Local Maps Acknowledgements
Copyright © 2012 Amira Lapidot Hemme
I would like to thank the following people for contributing to this KehilaLink, and for giving me moral support: ~ Sylvia Walowitz ~ Rex Hemme ~ Leslie Sklair ~ Marshall Cohen ~ Yakov Pasik ~ Ilya Fishov ~ Arnold Chamove ~ Caitlin Hitt ~ Seth Nasatir ~ Marilyn Katler ~ Edna Hoover ~ Michael Lubov ~ Igor Mett ~ Ilya Fishov ~ Shaul Sharoni ~ Linda Kanevsky I could not have completed this KehilaLink without you. I also acknowledge the discrepancies in the spellings of various locations, such as Kiev and Kyyiv.  This is due to variations in transliteration and in pronunciations of these locations.  I have chosen to accept the spelling as it was presented to me.
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