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13 Jan 2001

No words can express the wonderment i felt at looking at the streets my mother walked as a child of Lodz. I could never get her to talk about those days. The questions i had would bring her to tears so i eventually stopped trying. I am left with just imaging where she may have been at the various locals in the postcards. Can these ever be published onto a book??? Would like to send a contribution to continue the collection and uplinking. Where to send? Is there such a site for Radomska [Radomsko] and Chenztachowa ? [Czestochowa] thanks to all the contributors...... E-mail 

13 Jan 2001

have just visited the Postcards and reviewed the Synagogues of Lodz. Never saw any pictures of Lodz before! the total destruction of the Synagogues really hit home! thank you for this view of Lodz as it makes it come alive to a certain degree. thank you again for all your efforts. Lin Braun (grandparents came from Lodz)

06 Feb 2001

We are a family with ties to the city of Lodz. Mayer Gliksman and his family came from there. he is my husbands grandfather.  Any Gliksman connections can contact us at the above address.

11 Mar 2001

Fascinating site - my mothers family came from Lodz, were in the ghetto and the few survivors ended up in Auschwitz - this may not be the appropriate forum to find out if anyone knew the family - my mother's name was the Renia Grynberg (born 1923), daughter of David. She had two sisters and five brothers. Could someone let me know where there is a chat room where it would be appropriate to ask this question? My email is

05 Apr 2001

how do i find cyncynatus family of 20th century? i see plenty of 19th century. jerry cyncynatus

17 Apr 2001

Excellent resource! My mother's mother side of my family came from Lodz to New York during the great wave of immigration during the turn of the century (1890 - 1910). My grandmother (who by the way died about five years age 105) was born Celia Sadt in Lodz. She was the daughter of Fischel (Philip) and Rabecca Sadt. Happily almost all of my family emigrated and avoided the horrors of the holocaust, but Grandma's older sister Sura Nacha stayed behind and she and her young husband perished. Anyone want more information on the Sadt family please contact me. Also, my ancestors lived on or near a street named after a Jew ... one Mudcha Gebbis (or Gellis?) ... anyone have info. on this street? Best wishes, Mark N. Silber (Budd Lake, New Jersey, USA)

18 Apr 2001

If anyone has pictures of ULITCA ZAGANSKA #8, KIELCE, POLAND please email me. Robin Krout Rose Urbach remembers the address as a child.

19 Apr 2001

My mother's family, Kuchinsky lived in Lodz. I believe my great grandfather was Moshe, a chazan and mohel and his son Jakob was a well known musician. Can anyone help? Muriel Beaver.

23 Apr 2001

A first-class site, particularly the old photos. Am writing a book about a Lodz-born woman who immigrated to the U.S. in 1919 and later was the first U.S. nurse to die in WWII. Frances Slanger was her name. Desperately trying to get info about her years in Lodz but thus far no luck. Any advice? Thanks.

Bob Welch E-mail:

04 May 2001

It's a pleasure to see a website like this. I'm born in Lodz in 1925. As a child I was Hershel Rozenberg and lived on Pomorska 15 til 1940, when we went to the Ghetto. I lost all my family during the Holocaust, but am looking for Chil Rozenberg's wife who escaped to the Soviet Union after the German occupation. Chil Rozenberg, my uncle was in the beginning of 1930's a Posel in The sejm of Poland elected under the cover of the PPS party. Anything would be appreciated. My email is; 

19 May 2001

i am searching my family from both side herzberg fishel and gdanski anja my email 

29 May 2001

To the best of my knowledge my father came to American from Lodz. There are no records that he had. Came in early l900's. I am 81 years old and trying to find out his roots. Can you help? Thanks, Mary Ginsburg

29 May 2001

Hope I can trace my fathers roots through your website. That would be such a treasure for me to have. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Mary Ginsburg

30 May 2001

This site is excellent and really give important information. I plan to visit the Lodz cemetery this summer to search for my family graves, as well as where they used to live. I'd like to connect with people who have done the same, and can provide information and help. Email: 

31 May 2001

Being very new to a research and pretty stumped, I still got a very good insight, how much so many contributed , to me Shirley Rotbein Flaum has been an inspiration and I still persist in finding some relatives of my father in Lodz.

31 May 2001

I very much would like to compliment Shirley Rotbein Flaum for her many contributions and help. Here is hoping that one day I shall be able to find my fathers relatives in Lodz where supposedly died after being expelled from Germany after Krystallnight 1938. His name: Efraim (eduard) Targ ZofiaBiron. Canada 

05 Jun 2001

am looking for info re my father's family abersztajn. his father josef was member of the pre-ww2 beth din in lodz, owned a rubber stamp factory. any info welcome! 

05 Jun 2001

It's a beautiful web page. I hope i could get some results. My uncle was the famous Lodzer communist, Chil Rozenberg. I know, that Stalin liquidated him in 1930's as a suspected Trotzkyite. His wife and child escaped to the Soviet Union after German occupation. Anybody out there has any knowledge about this lady and her child? Please, reply to;  or;  Thanks my Name is Hershel Rozenberg

12 Jun 2001

Wonderful job...and so many emotion. only visiting your site I feel so sad..once part of my family is there in Lodz..their images are circulating but we are not yet able to capture them...thank you for making this junction possible even with 12000kms distance... Congratulations! Sylvain Kernbaum


07 Jul 2001

I am finding this web site very interesting. My grandmother was born in Lodz as I understand it and her name was Esther Herschcovitch. I do not know if that is a common Polish name or not but if anyone can give any information about her name they would be welcome to contact me at my e-mail, 

08 Jul 2001

Great site. I am looking for information about my grandfather, Ralph Barg, from Shepatovka. Any news would be fantastic. Thanks. David Barg 

03 Aug 2001

I am trying to find out if anybody knew of my grandmother around 1938, her name is Maria Kolodziejczyk she was born in 1921 in a village called wojcice in Blaszki Kalisz. I would greatly appreciate any help Thank you

08 Aug 2001

I am trying desperately to find a street name in lodz but I do not think I have the correct spelling. The name of the street is Hyoska Hyoski, Lyoska, Lyoski or Wyoska , Wyoski. I cannot make out the spelling on the archive document I have please can anybody help me, the year was 1938. Thanking You Natalie

16 Aug 2001

I am the great grandson of Beniamin Russ. My father told me he was one of the leaders of the lodz ghetto. I find this site to be fascinating to see him listed on this site and very informational. - 

21 Aug 2001

My Name is Jay Poznanski. My father is a survivor of the Holocaust. His name is Arie (Lemek/Lemel) Poznanski. I understand that there was a large factory in Poland called the Poznanski Factory. Your web site shows the grave of Izrael and Eleonora Poznanski. I guess it is a long shot to see if there is any relationship between my Dads family and Izrael but I just had to post here. Poznanski is quite the common name but Jewish Poznanski's are fewer to come by. I would love to find this out for my dad. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you..Jay Poznanski.. 

25 Aug 2001

Very glad for your wonderful website. Kol Hakavod.

My late grandfather, Baruch Bendet Rosental perished in the Lodz Ghetto. He was from Pabianice, near Lodz. My grandmother, Chaya Fradel Karo Rosental, perished in Pabianice. Their daughter, my mother, Lola (Leah) Rosental was also in the Lodz ghetto & did survive. She married Natan Krol, my father, also a survivor from Pabianice.

I am searching for any information about Hersh Karo, my mother's uncle who lived in Lodz before the war. All I know of him is that he owned a kosher restaurant & catering service in Lodz, and he was married & had a daughter Rifka & a son. Nothing was heard of any of them after the war.

I am also searching information about my mother's other uncle, Simcha Karo & his family. He owned a textile factory in Lodz before the war.

For years my mother had been looking for information about her younger brother, Wolf Anshel Rosental of Pabianice, who had not been heard of since after the war.

Thank you to anyone who may be able to help. Sincerely, 

08 Sep 2001

I have enjoyed this trip, I am forever searching for my grandparents and according to other family they came from Lodz. I like to imagine my grandmother walking with her sisters and brother on these streets. Thank you for all your hard work. Jackie Rhea. Looking for Padgursky..Kaminer..Simons 

11 Oct 2001

This site brought tears to my eyes. My father talks about WW2 a lot, but rarely about his family. I know very little except that as a boy he lived at 58 Zgierska Street. His father was Moshe Yakov Feldman or Yacov Moshe Feldman, his mother was Raizel Pisarek. My father's name is Ignacz Feldman (Szrulek Feldman). My Mom's name is Lonia Feldman nee Milsztajn. Her father's name was Godel Milsztajn. Please if anyone out there knows of my family's history or any other relatives, please, please contact me: Vardit Zafri.... 

29 Oct 2001

Gratulacje. Bardzo dobrze skonstruowany site, wyposazony w solidna dokumentacje, dzieki ktorej przybliza nam sie Lodz, ktorej nie ma. Brawo.

Mysle, ze w Waszej liscie tkwi blad dotyczacy tej samej osoby : Artists BARCZYNSKI, Chanoch (1896-1944), born in Lodz, died in Auschwitz Barczynski, Henryk (1896-1941), painter, Jung Idysz Jewish artists' group; born in Lodz, died in Tomaszow Mazowiecki

S. Urbanski Paris 

20 Nov 2001

My grandfather and grandmother came from Lodz. His family name was Podlowski. One of my father's brothers was name Moshe, a name that I found in the Belchatow page written by Leib Podlowski. Is anybody out there who could possibly be a relative? We also spelled the name Podlofsky. My father's immigration papers say Gastel Podlowski. Email 

20 Nov 2001

My grandfather and grandmother came from Lodz. His family name was Podlowski. One of my father's brothers was name Moshe, a name that I found in the Belchatow page written by Leib Podlowski. Is anybody out there who could possibly be a relative? We also spelled the name Podlofsky. My father's immigration papers say Gastel Podlowski. Email 

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