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1. Translation by Arye Harry Shamir of excerpt pertaining to the Holocaust in Mazheik from Yahadut Lita by Leorah Kroyanker (see the Link hereunder).

2. Yizkor ~ Mazheik Jewish Community Yahrzeit (prepared by Ilan Ganot)

3. Link to List of Jewish Holocaust Victims from Mazeikiai, see Memorial, Holocaust Victims

4. List of  The Murderers of Mazheik Jewry, published by the Israeli Association of former Lithuanian Jewry

5.  Link to :  

Yad Vashem home page

 The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names : (in HEBREW:) OR (in ENGLISH:)!ut/p/.cmd/cl/.l/en for example, typing Mazeikiai in the 'Location' search window will produce over 1000 names of victims from Mazheik 

6 The mass murder site in Mazheik, pictures by Emma Karabelnik, 2008



 The Holocaust in Mazeikiai

 Translated from Hebrew by Arye Harry Shamir from Yahadut Lita (Lithuanian Jewry"), Volume IV – The Holocaust, Tel Aviv, 1984, pages 309-310. Styled and edited by Leorah Kroyanker, January 2004.



Mazheik Jewish Community Yahrzeit


Sunday, 10 Av 5701

יום ראשון, י' באב ה'תש"א

(יום צום ט' באב נדחה עקב השבת)


Shabbat, 16 Av 5701

שבת, ט"ז באב ה'תש"א

(שבת נחמו)


3 August 1941


9 August 1941


Date of mass murder of most Jewish men

Date of mass murder of most Jewish women and children







In Memoriam


The Yizkor and In Memory texts were reprinted with permission from vol. 3 of the booklet “Zchor ve’Hazker” (Remember and Remind), edited and published by the Israeli Association of former Lithuanian Jewry.


The Murderers of Mazheik Jewry

A series of small booklets named “Zchor ve’Hazker” (Remember and Remind), was edited and published by the Israeli Association of former Lithuanian Jewry. Booklet vol. 3 includes an introduction by Yossef A. Melamed, written in Hebrew, that unveils the systematic murder of the Lithuanian Jewry, mostly done by Lithuanian nationalists, organized in Battalions.

The booklet includes approximately 5000 names, out of a total of about 23,000 Lithuanian murderers who acted in Lithuania and around it and were directly responsible to about 90% of the murders of Lithuanian Jews.

The name lists are organized according to the different districts and main towns. Following is copy of the list of Lithuanian murderers who brutally murdered most of the Jews of Mazheik and its surroundings.


Murderers of Jews from Mazheik and its Surroundings


















  The mass murder site in Mazheik, courtesy Emma Karabelnik, 2008

The site is adjacent to the old Jewish cemetery

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