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Lyubar, Ukraine

4955' N /2745' E
205 km WSW of Kyyiv, 47 miles WSW of Zhytomer,
37 miles W of Berdychiv, 17 miles SE of Polonnoye





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Lyubar Records Online and Found in Ukraine, Russia, and Israel November 25, 2019
*If you have identified other record sets of interest, please contact ESK to add to this comprehensive list.

JewishGen Ukraine Database - 1,134 records when searching "Lyubar"as of November 26, 2019
JewishGen Unified Database Search - 1,213 records when searching "Lyubar" as of
November 26, 2019

NEW! A Head of Household Master Surname Index has been created by Deborah Glassman for all Lyubar Revision Lists 1816, 1834, 1850, and 1858, and including supplements, found in Novograd-Volynsk Administrative District record books held at the Zhytomir State Archive. 1872 will be added soon! Money raised by Lyubar genealogists and friends paid for these records to be acquired and scanned, and all of the digital images in handwritten Russian script can be accessed free on Alex Krakovsky's Ukrainian Wiki page. *For more information, an overview about the project, and links to all material in this project, click here.

NEW! Also from the Zhytomir State Archive, view "Registration List of Victims of German Occupation in the Lubarsky District 1944 (534 pages) on Krakovsky website. Document is in Russian. No surname index. Click Here.

NEW! The Zikaron Project, a collaboration between the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) at Hebrew University and The Nadav Foundation has KGB files from Ukraine.

Deborah Glassman continues to acquire, translate, and index other Lyubar lists. To purchase her books or see newest projects, visit

Jewish Genealogy in Ukraine has a free surname search feature in English. Professional genealogist Nadia Lipes has created an index to records as she finds them in archives.There is a cost to receive copies of records.

Alex Krakovsky's Open Source Project where no Lyubar-specific records are available yet, but many others from surrounding towns are digitized and browsable in Russian language.

The Tsal Kaplun Foundation has searchable surname and archive indexes and is collaborating with other organizations, groups and individuals to share knowledge about history, past and present life of Jewish communities in former USSR territories.

In 2017, I (ESK) hired the Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs, who were exhibitors at RootsTech 2017, to search for a will or probate record. The following list of additional Lyubar records was supplied to me:

  • Lists of Homesteads, Liubar 1923 (1274 pages); 1924 (1275pages); 1925 (117 pages)
  • Lists of Land and Property Owners in Cherniahov, Liubar, Romanov, Chudnov 1924
  • Documents on Land Mortgages for House Building in Liubar 1925

In 2014, I (ESK) hired Nadia Lipes of Jewish Genealogy in Ukraine. Although she found some folks with my surnames, it was not clear if she identified other records or looked through the following known resources.

The following list was compiled in 1999 by Yulia Zeveleva, formerly of the Jewish Preservation Committee of Ukraine. Additions have been added from Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots Foundation online database as of April 2018. Other sources were listed in "Jewish Documentary Sources in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: A Preliminary List" edited by Dorit Sallis and Marek Web, published by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, NY 1996.


1. Zhitomir Oblast Archive, Ukraine

  • Revision lists: 1816; 1834; 1850; 1851; 1856; 1858; (Included in record group for Novograd Volynskiy); 1862; 1872
  • Notary records: 1889-1894 (72 books); 1903-1909 (123 books); 1914-1916 (146 books)
  • Jewish workers: 1834; 1851; 1858; 1867 Lists of Merchants
  • Notary records: 1889-1894; 1903-1909; 1914-1916
  • Fonds of different courts instances (private cases)
  • Materials of fiscal chamber of Volynsky Gubernia
  • Fonds of health services
  • Fonds of magistrats, town councils and so on

2. Kiev Central Historical Archive, Ukraine

  • Office of general-governor of Kievskaya, Volynskaya and Podolskaya Gubernias (orders and reports)
  • Cases on fires and floods
  • Cases on pogroms
  • Reports of educational institutes
  • Korobochniy Sbor (taxes)

3. Central Historical Archive of Russia, St. Petersburg

  • Fonds of sinod (Jewish cases)
  • Materials on buildings and repairs
  • Materials on epidemics
  • Materials on pogroms

4. Military-Historical Archive, Moscow, Russia

  • Statistical documents on population
  • Relations between nations
  • Documents about Cantonists
  • Maps, schemes, plans of inhabits ed. Jewish places

After 1917

1. Zhitomirskiy Oblast Archive, Ukraine

  • Holocaust: 1941-1943 lists

2. Kievsky Archive of Higher Government Bodies, Ukraine

  • Documents on pogroms before 1921
  • Documents on refugees
  • Reports on famine
  • Reports on closing of synagogues

3. State Archive of Russian Federation, Moscow

  • Documents of Central Committee of Pogroms
  • Reports on famine

4. Archive in Berditchev, Ukraine

  • 1930 Restore Voting Rights - held in Berditchev, Ukraine Archives
  • Property Records


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