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August 2010
Compiled by Joy Kestenbaum
Initially created December 2010 -
Last updated 28 February 2011

Copyright © 2010-2011
Joy Kestenbaum
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Gravestone of Chaya Sara Ain

                      Sara Ain Photo Courtesy of Batya Dashevsky


Chaya Sara Ain was the mother of
Tillie Ain Linevsky,
Batya's great-aunt.
According to her great-grandson,
William Schwartz, Chaya Sara
died from the "Spanish Flu"
during the Influenza Pandemic of 1918.

Photo of
gravestone from 2007
is also on the
Narewka Cemetery
Courtesy of David Feldman

Here lies a simple and honest woman, who was G-d fearing and gave much to charities; Chaya Sara Ain, the daughter of Moshe; died of Adar 5678 Feb. -March 1918.

See Photo and Detail of Gravestone on
Bagnowka website
Chaya Sara Ain

Photo Courtesy of Joy Kestenbaum

August 2010