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August 2010
Compiled by Joy Kestenbaum
Initially created December 2010 -
Last updated March 2011

Copyright 2010-2011
Joy Kestenbaum
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Gravestone of Sheine-Chaya Nachtigal

Chaya Pressburger has been able to identify the gravestone of her grandmother, Sheine-Chaya Nachtigal, who died in Narewka on the 13th of Tamuz 5678 (12 July 1938), from this photograph and has submitted one of her grandparents. Her father Kalman, who left for Palestine in 1936, was named for his maternal grandfather Kalman HaLevi.

Chaya has written, "I was very excited when I saw all the gravestones and suddenly under gravestone number 34 I saw the details ... I can't tell you how I felt. It was my grandmother's gravestone, I am sure, all details were about her ... I found a letter which was sent to my father from his father that my grandmother died on 13 of Tamuz.  So all the details are correct." (1 March 2011)

Gravestone of Chaya HaLevi
Photo No. 34 (2007) from the
Narewka Cemetery webpage
Courtesy of David Feldman

Here lies a pure and modest woman, involved with Tzidaka (charity) and Chesed (help others), Sheina Chaya Surname ?? the daughter of Kalman HaLevi. Died ?? Tamuz 5698 13 July 1938

Sheine-Chaya and Chaim Nachtigal
Courtesy of Chaya Pressburger