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beautiful web site, and incredible tribute to the Jews of Poland. It was also a great resource for research on the holocaust. Thank you.
Sierra <>
150 edgar rd., st.louis, MO, 63119, 314-961-2660 X2965 -
no comment at this time
barry michael berger <>
10ahaywood trail leeming western australia 6149, 08}93103198 -
Shirley... now you are making me jealous that I haven't done the same... just not enough time... I will refer this page to Chana Ruschinek in Australia Stanley
Stanley Diamond <>
My father, the late Sevek Winograd and my mother, Frajda Kempinski, were from Lodz
Liliane (Winograd) Seban <>
16A Sokolov Street Jerusalem 92144 Israel, 972-2-5610083 -
My father, Abraham Peck, lived in Lodz.
Jacob Peck <>
I've found 15 persons named "Berger" in Lodz's phone directory. Your page is very interesting as a historical source. I would like to include link to "Guestbook" into my students work untitled "Jews Community of Lodz". May I have your permission? W. Kolasinski
Wojciech Kolasinski <>
This is great information that I can share with the students of our religious school... Thanks so much for being a part of modern technology...
Loretta Causey <>
3800 S. Sahdaycreek Dr. Arlington, Tx 76013, -
My father, Lipman ben Polteil, Kinigsberg was born in Lodz Poland in 1908. I am beginning my search for information about his parents, Regina and Polteil, and his brother Bernard and his sisters, Anja, Basia, Pola and Eda. I am also searching for information about his first wife, Estera Markiel and his son Jakub Kinigsberg.
Dr. Renee Kinigsberg Sacks <>
500 Hampton Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11235, (718) 934-4896 (h); (212) 644-9200 x101 (o) 
Enjoy your page, but have not visited it for some time. Please note my address has changed. I am listed here in 2 places, kindly change the address to
Lili Susser <>
2117 Hollywood Pueblo, Co., (719)564-7566 -
Congratulations ! very special this site and your research. my family from Warsaw and Mordy was many friends and links in Lodz. Best Regards
Reuben Habergritz <>
Your site came up on a search for Christina Fredricka Grossman (1849-50). Moved from Ohio to Indiana. This Grossman family is from Germany so I expect we are a different branch on the TREE.
J Hal Grossman <>
1009 Shawnda Ln Kissimmee, Fl 34744, 407-935-1545 -
Looking for any relatives related to my mother from Lodz. Her name is Eva Bornstein. Her mother was Hinda and her father Issac. Both of her parents died in Lodz but she had a large family.
480-391-8672 -
Martin Seaton <>
3087 Deep Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, (310) 858-8776 -
Steven R. Jones <SJones1852>
1346 Hickory Street, Waukegan, Illinois 60085, 847-244-9036 -
What a fantastic job! Did you ever come across the name Nogatz? That was my grandfather's name..Sholem Menachem Nogatz. He came from Lodz.
Rhoda Gilbert <>
9 Clemson Lane Woodbury, N.Y. 11797, -
wonderful page...I just found out that my fathers family took the maiden name of my grandmother...2 years of searching for the wrong name.
Lou Sturner?) should have been Berger <>
My grandfather was Joseph Berger, who was born on July 3, 1894 in St. Louis, the son of Rebecca and Jacob Berger. Brothers and sisters included Harry, Chester, Esther, Ann, Evelyn, Ralph and Dave. Do you have any information?
Bill Rosenbaum <>
728 Braeside S. Drive Indianapolis, IN 46260, (317) 848-4952 -
thank you! On behalf of a wonderful woman from Lodz - am trying to find out WHERE her parents were transported from the Lodz Ghetto in April 1942. My friend survived Ravensbruck - but has not been able to learn where her parents were killed. We suspect Chelmno. Is there a database with appropriate information? or does anyone reading this know? Their names: Wolf and Golda Fuks. Mr. Fuks was a tailor in Lodz.
Judith Geduldig <>
4212 Kirkwood Road Harrisburg PA 17110-3122, 717.234.2270 -
thank you! On behalf of a wonderful woman from Lodz - am trying to find out WHERE her parents were transported from the Lodz Ghetto in April 1942. My friend survived Ravensbruck - but has not been able to learn where her parents were killed. We suspect Chelmno. Is there a database with appropriate information?
Judith Geduldig <>
4212 Kirkwood Road Harrisburg PA 17110-3122, 717.234.2270 -
Shalom, What a wonderful site, I have requested our webmaster to link us to your site, as per my e-mails with Shirley Rotbein Flaum. This is truly Hashem's work!!!! Keep it up. Rabbi R Cahana
Rabbi Ronnie Cahana <>
Your site is very interesting. I need your help for my search. I'm doing a search about my family: the father of my grandmother, Giulio Dresner, born in Lodz the 24/4/1885, and known as "Opatoska" or "Opatowska": he was son of a rabbi of Baalshem but he was something like a rebel and he was very active in the communism and Zionism in Lodz (my grandmother said he was friend of Lenin but I suppose she was exaggerating!). He went away from Poland in the first years of 1900. Also the mother of my grandmother, Rosa Fishlevitch, was born in Lodz, I know she was six years older than Giulio. How can I know more about them? Can you help me? It's very difficult to find something, you can immagine how much I am interested, if you can help me, please write me at my e-mail address ( or via dei Bardi 19, 50125 Florence, Italy (tel. 0039/055/2476764) thank you very much, yours Laura Forti
Laura Forti <>
via dei Bardi 19 - 50125 firenze italia, 0039/055/2476764 -
Still searching for Zamora or Zumero from Glowno out side of Lodz
Allan Schwartz <>
18 Russo Dr. Hamden,Ct. 06518, -
I'm looking for ancestors of my grandfather, Fischel Band. he came here from Poland before the war. I'm searching for a school project for my children. I found the name Kestenberg in this list and know of cousins with this name. I'm wondering if Lodz is the area my grandfather and grand mother are from. My father doesn't know for sure.
Leslie Hirshberg <>
my mother Toba Frush nee Grossman nee Goldberg is a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto. She was married to Abram Grossman and had a little boy, Monyek. Her husband died in the Ghetto and her son was taken away from her and presumably perished. Her parents names were Avrom and Chana Goldberg and they had a coffee shop on Lagunitzka 4. Her husband had manufacturing shop at Yakuba 10, Lodz. My mother had 3 sisters, Rivka, Leah, Rachel and a brother Kalmen Leib. My father is also from Lodz. His name is Lipman Frush. Any information would be very much appreciated, since my father is deceased and my mother is a sole survivor.
ann solomon <>
descendent of Lipnowski family of Sienkiewicza 6
Irene Engelman <Edirene @ aol . com >
212 877 6183 -

Tom Engelman <>

Did any of the Berger's settle in New Orleans, LA?
Laura Lee Barrett-Oliver <>
719 21st Street South, Apt B; Arlington, VA 22202, 703-920-2582 -
I got to your link via New Jersey Vital Statistics Bureau, links. My grandfather, Morris Grossman, hails from Lodz! He came here in the late 1800s with his parents, and I am in the process of constructing a family tree. He was a printer in Paterson, NJ, and died in 1950. Is there a connection with you folks? I suspect there was probably unrelated Grossmans in Lodz, but who knows! Michael
Michael Miller <>
3029 Central Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091, 773 880-3577 -
I´m trying to get my family history My father Shlomo Kestenberg came from Koziniece [Kozienice] also my grandfather Itzak and my uncle Abraham also my aunt Golda and later my cousins Edzia and Jilek that's all I Know on my family please I'll by very grateful to get any help Moshe
Moises Kestenberg <amok&>
Calle 129 Bis No 5-21 Bogotà Colombia S.A., 6159629 
Looking for the family tree which has Aaron ( I think Tenanbaum) of Lodz who had a son Louis, who was my Zadie.
Amy <>
My maternal grandmother's family lived in Lodz from the turn of the century until WWII. Some of the family left Poland (thank G_d) before the war, including my grandmother who moved to Mexico City. I'm researching the following families who lived in Lodz: TOPOREK LITMANOWICZ Regards, and Chag Sukkot Sameach, Marcos Frid -----------
Marcos Frid <>
find information of my family of Tomaszow and lodz NOVOMIAST or NOWOMIAST in polish [Nowe Miasta]
novomiast gustavo <>
corrientes 4547 capital federal buenos aires - argentina 1195, 48642434 -
I am bringing my 82 year old mother who left Lodz in 1939 to visit. We are seeking assistance to try and visit my mother's childhood apartment at Sienkiewieza, 6. Thank you.
Tom Engelman <tengelman>
message: I am bringing my 82 year old mother back to Lodz and need assistance to view her childhood apt.Sienkiewieza,6 , -
My paternal grandfather, Simon Wolf Kyjawski was born in Lodz in 1878. He left Poland when he was 15 or 17, later settling in Birmingham, England, where he and his wife Annie (maiden name Isaacs) raised a large family. I've been trying to locate my grandfather's vital records. In addition, I have tried to find out if any of the family from Poland survived the Holocaust. A cousin, Willie Kyjawski & his wife Regina visited the UK briefly in 1939 or '40. They were en route either for the U.S. or Canada. Unfortunately the family lost touch after a year or so.
Naidia Woolf <>
P.O.B. 170248, San Francisco, CA 94117, -
My dad's mother was Pearl F. Gepner, b.1901, her father was Fred Gepner, b. ar. 1880, his father was Julian Gepner, b. around 1850. I was always told the Gepners came from Prussia. Do you know if Gepner is a Jewish surname?
Toni Parlett <>
1110 Andrews Drive, 925-370-7327 -
An incredible website! All the more incredible when one realizes it was constructed mostly by volunteers. Congratulations to all who made it possible.
Lois Sernoff <>
I have been trying to tract down my father. My baptismal records shows Henry Ignatius Pinkus as my father. Does any one out there know him. In 1947 he worked for the railroad in Connecticut. I believe he lived in New Britain.
Jeanette DeCrosta Gleason <>
240 Pembroke Street Kingston, Mass. 02364, -
interested in finding survivors of the Lodz ghetto
franka wenger-steinfeld-liberman <>
9364 harding ave. surfside, fl 33154, 
Marvelous job - kudos to cousin Shirley Flaum
Don and Alice Gross
Family names: Angelczyk, Langert, Feldman, Schwartzog
Marvin Engel <>
502 Meadow Hall Drive Rockville, MD 20851, 301 838 9577 -
Please contact me by e-mail.
Karl Dahl Grossman IV <>
Grandson of Konstantine Lipka (Lypka) who emigrated to USA before Russian Revolution and husband of Victoria Kostabroda. Konstantine came to the USA with a brother - Steven who settled in the Pennsylvania area. Sincerely, Andrew Lipka
Andrew A. Lipka <>
PO Box 855 Brooklyn, CT 06234 USA, -
I'd like to find out what info you have about the Rogozinski's. Thanks
Sara Rogozinski <>
603 Naomi St Philadelphia PA 19144, -
I believe that we have a connection with the Warszawski side, will research and if I find any salient info. will supply you with it. Best regards Neil
Neil Warshafsky <>
1033 Bay Street, Suite 205, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, 416.972.9220 Ext. 303 -
very impressive work
Doug Miller <>
I am looking for my mother's family name GOMBERG. The whole family was in Lodzi ghetto.
Julian Fleischer <>
Moesehoejvej 23C DK - 2820 Charlottenlund. Denmark, + 45 39 65 72 65 -
Rosenberg (?) family from Lodz. Ggrandfather, Shia Yonah, wife, Feige. Two brothers came to US, Nehemia and Avrum. Came thruNova Scotia via England where they had a sister, then to NY . One brother went to Cleveland, O. Other brother went to San Francisco and then Tacoma . There were older brothers. I don't know their names. They came to NYC in 1901
Joan Lipsey <>
789 Hammond Drive Apt. 3203 Atlanta, GA 30328, 404-843-1859 
Interesting page, my grandmother came from Lodz, name Morgenveg, married to Reinhold Spliehs. They had a Gardener Shop. Looking for my roots, if anyone know anything, please mail. Rgds Hugo Spliehs
Hugo Spliehs <>
Kopmansvagen 58 S-14143 HUDDINGE,Sweden, +4687118565 -
Nice Job ! I'm surprised to find my name on the Web. My Grandfather, Fiszel Goldsztajn, comes from Lodz (or not far from it). He's born 1921 and went to Belgium just before WWII.
Joachim Goldsztajn <>
Avenue G.E. Lebon 112 bte 7 B-1160 Brussels Belgium, 00 32 2 734 39 86 -
Excellent. I lived in the Ghetto from Apr 1940 until Aug 15, 1944 Please get in touch.
Victor Breitburg (formerly Szlamek V. Braitburg) <>
15 Spoke Lane Levittown, NY 11756 U.S.A. (Formerly 11go Listopada 58 Lodz Poland) , (516) 796-1254 -
I will be appreciate to get the name and address of the Archives in Poland, which can provide Death Certificate , City Directory , Censuses any information and instruction to search by myself and get documents, if you can recommend me about any researcher from Poland ready to search, and do the best work for good fee, many thanks, very important to instruct and refer the visitor to search by themselves to get a real information . pnina nir
pnina nir <,il>
44 dror str, rishon leziyon, israel 75269 , 972-3-9660076 -
Thank you so much for responding to my request. I love genealogy and will be continuing my research. We have in common the last names Szefner, Ozer(Oer), Berger & Kohn all from Poland (mostly pre 1900). I will be looking into possible relations. I do know many of the families married cousins and im still trying to sort some of it out. Thanks for your help & Ill keep in touch. Dorene
Dorene Silberman - Bove <>
61 Carroll Ave Valley Stream NY 11580, 516-285-4492 -
Looking for an ancestor who was probably buried in the OLD Jewish cemetery in Lodz. Name (anglicized) was Clements. I have been told CLEMAK in Polish or something similar. Also looking for any ancestors called Greenstein (or similar) in Lodz
Parents from Radaschutz, [Radoszyce] Poland near Lodz. Mother: Mary (Manya)Miletzky nee Machtinger with relatives in Lodz.
Harry Mills (Miletzky) <>
I am looking for my father. David Theodore Flaum born in Minnesota approx. 1028. If you can help THANK YOU
Candice Miller <>
3120 Uno Cr Anchorage, Ak 99507, 907-344-3446 -
I am trying to locate my great-great grandfather who was born in Germany and was once living in Pittsburgh, PA. The only name I have for him was Martin Berger.
Sandra Berger <>
Hi I've been looking for people with the names Rajski and Wielkiewicz they where from Austria need help I've looked everywhere please help
Annette Pelton <>
RR 1 Box 292 Morrisdale Pa 16858, -
Many of your surnames have a similar ring to them as my English versions. I am researching BROWN from Kalisz, KROLIK from Silesia, KROLIK from Kempen, Germany. Names I continually run across in my research are KARP, FRANKFURTER, COHEN, ISSACS, GOLDSTINE. Immigrated to Detroit, Michigan; upwards to Winnepeg, Canada; downwards to Guatemala; and in between to San Francisco, California.
Debbie Neville <>
1810 Hummock Lane Encinitas, CA 92024, (760)436-0292 -
My grandma was Matilda Grace Berger born in early 1900's and her brother Walter Berger. There was supposed to be another child given up for adoption, how can I find out if there is or was another sibling.??? HELP
Kathleen Russell-Rizzo <>
My mother's family name is Rosenvasser from Lodz. Just yesterday I was at the Mormon FHC in New York researching records. I ran out of time before I could look at the marriage record of Aron R. to Ryfka Bergier. The other three Rosenvasser marriages listed by LDS are all in my family (my gggf and his siblings), but if Aron's father was Moska, then he is not directly in my line, but maybe a more distant relation. Do you have any more details about him or Rosenvassers in general?
michael kaufman <>
212-236-6060 (w) -
My grandfather's name was Louis Berger. Sometime in the early 1920's the family changed its name to Bergere. We have very little information about my grandfather's family. He married Ann Feeney in in the late 1800's or early 1900's and lived in NYC. They had five children Kenneth, Vivian, Isabelle, Josephine and Warren. Warren is my father. All are living except for Kenneth who passed away in the early 1960's. It is thought that after Louis married Ann ,an Irish Catholic, he distanced himself from his family. It is also thought that Louis's parents emigrated from Poland. Other details: Louis is buried in a large Jewish cemetery in NYC( maybe Brooklyn or Queens). My brother Allen and sister Rori are very interested in our family history. If you think we may be descendants of the Berger Family of Lodz, Poland I can see if more detail can be provided to you such as dates, locations, as well as other relationships. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Brian Bergere
Brian Bergere <>
4922 Heathgate Dr New Albany OH 43054, 614 -939- 9765 -
I have been trying to obtain information on the family of my granddaughter, her grandfather escaped the war but his entire family were murdered, his father was Willi Cohn or Kohn he was a Dr eye specialist surgeon in what used to be Koenigsberg east Prussia
dawn coughlan <>
252 Long Gully Rd Healesville, Victoria, 3777, Australia, ( 03 59624531 -
Just visiting your site to learn about Berger from Poland. My family lived in the area of Goldap, East Prussia, today Poland. They were protestants who were driven out of Salzburg/Austria beginning of 1700 and went to the east. Apparently there is no family relation with yours. Regards, KVB
Klaus V. Berger <>
Heinheimerstr. 2 D-64289 Darmstadt Germany, -
8107 SW 72 AVE #309 e MIAMI, FL 33143, 305-377-5339 -
Will you please let me know if this klinger family is connected to your family: 1. Szmul Josel Klinger (Klingier) b.1873 in Piotrkow Trybunalski d. c1942 Shoah. m. Dwoira Landau (1873-c1942) had a glassware store in Piotrkow. 2.....Jankiel Jacob Klinger b.1901 Piotrkow d.1960 Paris m. Ruchla laja Warszauer in Paris 3...............Maurice Klinger b.1929 in Paris Meir Gover
Meir G. gover <>
Ganey-Yehuda Israel, 972-3-534-4288 -
My maternal grandfather was Samuel Berger. He was born in "Austria" in 1905. He came to the United States supposedly when he was one. His parents were Jacob Berger and Sarah (Firshner) Berger. They all settled in Rochester, NY. Thank you.
209 Greystone Lane, #3 Rochester, NY 14618, (716) 242-9169 -
very interesting being from lodz. I appreciate it.
eli kurtz
Looking for ancestors of Josef Earnest Kohn from Meglets Austria. Immigrated around 1882 to New York. Josef's father may have Levi. Josef had two older sisters , one Rose Kohn. Do you have any connections?
Peggy Kohn <>
I was in Lodz ghetto from March 1940 to its liquidation in August 1944 Before the war I lived on Piotrkowska St 116 in the house pictured # 19 in your Lodz pictures
Lili Susser <>
Pueblo Co , (719) 564-7566 -
as you can see my name is thresher but i am looking for my husbands decendants all i know is his granfather was samual cohen but it was origanally cozins can you help from carol thresher.
carol ann thresher <>
107a avon way portishead,britol.england. bs20 9lt, 01275 845557 -
Hertzel Mordecai Gorlitsky <GILBERTENT@AOL.COM>
2256 SMULLIAN TRAIL S. jACKSONVILLE, FLA. 32217, 904-733-5058 -
Looking for info on Isidore Fishman b. 4-30-1895 in Lodz. He came to US in 1912. May have had a brother named Harry or Louis b. 1898. Father's name unknown. He returned to Poland in 1920's. Any help is appreciated! PS GREAT SITE!
Rita Ashley Fishman <>
Phoenix, AZ, -
i am the child of holocaust survivors. my father was frm a small town next to lodz called seratz(spelling?) [Sieradz] are we related?
sam rogozinski <>
Bardzo uwaznie przeczytalem Wasze strony, godna inicjatywa.Male trudnosci z regionalnymi informacjami like from Szczercow, Belchatow, Piotrkow itp.Zachencam i prosze o dalsze uzupelnienia. Yours sincerely Gabriel
Gabriel Saluk <>
8/13 Hemmings Street Penrith 2750 NSW Australia, +61 247226946 -
Am looking for Bartosiks from Wielka Wies and Raczkowski from Zgierz. I was born in Lodz in 1941.
Miro Merfeld (Miroslaw Bartosik) <>
112 Bonnie Blvd Hudson, Ia 50643, -
my grandparents came from poland during early 1900's. My last name is not a common Jewish name. I was hoping to link up with anyone who knows of this name or possibly meeting some long lost relatives. My grandparents came from minsk and pinsk which was part of poland before the war. Thank you very much.
chwatuk, gary <>
my grandfather is from lodz. his name was bezalel (solly) wajs. may grandmother was from radoszyce. her name was zelda wajs. her mothers name was litman.
wajs gabriel <>
mythenquai 26 8002 zurich switzerland, ##4179 354 8251 -
My father was born in Lodz in 1898 and emigrated to Buenos Aires in 1930 for the PKO. The surname might have been spelt Gelbsztain. Most of his family died in the Holocaust except for one brother who I believe escaped from Majdanek after the war stayed in Lodz under the new name of Stanislaw Krysztoporski. The french widow of one of the brothers Aaron (Mme Francette Gelbstein) died in Haifa in the 1980s. Would certainly like to know more about any of these relatives.
eduardo gelbstein <>
My maternal grandmother's family lived in Lodz. The families were TOPOREK and LITMANOWICZ. I'm doing research on these families.
Marcos Frid <>
Thank you for sharing this with us and for making a link to my site.. My mother's maiden name was Ruchla Laya Boruchowicz, born in Przedborz circa 1865. Are we related?
Nachman Libeskind <>
I write to a guy in Lodz, and I wanted to see photos of the city, and there were lots.
Karen Braun <>
everything was great, thanks,.. I was looking for contact to Ms.Barbara Celler and I was happy reading about Nachman Libeskind. thanks,... still looking for contact to Ms.Barbara Celler..
Elizabeth Jassem <>
3040 Constitution Blvd., Suite 144 Missisauga, ON L4Y 3X7 Canada, 905. 566 0158 -
Wonderful home page! My mother is a Bergier. My grandfather (Isaac Moises Bergier) was born in Lodz in 1923
Eduardo Bergier Rogienfisz <>
Rua Nascimento Silva 262-Ipanema-Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brazil, 55-21-5215820 -
Wonderful home page! My mother is a Bergier My grandfather (Isaak Moises Bergier) was borned in Lodz in 1923 [Berger]
Eduardo Bergier Rogienfisz <>
Rua Nascimento Silva 262-Ipanema-Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brazil, 52158209 -
Congratulations for your site "LODZ",though all my family is from Alsace,France,I enjoyed your site very much and learned a lot trough reading it.
Terry Zakine-Cerf <>
Sde-Nahum Israel, (00972)6-60.66.638 -
My father was born in LODZ in 1901. The family name was something like Sptiovsky but changed to Kahn when they came to America when he was about 12 years old. His mother was a Laib. We have an envelope addressed to the family in Paterson, NJ.. from a Laib relative having the return address of # 8/12 Franciszkanska St., in 1913. The Kahn family ran a silk mill both in Lodz and in Paterson.
Hildy Sanders <>
Baltimore, MD 21208, (410)484-9392 -
Thank you for your wonderful contribution to Genealogy and to those of us whose relatives lived and died in Lodz.
Thekla Stein Nordwind <>
I am delighted to find this wonderful site and thank you and all those responsible for making it available. Question: Was the town of Lodz in the Province of Kalish/z? 
Ena & Jacobs < >
2275 West 25 Street, #199 Palos Verdes Shore San Pedro, California 90732-4932, 310-548-4349 -
I was born in Ostralenka,Poland in 1925, came to the US in 1929. My mothers maiden name was Dorfman and my father was Joseph Benedon. Looking for relatives or any HELP. Thanks
Irving and Vicky Benedon <> [Ostroleka]
4365 Live oak Blvd. Palm Harbor Flo. 34685, 727-7866400 
Congratulations on the creation of your wonderful new website. Although I have no known connections to Lodz, I appreciate the amount of work that went into the site and am looking forward to reading through the information provided. Susan Ronayne
Susan Ronayne <>
New Hampshire, USA, -
Good heavens, Shirley! Your Web site on Lodz is absoluting staggering! Do you think you've left anything out? I doubt it. It's going to take me all year to finish looking at it. Congratulations. Your cousin--Marjorie
Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld <>
4793 Flying Cloud Way Carlsbad, CA 92008 , 760-434-2719 -
Hi, I didn't see any reference to the name MARTIN in your pedigree. Do you have any info on MARTIN? Also, did any of your "K" names shorten their name to KAY(E)? Thank you, Patty
Patty Tyler <>
Congratulations on a beautiful project!
Rita Wachsberg Miller <>
5239 Imogene St. Houston, TX 77096 USA , -
Congratulations on a most comprehensive website. A wonderful tribute to our past.
Zvi Green <>
PO Box 240 Elkana 44814 Israel, +972 3 9362 171 -
Congratulations on the launch of the Website! The Lodz Website is now reality as it dissolves the shadows of a forgotten homeland and joins a "Virtual Poland" of no longer lost Jewish communities. With Many Thanks, Philip Lazar
Philip Lazar <>
My maternal BERGER line starts out in Pietkowo. Sora BERGER married Mendel Josel BERGER and had many children. Max left Lomza Gubernia in 1884 for NYC and was followed by Sarah in 1888. She came with the first four kids. I have ship docs for all of this data and more. Sarah had a sister Rifka (Rebecca) who married a man named Solomon PHILLIPS in Poland and had one child before thay came to NYC in abt 1885. They ended up in Chicago for the 1900 census with ten kids. If this connects to any BERGERs you know please let me know Lenny
Len Pincus <>
23856 Corte Emerado Murrieta, CA 92562, 909-600-2777 -
My paternal grandparents, Wilhelm and Aranka MOTZEN were deported from Vienna to the Lodz Ghetto on 28th October 1941. From there they are listed as having left on 10th May 1942. In the Ghetto, they lived at 14/Nord26. Does anybody have relatives who lived in the same area and who knows what happened next?!
Peter Motson <>
FAX: 00 44 1923 835922 -
i'm hoping to my own tree on the internet
sol goldberg <>
4850 cote st luc rd. apt. 95 montreal, canada. h3w2h2, (514) 486-5222 -
To Shirley Flaum -This is a remarkable piece of research. I looked through your names as you suggested but did not find any that fit the names of the people I know. These names are Szampanier (Champanier), Frisch and Cohen (but everyone has a Cohen in his/her family, right???) Good luck with your research. I'll keep searching and if you come across either the Szampanier or Frisch names, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you. Elaine Farran
Elaine Farran <>
522 Shore Road, #1F Long Beach, New York 11561 , 516.432.6510 -
I'm surprised to see my name in yourlist. So, I'd like to understand the relations between me and you... Thank you
Pacanowski Brigitte <>
Thank you for this. Do you know where I might find information on the Kiron Family?
Leslianne Braunstein <>
4310 42nd St., N.W. Washington, DC 20016, -
any can emailme how i can take a free look of the lodz and ozorkow microfilms,because i find data there,are there available on line?in some website? thank you very much from argentine dont forget that in argentine was many people from lodz i live in a textil are developed by lodz people,the area is named villa lynch and villa piaggio,now the industrie is not the same,times change,take a look in argentine phone books,you can go in there trought my website good luck
jorge mondrowitz <>
calle 24 #3266 san martin buenos aires argentina, 54-1-4-713-0206 -
Jael Rawet <>
I believe some of my family came from Lodz. Name was Grunsang(umlout over the u) now Greenzang
Norman Laefer <>
I enjoyed reading about your family. My great-grandfather was also in the textile business but on a very small scale. He had a few looms in his house and employed a few men. He perished in the ghetto. I have been trying to find out more information but have not have much success. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you - Elaine
Elaine Farran <>
522 Shore Rd, #1F Long Beach, NY, -
Any information on Marks Purim Grossman of Polish/German background imigrated to N.Y., then San Francisco about or before 1852. Married Eva Sundland ? on spelling.
Reed Glover <>
1284 Aloha Oe Drive Kailua, Hi. 96734, -
Do you have any members in your family background called Henig/Henik, Deresh/Deresz, and/or Karger/Kargier?
Mr Ulf Cahn <>
Siljansvagen 61 S-120 57 Arsta SWEDEN, +46-8-667 6770 -
My great -grandmother, was Eva Berger and she had three sisters and one brother: Eva Berger Tichauer was born March 10, 1868 in Neudorg, Germany. Her sisters were: Dobsha Berger Tichauer (Dobsha and eva Married two brothers: Leo and Simon Tichauer respectively.), Regina Berger Zernik, Fanny Berger Singer and one brother, David Berger. If this fits in anywhere please let me know. Thank you, Michelle Tichauer Fanwick
Michelle Tichauer Fanwick <>
251 Wolfpit Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851-2642, 203 847-6900
I was in Ghetto Lodz from March 6,1940 to it's liquidation in Aug.1944. Lost my whole family and friends
Lili Susser <>
2117 Hollywood Dr. Pueblo, Co, 719-564-7566 -
I will be appreciate if you be able to assist me to find the heirs of Joseph and David Berger from Lodz , they were there on 1931, any instruction to trace their heirs , will be appreciate. Pnina
Pnina Nir <>
972-3-9664278 -
I will be appreciate if you be able to assist me to find the heirs of Joseph and David Berger from Lodz , they were there on 1931, any instruction to trace their heirs , will be appreciate. Pnina
Pnina Nir <>
972-3-9664278 -
Nice work.
Len Pincus <>
Murrieta, CA, -
I am a descendent of the Zand family of Lodz Poland. My grandparents lived at #14 Zgierska St. until 1929 when they came to The U.S. My grandfathers twin Yagda, and his two sisters Hannah, and Eta Zand-Nymul never left Poland. My great grandfather Meyer Yechial owned a Bar and restaurant in Lodz. You have a wonderful site!
M. S. Rothman, 24437 S.E. 46th Pl. Issaquah WA 98029, 425-557-3761
To commemorate my fathers passing so that my children never forget.
Seymour Weintraub <>
Mr. Seymour Weintraub,Box 174 ,Queen Charlotte ,British Columbia,Canada, 1-888-559-8383 -
A friend of mine is trying to trace a Raisla Berger - perhaps you can help
vera mecl <>
64 -9th Street Orange Grove, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa., (011) 728-4201 -
i was here searching data for my familytree,mondrowitz family located in start in ozorkow and lodz,poland see you later and good luck
jorge madrowicz <>
calle 24 #3266 (cp 1650) san martin buenos aires argentina,
Excellent website, full of interesting and useful information. My g-g-grandmother was Mindla Goldstajn. She married Jozef Szybke (Shibko) and they lived in Poddebice, near Lodz, in the 1870s. I know nothing at all about her - any possible connection?
Jacqueline Gill <>
82 Wayland Ave., Brighton, E. Sussex BN1 5JN, U.K., 01273-559468
just looking, found your web page through jewishgen. site my grandmother is from Lodz and I will be back
arthur weinstein <>
7740 afton drive, richmond, b.c. canada v7a 1a4, 604-271-4280 -
Don't have enough know if there's any connection with our Cohen, but will keep your details on file and get back in touch if anything else comes to light. Your page is impressive and I'm sure some of your sources will be helpful to me too. Thanks and good luck. Angela.
Angela Brice <>
I am looking for descendents of my father's family. My father was Samuel Bigeleisen. His family was from Gombin Poland. My father was born in 1921 and was, as far as we know, the only suvivor of his immediate family.
Mindy S. Prosperi <>
320 County Route 105 Highland Mills, NY 10930, 914-928-8211 -
Oron Schwartz <>, -
Very interesting - my later father, Abram Ichok KRONENBERG is suppposed to have been born in Lodz in 1912 (to William Jabob K and Ruth Fish - ?Spelling), but I have not been able to establish this from Australia.
Vernon Kronenberg <>
Fiszel David Warga (Berger to the descendants when they came to Canada and America), born 1860's, a chassidic rabbai, married Rachel Leah Price, an ancestor of mine. Her 3 brothers were Hershel Price (my ggf) who married Blima Weizman, cousin to Chaim), etc. The family tree for their descendants can be found in the BETEL family tree (5000 names, many are Berger)which I can get a copy of.
david price <>
My family name is also BERGER but we came from Pietkowo in 1888 and settled in NYC. Have you ever come across any BERGERs from that shtetl?
Len Pincus <>
909-600-2777 -
You've done a great job compiling this information. I found it difficult reading due to width of page.....needed to keep scrolling. A nuisance but worth the trouble.
Rita Jacobs <>
S.Royalton, Vermont, -
You've done a great job compiling this information. I found it difficult reading due to width of page.....needed to keep scrolling. A nuisance but worth the trouble.
Rita Jacobs <>
S.Royalton, Vermont, 802/763-7716 -
An impressive research project. How may I find the sources for some of your "articles" on Lodz? Have you translated any of them?
Keren Hamburger <Keren@artnet>
You have done a very good job. I enjoyed visiting this site.
Naomi Fatouros <>
1350 Southdowns Drive Bloomington, IN 47401, 812-339-2527 -
Searching for Smolenski (Smolinsky) of Vilna. Schmerel Smolinsky and his wife Scheindle Kursansky with their child- ren Lazar Velvel, Harry (?), Baile, and Gittel left Vilna about 1885 or so.
Carol Streem <>
27106 Halburton Road, Beachwood, Ohio 44122, 216-561-9219 -
a superbly presented page
Lawrence Berg <>
The Garden Flat 28. Southwood Lawn Road Highgate. London N6 5SF, (44) 181 341 6877 -
thanks for this site and the many links, helpful to my search
jutta rubright <>
2643 newport road, solon, iowa usa, -
This was very interesting. I have just begun a similar study. My mother lived in Grodno, and my father in Kovel. Your resources have given me many good ideas. Thank you.
Richard Sandler <>
I am currently searching for my grandmother, Fredl Kranz, who married Shmuel Inventarz (possibly died 1940) - she had 6 children and died about 1920, and lived in Poltusk, and moved around a bit (she once moved to London, England, but I am told she thought the city was treif and so left, returning to Poland). It's probably a long shot, but if this rings a bell, please contact me at my e-mail address. Thanks Fran
Francine Earle <>
171 Chelwood Drive, Thornhill, Ontario, Cda L4J 7C5, 905 738 6377 -
My mother is from Oswiecim and knew the zolmans. They were neighbors in the same building!
George Frankel <GRF100@AOL.COM>
I have made one print out to log to the Warszawski family
René Loeb <>
POB 2774 CH-8021 Zurich/Switzerland, 0041 79 355 07 33 (Handy) -
Kestenberg Isaac
Isaac Kestenberg <>
New York, -
Thanks for the above. My father was also in the Lodz Ghetto and I found you page from the guest book on my home page. Thanks again
Shlomie Riachman <>
32 Woodlands Close London NW11 9QR, 44 181 458 2708 -
Great site!! Wish you had my families, dunkiel, Zysblat, Kaplan, Kenigsberg
Evan Stolbach <>
! Bedford Road, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442, 973-839-4045 -
My family emigrated from Lodz to Paterson, NJ around 1920. My grandfather was Joseph Pabjansky. He owned a seltzer factory in Lodz. He fled Poland after an altercation with a Russian or German soldier in 1917. He was married to Ita Tempelhoff, my grandmother, in Lodz in 1897. I have been unable to find anything about the family prior to that date.
Louis Pabian <>
2 Highgate Rd. Trumbull, CT06611, 203-261-4869 -
Looking for the family Pankowski originating in Lodz
Simcha Glaser <>
61 Derech Hebron, Jerusalem 93546, 02-6717759 -
Have you ever heard of an area of Lodz called Panabec. Not sure of spelling of Panabec. [Pabianice]
B Levine <>
Thank you. You have revealed a few new sources to me. I visited Lodz in the summer of 1998.
Arthur S. Abramson <>
43 Timber Dr. Storrs Mansfield, CT 06268, (860) 429-1141 -
Great site! Thanks for the info on Lodz.
Dan Kazez <>
Glad to see your efforts at bringing together family. In a little broader sense all Jews are family. (In the broadest sense all humans are family). But what you are doing is not trite but a way of reviving with memory what the Holocaust tried to destroy completely.
Daniel Sampson Berger <>
6655 Lawnton Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19126, 215-927-2896 -
Interested in any news on Lodz inhabitants Steinhart, Fuks, Janowsky who perished in the Lodz ghetto with one Steinhart exception. Note that Email address corrections, thanks.
Fritz Neubauer <>
Do you have any information on the town of Glowno, about 15 miles north east of Lodz? or where I can find material on Glowno? Searching Szmurio from Glowno and Lodz Any help greatly apprciated. Allan Schwartz
Allan Schwartz <>
18 Russo Dr. Hamden, CT. 06518 , 203-248-0327 -
this is one terrific page. Thanks for including all the sources of information. I am going to try to use most of them. Thank you again! You've already been a great help to me. Julie
julie WAters-Barcomb <>
Libby, MT, -
I had a quick look - you've done a lot of work!!! Thanks 4 your e-mail. Regards Morris Broder
Morris Broder <>
Melbourne, Australia , -
I saw your web page listing thru JGFF and saw you were looking for GREENBERG, New York. I have many relatives in NY that were GREENBERG from Sulwalki, Poland, originally GRIMSANSKI or GREMZFIANSKI. Just wondering what your connection was to GREENBERG.
ileana payne <>
I have been in touch with you within the past day or two. Hope to be in contact with you soon.
David Cohen <>
1300C NW29th Ave Delray Beach Fl 33445, 561 278 1285 -
I was really hoping that I might have found some type of information regarding my family geneology in this webpage. Unfortunately I did not, as I believe my last name was originated in Germany where my grandfather was born. Albert Asher (Usha) Berger. My family had to leave due to persecution and not many survived. My grandfather (deceased) has a sister and she is the only other survivor of his family other then their offspring. I will continue my search and have enjoyed reading yours.
Tanya Berger <>
PO BOX 21061 Tampa, FL 33622, 813-214-5476 -
My end of Berger Family has been traced only back to 1865 in Sudilkov in the Ukraine. Located about 123 miles SE of Kiev , near Shepatovka. I have been unable to go back beyond that point out of being tied up in other matters. My papers for refernce are not availbale at this time. I will however go back into them and provide you with what I have put together. It is not impossible (nothing every is) that we do have a common thread.
Bernard J> Berger <>
14823 Cumberland Drive Delray Beach, FL 33446-1320, 561-496-2196 -
My name is Charles Silow, my mother's maiden name was Sara Parzenczewska from Lodz. She had two sisters, Malka and Bluma (I believe) who were killed in the Holocaust. Her father's name was Yechiel Parzenczewska, her mother's name was Raizel Viazovski Parzenczewska. I'll ask my mother for more information. Perhaps your "Wisczowski" is our Viasovsky (my phonetic pronounciation). Let's talk further.. [Wiazowkski, Parzenczewski]
Charley Silow <DrChazz @>
Shirley: Let me congratulate you on an excellent Web Page. I will keep the several references to Goldsztajn on file. There is a fair chance that there is a connection with my Goldsztajn ancestor in Piotrkow Trybunalski which is about 20 miles southwest of Lodz. Len Markowitz
Leonard Markowitz <>
1279 June Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-8405, -
I have a brother named Yoram Sela. E-Mail
Abraham Zolberg <>
23 Shmariahu-Levin, Holon 58414 Israel, +972-3-558-1996 -
I found your site by chance and realized we are lansman. My Father was from Lodz but more important to You is that I have a close friend whose Mother's maiden name is .PARSENCZEWSKI [Parzenczewski] . I will ask my friend about some names in his family and connect him with your site. I also made a miricle connection with a Flam Family from Lodz. They are friends of ours. If this could be a connection I could put you in touch with them. Great Work! I admire what you have done. Sincerely, David
David Oliwek <>
24535 W.Thirteen Mile Rd. Franklin, MI 48025, 248-626-6954 -
Very well done- clear, concise and readable.Interesting idea to only list deceased persons.
George Trief <>
Delray Beach. Fl, 561-495-5389 -
I am always interested in Jewish Genaology and I am trying to find the Viukers from Vilna.
Susan Viuker Landau <>
researching Berger who settled in Wimington,DE in 1900
Jay Smith <>
My father's name was Gershon Kohn, born 1916 in Plock Poland. His father was Hersh Josef, born about 1880 in Poland. Hersh Josef had at least 2 brothers, one of which was named Fischel. My father is no longer alive and other than himself and two cousins, Adam and Moishe, we know of no other survivors of his family. I was intrigued by the reference to Kohn surname is your Webpage. I hope one day to be able to gather enough information about my family that I can pass it on to my children. Thank you for posting your listing, I appreciated being able to read it.
Evelyn Rayson <>
3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 302 Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N2 Canada, (416) 630-5600 -
I envy you the details you have on your family! I'm attempting to do somewhat the same for my (Lodz) relatives. I'd like to know how you managed access to the Lodz records- I'm just a beginner at this and would appreciate info on how you went about it. What I know right now is that the family of Smuel Rosenzweig lived in Lodz around 1850....I don't know how to use the LDS records to further my research.
Julie Waters-Barcomb <>
Thank you for your efforts. My family groups from Lodz are through my Mother Ruth Haase who was born in Lodz. Her father's family names were Haase and Seidel. Her mother's family names were Goldberg and Lichtenstein.
Michael Haase Siporin <>
623 Oakdale Avenue Corte Madera, CA. 94925, (415) 945-0152 -
Congratulations on an excellent home page and thorough supporting research.
Jan Engel <>
Did you look at my Berger tree? It's in the shtetlink part of jewishgen, under Zmigrod. Although I can see no connection, I did see some of the same names --- my GF was Wolf, he had a brother Jonah, a cousin Haskel, his mother was Brandel, his wife Zlate. They must have been common names. Brandel was a Morgenstern, and Zlate a Spiro. We'll just have to keep plugging away. You've been able to get further back than I. There's always the possibility that if I can get back further, a connection could show up. Best regards, Bea
Bea Chesler <BChesler>
My mother born Pera ZAK , is a friend from childhood of Mr. Kowarsky; they were both born in Sventsyany. Mr. Kowarsky is still alive in Paris, with a daughter.
Sejourne, Max <>
looking for records of my father's family - Gelbart my grandfather was a Barber-Surgeon circa 1884
Eric Gilbert <>
UK, -
Great job!
Julie Bier Henley <>
1612 Wilmington Avenue Richmond, Va 23227 , 804/358-9335 -
Great site. It is an inspiration! I have been researching the Rosenkranc family from Kutno,Poland in the Lodz district. My Grandfather assumed the name Cohen at some point . One of his uncles married a Syzmanowicz. The other names I am researching are as follows: Grduk,Grosmernow, Asz or Asch, Frzley, Harris Any information would be appreciated. I am part of a larger group researching Kutno. Does anyone have any information as to where to look for any religious Synagogue articles that may have survived. Specifically Torahs,Prayer books etc. Martha
Martha Goldberg <>
180 East End Avenue 12F NY NY 10128, 212-988-2106 -
I have been researching the Rosenkranc family from Kutno,Poland in the Lodz district. My Grandfather assumed the name Cohen at some point . One of his uncles married a Syzmanowicz. The other names I am researching are as follows: Grduk, Grosmernow, Asz or Asch, Frzley, Harris Any information would be appreciated. I am part of a larger group researching Kutno. Does anyone have any information as to where to look for any religious Synagogue articles that may have survived. Specifically Torahs, Prayer books etc. Martha
Martha Goldberg <>
180 East End Avenue 12F NY NY 10128, 212-988-2106 -
Very interesting web sight, congradulations on what must have been a lot of hard work. My family was also called Berger and my G.Grand Father came from Lipsk ( now Bellorusk) and migrated to the US early this century. so I wonder if there is any family connection ? Would be interested to hear from you Best Regards Lawrence Berg
Lawrence Berg <>
The Garden Flat 28. Southwood Lawn Road. Highgate. London N6 5SF, (44) 181 341 6877 -
Looking for Lodz references for 1840's for my Landau's
Donald A Jaffaq <DJaffa@Bunt.Com>
CMR 438 Box 952 APO AE 09111-0952, 0049 671 609 6135 -
Thanks for the posting on JRI. My gf from Lodz -- Izrael LEJZEROWICZ - ca. 1868 gm from nearby Tuszyn -- Estera COLA - ca. 1870
Philip Lazar <>
Morton Grove, IL, -
Simon Grunbaum son of Abraham and Hannah left Lodz for Sweden and married Chaya Levin there. Two children Jacob and Sara were born in Landskroner then they left for the USA in August 1916 and settled in Joliet, Illinois. Their descendants lived in Cleveland and Akron and now are all over the country. Also know of a Wishogrodsky family from Lodz whose descendants live in Israel. know of a Wishogrodsy family from Lodz now living in Israel.
Carol Streem <>
21706 Halburton Road, Beachwood, Ohio 44122, 216-561-9219 -
A clean,concise neat, job, worthy of emulation! Just correct your misspelling of "GENEALOGY."
Naomi Fatouros <>
1350 Southdowns Drive Bloomington, IN 47401, 812-339-2527 -
Good job, congratulations. I have some interest in Lodz as several branches of my family originate from there as well. One remark concerning Layzer and Hanny Wdowa Matzonkij: The word "wdowa" or "widowa" is not a name, it means "widow" in Polish. And the word "Matzonkij" is probably the often encountered term "malzonki" which follows the surname of a wife and simply means "wife", thus it is not a surname either. Best regards, Daniel
Daniel Wagner <>
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100, +972 8 934 2594 -
Do you know of Priscilla Berger, born in 1876 and died in Winnipeg in 1951. She was the wife of Samuel Rosner, and the mother of my aunt Freda and her three sisters one of whom was Sadye, married to Samuel Bronfman, who owned Seagrams. I don't know where the Rosners came from, but they lived in Plum Coulee, Manitoba, around the turn of the century.
Paul Silverstone <>
330 West 58th Street New York, NY 10019, -
Thanks for sharing this information!
Debbie Goldfogel <>
P.O. Box 4583 Englewood CO 80155, 303-877-0801 -
Interesting but I can't connect.
Len Pincus <>
23856 Corte Emerado Murrieta, CA 92562, 909.600.2777 -
Dear Shirley Congratulations for the wonderful job. As I have told you it's impressive. I think my father's grandfather was or Icek or Iciek Mordka I will write you as soon as possible. Alberto Bergier [Berger]
Rua Nascimento Silva 224/301 - Ipanema Rio de Janeiro RJ 22421-020 Brazil, 55 21 2876078 -
My father was from Lodz Poland he himself was a survivor and so is my mother,my father past away 13 yrs. ago just found some cousins from his mother's side, trying to find some from his father's side,but Schwartz is so common just had a reunion with 44, 2nd and 3rd cousins it was great and very emotional thank you for your time bye sherry
sherry (Schwartz) Schernbeck <>
7708 Greenland Pl. Cincinnati Ohio 45237, (513)761-4928 -
Very interesting: so clearly prepared. Afraid I don't recognise any of the names. My uncle, Shmuel Hochenberg, together with his wife and (5) children apparently perished in or around Lodz in the 1940s. To date, we have been unable to trace any links. Any help/clues would be greatly appreciated.
Moshe Hochenberg <>
London, England, -

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