On June 22, 1941 the Germans attacked the Soviet Union. On  October 6, 1941 half of Nadworna's Jews were murdered at Bukowinka (3 km from Nadworna). That winter the ghetto was established, and by the summer of 1942 hundreds of Jews were sent to Belzec death camp.  From the summer through the Fall many of Nadworna's Jews escaped from the ghetto and hid in the forests. The majority of them were denounced or murdered by the local population and by Ukrainian nationalist Bandera gangs. During September and October Jews were transported to the Stanislawow ghetto and killed. By the end of  1942 the German Commander of Nadworna reported that  no more Jews remained and the ghetto was destroyed. Finally on July 26, 1944 Soviet troops retook Nadworna. The few surviving Jews left.

After the war, on May 6, 1968 Ernst Varchmin and others were tried in the Landgericht Munster (Higher District Court) for the mass, group, and individual shooting and deportations of thousands of Jews, Poles, and Ukrainians in Stanislau, Rohatyn, Kalucz, Nadworna, Delatyn, Tatarow, Worochta,  Jablonica, Dolina, Wyskow,  and Bukowina. Finally, on July 13, 1972, Ernst Varchmin was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Bundesgerichtshof  (the West German Federal Supreme Court).

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Yad Vashem Family Names for Nadworna

Nadworna A-J
Nadworna K-S
Nadworna T-Z

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Other sources of information

Ghetto Fighters' House

The Ghetto Fighter's Museum archives contain information on Nadworna. Follow the link and then go to the Archives. Then search for Nadworna. The museum is located in the Western Galilee, Israel on the Coast Highway between Akko and Nahariya.

Shoah Visual History Foundation

The Shoah Visual History Foundation archives contain testimonies of Jewish survivors born in Nadworna.

JewishGen Shoah Sources

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