Mykolayiv Today - Photos
Copyright © 2012 Amira Lapidot Hemme
Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Mykolayiv - the plaque spells the town Mykolayiv and specifically references Kherson.
Museum of Jewish Culture
Lenin is still prominently displayed (or was in 2008). 
Memorial to Mykolayiv residents who died in the USSR-Afghan war.
Mural of the Battleship Potemkin.  The Potemkin was built in Mykolayiv and was later the site of a mutiny of a Russian Navy rebellion against the Russian Tsars in 1905.  This mutiny was depicted in Sergei Eisenstein's movie, Battleship Potemkin.  The movie was a silent film created in 1925 and is famous throughout cinematic circles.
A field of rapeseed plants somewhere between Mykolayiv and Kyiv. 
Horse in a field
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