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Name: Novo Poltavska, Ukraine. A memorial service for people who are buried there, 1965
Belongs to collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive
Origin: ליליה בובריק Liliya Bobrik
Credit: Yad Vashem
Name of submitter: ליליה בובריק Liliya Bobrik
Archival Signature: 9350/1

Monument built by the Russian authorities against the nazis, but they refused to mention the word Jew.


This billboard is current located in front of the village office, telling the village history,
but has no mention of the Holocaust.



History of the town

The Village of Novopoltavka, according to the stories of old residents, was founded in 1790 by settlers from Courland during the period of colonization.
During the period of colonization from Novorussia (meaning New Russia, currently known as Southern Ukraine), Jewish merchants established themselves there. Because Jews did not know how to work the land, a group of Germans settled there to teach them. There were 120 Jewish families, and 10 German families. They lived in separate parts of town, which were called colonies. The Germans occupied one street (the German street), and the Jews three. The Jewish colony was in the center of town. The chief leader of the Germans was named Kansky so the neighborhood was called Kan. From the New Russia (now southern Ukraine) occurred resettlement of Jewish artisans to develop the steppe.

According to the Census of 1859:
- Jewish population numbered 1568
- 149 yards
- Two Synagogues were built.
According to the census in 1897:
- The total residents of the village were 2,200 people (most of them Jews);
- a Jewish Cemetery
- a Shop

In the years 1863-1864 the population of the colony Novopoltavka engaged in farming, sewing, gold and silver craftsmanship, as well as selling goods in the neighboring villages and towns.
In the year 1911, the German colony was renamed Neufeld (now called Efremovka) and the north-west of Novopoltavka in 1925 was named Dzhuraly farm, which received its name from the word "Dzherelo" (in Russian "source").

From the Mykolaiev district archives about the town of Novopotavka. In the geographic statistical dictionary from the Russian empire Volume 3, page 533 statements about the town of Novopotavka.

The WWII monument displays WWII Kytushya rocket artillery weapon system mounted onto trucks.


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