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City Sign for Mykolayiv, Kherson
Mykolaiv Municipal Coat of Arms Coordinates 46°58′0″N 32°00′0″E Alternate names: Mykolayiv (Миколаїв) [Ukr], Nikolayev [Rus, Yid], Mikolajów [Pol], Mykolajiw, Mikolayev, Nikolajew, Nikolajev, Nikolaev, Nikolaiev, Neishtetel, Vernoleninsk Mykolayiv is a major city in southern Ukraine.  It is located on the Buh River estuary. It is 250 miles SSE of Kiev, 70 miles ENE of Odessa, 36 miles NW of Kherson. Mapquest:,32.0 GoogleMaps:°58'N32°00'E&t=h&z=12
Mykolayiv (Миколаїв) בויאלאקימ             ~ Kherson, Ukraine ~
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This KehilaLink is for the city of Mykolayiv in Kherson Province, Ukraine.  There are at least two other Mykolayiv's/Nikolayev's  in Ukraine.  One is in Podolia Province,  the other is in Lviv Province. The Mykolayiv in Kherson Province, is located on the Buh River, close to the Black Sea.  It was founded in 1788 as a naval base.  Jews had been invited to and expelled from Nikolayev, over the years and the centuries. This site is dedicated to the memory of my Savta Sarah, my paternal grandmother.  She was born Sarah Katz in Nikolayev in 1903.
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