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Natanson (tree on Geni)

Salomon Natanson, a teacher, was listed in both the 1837 and 1840 lists of people migrating from Courland to Kherson.  He was 39 years old in 1837.  His wife was Basse. Their children were Gejman Jossel, Mozes, Ittsig, Izrael, Ganne, Ette, Gitte, and Bella.  Also listed in the household were Salomon’s brother Mejer Levin and sister Gitte.  Their tree is on Geni.

Salomon was the son of Natan and resided in Goldingen (Kuldiga).  That name was found in the residents of Goldingen in 1820 also.

In the 1858 Revision List from Novopoltavka, the Natanson or Natanzon family appears.  Levin Natanov Natanson is 38, married to Bluma Iosifova. Their children are Movshe and Alta.  This is Mejer Levin, brother of Salomon from the first paragraph.  Salomon was no longer alive, but his sons Mozes, Itzik, and Israil are recorded (see below).

Also in the household is his nephew (son of his brother Salomon), Mozes Solomonovish Natanzon, age 35, and his wife Etia Borohova, with their children, Shloma, Nota, Syra and Haya. 

Also in the household is Itzik Solomonovich, Mozes’ brother, age 33 and his wife Feiga Elkevna, with children Shloma.

Also in the household is their brother Israil, age 31, with his wife Malka Azikova.  

Sara (Syra) Natonson, daughter of Mozes and Etia (listed above), married Movshe (Moshe, Moises) Aron Blyakher and they were the parents of ONE of two branches of the Argentine Blejer family, who immigrated to Basovilbaso, one of the Baron Hirsch settlements in Entre Rios.

I have no record of what happened to the rest of the Natanson family from Novopoltavka  (Hatte Blejer).  Did they immigrate to Basovilbaso?  Were they killed in the pograms of the early 20th century?  Are they still living in Ukraine?


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