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Listing of World War II Jewish soldiers who were residents of Novopoltavka



1. Efim ben Moises Iyzikov (1895-1977gg.).
Aims to mobilize in the Aktobe region Tsilsky area in 1942. He fought on the Ukrainian front, reached Berlin. Discharged in September 1945.

2. Bakalor Shmuel ben Yosef. (1984 -
Called in 1942. He fought in the Caucasus in the first division of Chasseurs mining ___ Infantry Regiment until 1943. In 1943 he was transferred to Teheran, provided the meeting the leaders of the Tehran Conference. In Tehran, he stayed until the end of foyny.

3.Berliner Wolfe ben Moises (1900-1980).
The Finnish War - 1939-1940gg. During World War II - senior lentenant, head of the evacuation center number 86.

4. Bleher Jakob ben Izrail (1925 to 1994.)
Aims to mobilize the Kuibyshev RVC 23.01.1943g Tashkent. He fought in the 9th Guards Rifle Regiment, in / h 40 355. He graduated from the war in Hungary.

5. Genbom Abram ben Volkov (1924 to 1996.).
Drafted into the army in 1944. After the end of the acceleration and Syzran tank school was assigned a tank commander in the 1st Ukrainian Front under Marshal Konev. Participated in the battles for liberation of Ukraine and Poland. A tank platoon commander in the RGC fighting crossed the River Visla in Poland. He was seriously wounded. After the hospital in Germany, served in the Soviet military commandant's office Neyruppin city of Berlin. Demobilized in 1946. He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War 1 and 2 degrees, medals.

6. Leikind Asya. She was born in 1919.
Mobilized August 7, 1941. Fought in 235 Guards Division. Liberated Kharkov, Poland, Bulgaria. Participated in battles at Kursk. As part of the North-Western, Ukrainian fronts. She graduated from the war with the rank of lieutenant.

7. Minon Arkady ben Josef. (1920 to 2004.).
Cadet, called in 1941 for the front section leader. He fought on the Leningrad front. There was a blockade. In 1943, after being wounded in the rank of lieutenant discharged.

8. Michelson Lazar ben Leib(1921 to 2002.)
Called in 1939. Patriotic War started a tank driver near Brest. Reached Kharkov, was surrounded. Out of the environment. Participated in the battles for the liberation of the North Caucasus. He was awarded a medal for the defense of the Caucasus, the Order of Glory 1st degree. Liberated Crimea took part in boyaz on Sapun mountain. He fought at Sevastopol. As part of Byelorussian Front liberated Warsaw. He was awarded a medal for the liberation of Warsaw. Reached Berlin.

9. Michelson (Pischits) Cecilia ben Yakov. (1920-1992.).
In 1941, she worked in the construction of bypass puiti near Moscow. In 1942 he went to volunteer at the front. Participated in the defense of Moscow, at the same time entered into the game. Fought in the anti-aircraft machine-gun battalion. Came to Poland. She was awarded orders and medals.

10. Tesler (Pischits) Maria ben Yakov. was born in 1923.
In 1942 he went to volunteer at the front. There was a driver in the aircraft FMS Central Front (town Dubrovitsy 649 Battalion 319th Battalion). She was awarded orders and medals.

11. Rivkind Vladimir ben Aron (1922 -
Marine reconnaissance of the 40th separate anti-tank artillery battalion, a senior lentenant. Came to Prague.

12. Michael Spitz
Mobilized in the early days of the war. He died in 1942.

13. Michael Yankelevich (1919-1941gg.)
In 1939 he entered the tank school. He died in the early days of the war.


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