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August 2010
Compiled by Joy Kestenbaum
Initially created December 2010 -
Last updated August 2015

Copyright 2010-2011
Joy Kestenbaum
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Gravestone of Yaacov Dov Edelman

Photo of Yaacov
                      Dov Edelman's gravestone Photo Courtesy of Tamara Edell Gottstein


Yaacov Dov, son of Yosef Eliezer Edelman,
 was the brother of Teme Leia,
Tamara Edell Gottstein's great-grandmother,
after whom she was named.

Here is buried
Ha Avrech (young Yeshiva student)
Yaacov Dov
Son of Yosef Eliezer z"l
Plucked ...
Tub'shvat 5680 (1920)

See Photo of Gravestone on
Bagnowka website

Yaacov Dov Eidelman's gravestone is included in
The Database of the Jewish Cemeteries in Poland;
it is #11 of the gravestones listed for Narewka.
Photo of Yaacov Dov
                      Edelman's gravestone

Photo Courtesy of Joy Kestenbaum

August 2010