daughter of Abra(ha)m), 24 (years old)
His daughter, Liba, 2 (years old)
The third brother of Abram - Mendel Leibovich Grinker, 16 (years old)

Minind(Minond) family
Л.842об-843 №140 Ман  Шлиомов Мининд(так в тексте),44
Его сын Давид,4,5
Мана первый брат Абрам Шлиомович Мининд,40
Его сын Шлиома, по 9й-2 лет,ум.1854г.
Мана 2й брат Юдель Шлиомович Мининд,35
Его сыновья:
Мана Мининда жена Хана Менделева,34
Его дочь Миндель,13
Абрама Мининда жена Хинка Элиасова,28
Его дочь Гитель,6
Юделя Мининда жена Фрума Янкелева,41
Ноты мининда жена Хая Меерова,18

Translation – Minind (Minond):
Page 842 back – 843 № 140 Mun Shliomov (? son of Shlioma or Shlomo) Minind (that in the text), 44 (years old)
His son David, 4.5 (years old)
The first brother of Mun – Abram Shliomovich (? son of Shlioma or Shlomo) Minind, 40 (years old)
His son Shlioma (according the 9-th Revision document list 2 years old) died in 1854
The second brother of Abram – Yudel Shliomovich (? son of Shlioma or Shlomo) Minind, 35 (years old)
His sons:
Nota, 21 (years old)
Shlioma (according the 9-th Revision document list 1 year old) died in 1854
Elias, 5.5 (years old)
Movsha (Moshe) 3.5 (years old)
Wife of Mun Minind – Chana Mendeleva (daughter of Mendel), 34 (years old)
His daughter: Mindel, 13 (years old)
Wife of Abram Minind - Hinka Eliasova (daughter of Elias), 34 (years old)
His daughter: Gitel, 6 (years old)
Wife of Yudel Minind – Fruma Yankeleva (daughter of Yankel – the same name as Jacob), 41 (years old)
Wife of Nota Minind – Chaya Meerova (daughter of Meyer, Meir), 18 (years old)


  • Odessa’s archive documents.

Corps of documents of Directorate of Odessa Post and telegraph district about the opening of the post office station in Novopoltavka, Kherson’s guberniya and uyezd (March 13, 1910 - April 11, 1914). Page with signatures of Novopoltavka’s inhabitants support for opening a post station. It was adopted at all-Novopoltavka meeting. 104 people (adult men, Jews).

Three signature pages annotated with anglicized names (Note: Will open in a new browser window or tab)



Perman Iterman


Grinker Michelson



  • Google Books has a service providing free viewing of books online. Many books contain information relating to Novopoltavka. You are encouraged to search Google Books by entering the search term: Novopoltavka. LINK TO GOOGLE BOOKS


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