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I am trying to trace someone called Klaus Meyer who produced a picture called "family photograph 1942" I came across your page by chance doing a search. As it happens I know Lodz quite well best wishes Maureen Casey, Devon England
maureen casey <maureen.casey@btinternet>

Tremendous site.
judi hirshberg ALLEN <>
1232 High Bluff Drive Largo, Florida 33770, -
A wonderful site, Thank you ! I'm trying to find any information on my grandfather Morris Berger...The only thing I know is that his family was from Lodz, and he was related in some way to the Kohn's. He was married to Mollie Levy, who had a sister Lena. He came to New York in 1905 (?) and died around 1922. Thank you anyone for any information!
Sandra Berger Fernandez <>
I have only been researching my family history since July. I have discovered that my Great Great Grandfather, Jacob Etgart (although perhaps originally spelt differently in Polish) was born in Lubien in May 1848. His wife, Hannah (Anna) Moritz, was born in Chodiz (probably Chodecz) also in 1848. They emigrated to London in the 1860s. I wonder how I might go about locating their Polish records. I also have the names of Jacob's parents, David and Leah Etgart, and of his brothers, Morris and Meyer Etgart. I know of one brother for Hannah, Woolf Moritz. Any assistance would be appreciated. I am also encountering immense difficulties in establishing the derivation of the surname "Etgart" Others have suggested that in Polish it would be Edgard or Edgar. A professor who has published on the subject of Polish surnames, tells me Edgard or Etgart is not Polish. He thinks it Germanic. Do you have any information about the historical background for Lubien/Chodecz for the early to mid 1860s so I can try and understand the circumstances in which these people emigrated? Regards Ashley Kopitko (Mr)
Ashley Kopitko <>
London (020) 8954 5602 -
Haim Gal (Zand) <>
Haruv 7 Ashkelon, 08 6733029 -
i am looking for my family from Lodz. my father Karol Fuks was born in Lodz(13/01/1923), being in the getto and live in Israel. e has relative living in US roth Fuks born in Lodz 15/01/1915
Amir Fuchs(Fuks) <>
Alexander Zaid 50a Kyriat Haim 26300, 972-4-8724210 / 972-54-434787 -
looking for relatives JONITZ family from Radzymin (Lodz) in Poland
szeps annie & beatrice <kashli@>
israel , O9: 8349614 -
In fact, my mother's maiden name was Fajersztajn, Griner the name of my natural father who died in Auschwitz; Rozencwajg the name of my adoptive father, all from Lodz. I was born in the concentration camp at Zittau, 18 April, 1945, three weeks before liberation.
Esther Griner Fajersztajn, Hockenstein <>
35 Inglewood Dr. Montreal, Quebec. H9B1B9 Canada, 514-683-2878 -
The entire website is wonderful. My maternal grandfather, Lazar Dinsky, a published Yiddish poet, was born in Lodz. His father was a learned man who wrote petitions on behalf of illiterate men who were attempting to avoid the draft. He left Poland at age 16 and went to Berlin for a brief time and from there Paris where he remained for about 5 or 6 years he left Europe for New York before the outbreak of World War I. I've been told he had a sister, but I'd like to find out more about his extended family, whether they perished or survived.
Nina Olson <>
733 Amsterdam Avenue #16A New York, New York 10025, -
My paternal ancestors migrated from Ozerkov [Ozorkow] and Zgierz, near Lodz, to Hull, England, about 1845: Reb Judah (ben Shimmon) Greenbaum (1800-1889) and his son Nathan (1837-1909). We don't know what happened to Reb Shimmon and the rest of the family who, we think, remained in the Ozerkow area.
Lionel Greer <>
excellent page
giselle cowan nee kon <>
86 17th st orange grove johannesburg 2192 south africa, 27 11 6404500 -
Markus Ickowicz <>
The greatest admiration for the work you all have done, and doing. things just don't happen, a lot of time is done by so few. best regards victor
Victor Breitburg <>
15 Spoke Lane Levittown, NY 11756, 516-796-1254 -
A very interesting site. I shall come back to look through it in more detail. I have Bernstein and Goldstein ancestors, and have visited Lodz about three or four times. I love the city! I have just finished reading the diaries of David Sierakowiak, a very touching book on the Ghetto in wartime. Best wishes
John Cowell <>
My grandfather lived in Lodz before WW II and I am interested in finding members of my family. If you know anything or anybody in the ROGOZINSKI family, I would love to hear from you.
Kari Rogozinski <>
Pembroke Pines, Florida, -
I am researching the Scholder family, originating in Lodz sometime about 1870. Thanks for posting your research!
Ed Janes <>
My Grandmother's last name is SZEPS and she is from Tomashov Majeweski [Tomaszow Mazowiecki], Poland. She had two brothers. My grandfather was Henry KANAR from KIELCE, Poland. I am their granddaughter and would love to hear from anyone who has any information! Both were in Auschwitz.
Amy Rosenberg <>
200 South East 15th Road, #4AMiami, Fl. 33129, 305-858-7898 -
I believe that you have some of the same descendants as mine. In America in the colonial days there were Bergers/Burgers and Wolf's in the same general German villages. I was raised by a Polish man, named Frank Kuklenski from Warsaw. I was happy to see the names on your pages are the same as I recognize on my genealogy and from family stories. My Dad told me that an old man named Wolf in Pennsylvania prophesied to him as the old man lay ill or dying. Here's my 50's Kids website:
Alana Campbell <>
5214 South 2nd AvenueEverett, Wa. 98203-4113 (USA), (425) 257-9511 -
My maiden name is Uberbaum and my father's family was from Lodz. My great grandfather was Simcha Uberbaum who was a chasidic rabbi in Lodz. Am assuming that he was somehow related to Izrael Uberbaum, but am not sure.
Ayala Gelbman <>
9292 S. Sand Hill TrailHighlands Ranch CO 80126, (303) 683-4745 -
My grandfather, Isaac Prashker was born in Zgierz or in Lodz in 1870 and emigrated to Brooklyn in 1906. I am looking for relatives.
Lynda Slater Arnberg <>
56 Rustic Gate Lane Dix Hills NY 11746, 631 491-1812 -
My parents fled Lodz to Russia to escape the brutal Nazi occupation started in 1939. My Grandparents, JACOB AND GITEL KRYGIER, and their children, SAMUEL (MY FATHER), JOSEPH, SARAH, CHIA, HERSCHEL, LEON and LEAH also fled. Miraculously they all survived. My mothers family was destroyed. Her maiden name is ESTHER SZYMKIEWICZ. Her father (ALBERT) and mother, CHANA GITEL (maiden name BREITBART) where from the Town of SKERNVICE [Skierniewice]. My mothers older brother LEON SZYMKIEWICZ went to New York before the war and Changed his name to LEON SHANE. MY mothers older sister GITEL WOLMAN, was a gynecologist and disappeared during the occupation. Also my mothers younger brother PINCHUS was said to have fled but we don't know where. My fathers family was originally from a small Polish town called NOVOMIASNA NA PILITSEH [Nowe Miasto nad Pilica] before they moved to LODZ. Thank you for creating and operating this site. I have carried my parents shtetel in my heart all my life and you have made it resonate into the living world.
David Krygier <>
240 Pumphill Gardens S.W. Calgary, Alberta, CanadaT2V-4M6, 403-253-8326 -
my great grandfather Jacob Levy, a slippermaker from Lodz, married Rosie Rosenblum and arrived in Hull in England in the 1890s. Their children were Annie (Cross) Esther, Joe, Perlie (collins) Netta and Rachel (my paternal grandmother). There was movement to USA and South Africa, though a few of our branch remain in UK. Any contact or information welcome. A brave site!
elaine moss <>
south devon, england, -
My Great Uncles and Aunts all died in the holocaust at a camp called Dachau. Luckily my Great Grandfather and Grandmother escaped, or I would not be here today. I would appreciate it if anyone could send me some information on the camp Dachau. (The one my Great Uncles and Aunts were killed in) I would really like to know. Thank you
Tyler <>
I am having a hard time finding info on my grandpa, but I am happy to see that many have been working on saving what is left with our roots. Thank you !
Gangler <>
Paris 75001 France, 33 -662113069 -
Thanks for providing this site. I am interested in researching my family. My father, Judah Rozenberg, was from Brzezin [Brzeziny]. His mother's maiden name was Hochenberg. My mother, Dina Rozenberg, was from Warsaw. Her maiden name was Spigel sometimes spelt Szpigel. Her mother was Sara Sucholoska. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Rosette Rozenberg <>
my father was born in Lodz in 1915,his name Morris Rosen, this was changed from Rosenzweig, his mother Yetta Rosen daughter of Rav Hirsch Pincus, my father had 1 brother Mike, and sisters, Symcha who is 99now,Zelda,Ester have passed on. I don't know anything about my fathers' father, I believe his name was Chaim Leib, I would like to know about my great grandfather Rav Hirsch Pincus. My father and his family came to Toronto Ont Canada around 1939.
I am a psychology graduate doing a thesis on the impact of sustained emotional trauma on one's emotions. I would VERY grateful if any survivors from any camps would be interested in simply filling out a questionnaire to help me with my thesis. If anyone is in anyway interested, or has ANY queries, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and space in this moving guestbook.
Hannah Paniale <>
Edinburgh, Scotland, GB, -
ANYONE have information on ZISHE BREITBART, Jewish strongman from Lodz (Baluty)?? 1885-1925
Gary Bart <go2kanaha>
cool page. now i know my dynasty go far back.....
meir berger <>
beer-sheva israel, -
As a son of a Lodzer survivor , I am very impressed from the site and would like to find relatives that may be survived. My father is JACOB FRENKEL (FRENKIEL) Son of Moshe and Adella born 1923His address was 33 Rzromkego , Lodz
Nachum Frenkel <>
18,wingate st-43587 Ra'anana, ISRAEL, 972-9-7711179 -
Harvey Mordka <HMR527>
6720 E.CAMINO PRINCIPAL #102 TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA 85715, 1-520-2988500 -
I am researching my grandmothers family Obrencz from Warta
Suzanne Richmond <SuzieRichmond>
33 Parkfield Avenue, Hillingdon, Gt.London, UK UB10 0DF, 44 1895 464523 -
looking for relatives kempner, margulies, librach, sztygold, wolfowicz, kempinska
arturo kempner <>
uruguay, 02 6824924 -
I reached your page via a recommendation. I am not a survivor, but a son of survivors. My original family name (on my father's side) was Kon, which was changed to Conrad before my parents came to the U.S. I wonder if there are any links to the families mentioned above. My father was named Henryk Kon. He was not from Lodz, but from Zgierz, just outside of Lodz. He had several siblings, all of whom perished. The one he mentioned to me more than the others was named Marion Kon, who was a writer/journalist. My father was very assimilated, not affiliated with any Jewish organization or synagogue I can think of. If you suspect a family connection, I can try to find more information (it is not that easy, because I do not read or speak Polish nor Yiddish). thanks for your consideration. Mark Conrad New York
Mark Conrad <>
212-744-4345 -
I am trying to find my Family Roots and information. Parents left Lodz Poland during the WW II. Last name of grand parents, Przedborski Chil Lib, Mother sura , Father Shlomo
Yehiel Volchik (Wolczyk) <>
West New York NJ, 07093, -
The Bornsztajn's children are living in Boston. I am not sure if it's the same family. But they were born in Lodz. Dr. Harold Bornsztajn prof. at Harvard.
Rita Pett (Ajzner) <>
125 Prospect Ave #15AHackensack,N.J. 07601, 201 288-0004 -
looking for Szeps/Scheps (part of the Berger Hanna family of Lodz) relatives. Szeps Ojzer born in lodz in 1902. his two children: Yitzhak Meyer and Sheina Rivka died in concentration camps. like his sisters and brothers: Haya, Sheva, Sarah, Wolf Leib.
Szeps Annie & Beatrice <>
Israel , 09; 8349614 -
how do I begin a surname search? My grandparents immigrated from Warsaw Poland before WWII
claudia <>
petoskey, michigan, -
Looking for Rayman / Rajhman Ancestors. Just starting so I have very little. Family is located in Maryland now. Can anyone help? Thanks
Yvonne Staples Rayman <>
Westminster, Maryland, -
I am researching for a school project.
Devon Kaplan <>
10810 Harvey Drive Apt.#3 Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-293-9831 -
My Father, Berek Winter, b. 4 Jul. 1910 in Brzeziny Poland, died this week, 1 Sept 2000, at the age of 90. I came across your site while doing a web search of our family name.
Mordechai Winter <>
49 Peninsula Road, Belvedere, CA USA 94920, -
I am trying to find a video of the original Lodz Ghetto for my father-in-law, Berek Obuchowski
Lori Obuchowski <>
Members of my family have been looking for other members of our family.. Kibel and Tarlo surnames. They came from the Lodz, Kutno and Krosnwice area. What I would really like to find out is where the records for the 1840's to 1900 for Krosniewice might be found. I was also told that one of my Great greatgrandfathers, Moishe Aaron Kibel was a cantor in Lodz. He died in 1910. Is there a way I can check this out. Steve Zucker, Leicester England
Stephen Zucker <>
Leicester England, 0116 2365422 -
How did my name "Joseph Halachmi" entered your site?I am curious! By the way - do you have any knowledge on Yosko and Ester Neufeldof Lodz (end of 19th century) and their son, Abraham Adolf. who later lived in Warsaw? Good luck
yossi halachmi <>
none, 972-3-5490635 -
My opa's name is Mozjek Lewek. He was in 2 different concentration camps in the early 40's, Bergen Belsen and Westerbork. I am doing a family tree and came across your website. I am the daughter of Erna Lemler who is the daughter of Mozjek Lewek. He changed his name after the war.
Nicole Webster <>
1342C WIli WIli Circle Wahiawa, HI 96786, 808-623-3360 -
I have spent a long time looking for my grandfather David Singer born 20 Sep 1893. I thought that he came from Piotrkow, but I had the wrong person. Now I think he may have come from Janowo which one I don't know. I would like help as to where and how to start the search again for my family in in these districts. Any information would be appreciated Irene
Irene glover <>
10 bascraft way Godmanchester, Huntingdon cambs EnglandPE18 8EG, 01480 434822 -
Anyone with information on the families below please email me. PLOCIENNIK/PUSZCZ/MALINOWSKA/NOWAKOWSKAAll of Lodz. I thank you, Cheryl
Cheryl Balog Wenberg <>
My mother, PESA ERDBERG, came from Lodz. She lived with her family at LIMANOWSKIEGO 6 (in Polish, Litzmannstadt in the Ghetto, Alexanderhofstrasse during occupation). Sadly, she was forced to leave with her family when she was 23 years old. I grew up listening to her sad and amazing stories of the ghetto, Bergen Belsen, Auschwitz and other slave labor camps. She was the only one to survive, losing her mother and father, her three sisters and numerous other relatives. She later married my father, Zelman ZUBACK of Vilnius, and gave birth to my brother, Jakob, and I. She is now 84 years old and her health is fading. Fortunately, with the help of a friend of mine, we have found a nice fellow who lives in Lodz who has confirmed that the house she grew up in on Limanowskiego is still standing. He was kind enough to take a photograph of it for me and send it via email. I printed it out and showed it to her last week. We had heard so much about the house as children, the shop below where they worked and the day the Nazis forced them to gather in the courtyard before leaving the house never to see it again. So when we recently made contact with our friend in Lodz, who was kind enough to take a photograph of the house and send it to us, we were amazed and delighted. We visited the nursing home where my mother stays and were enthralled to listen to her when she saw the photo of the house for the first time in almost sixty years. My brother and I are hoping to make a trip there within the next few months. If anybody has anything to add or can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me at the email address below (via my buddy Jeff). I would love to hear from you. Chaim (Henrik) Zuback (
Chaim Zuback <>
Bautastensvgen 12302 59 Halmstad Sweden, 46 70 665 62 51 -
I am presently tracing my roots back to Pinchowa and Lodz. My mother is Fela Luksenberg Talerman. Her mother Sura Rivkah Marchewka died in Treblinka along with her two youngest children. My mother was in five e different concentration camps and was liberated from Dachau along with my father Morris Talerman who was the son of Sura Miriam Epstein and Toyvye Talerman. Fela and Morris were both in the Lodz Ghetto, however, my mother left the Lodz Ghetto and went to the Warsaw Ghetto. She was on the last transport out of Warsaw. They both met after the war and married in Dachau and emigrated to America in 1950. They are both still alive and live in the Miami area.
Rita Talerman Hoff <>
1020 Pine Branch Court Weston, Florida 33326, 954-423-9292 -
I wrote my last name on a search engine and that's how I reach this page. I found my last name here and I'd like to know something about the people who has the same last name i have. Thanks.
Ariel Frajnd <>
Just looking up last name . Came across your page
Mike Gepner <>
525 Union Chapel Rd. Cedar Creek, Tx. 78612, -
Dear Shirley I believe my sister Bonnie has been in contact with you. I would love to hear what you could tell me about the Rothbein family. My father was born in Nurmberg and got out in 1938 through England. This site is marvelous. I can't wait to hear from you.
Howard Rothbein <>
108 Lawrence parkway Tenafly n.j/, 2015685467 -
I AM delighted to find some trace of my heritage. My father grew up in Nurnberg germany and came here in 1938. Any information that we could exchange would be exciting
Howard Rothbein <>
108 Lawrence parkway Tenafly n.j.07670, 2015685467 -
Researching Brightbard (Breitbard), Novak Families, some of whom we know survived, having left Lodz in or before the 1920s and others we know perished.
Naomi Goldring <naomigoldring@yahoo>
6, Alberon GardensLondon NW11 OAG, O2O8 455 2938 -
My mother Fela Luksenberg Talerman, the daughter of Leigjus Luksenberg and Sura-Ryvka Maechewka. We still hope to find relatives who survived the holocaust.
Rita Talerman Hoff <>
1020 Pine Branch Court Weston, Florida 33326, 954-423-9292 -
A very interesting Berger family history. Thanks for sharing. I have been searching for possible family members of the Korman family formerly of Lodz prior to WWII, with no luck yet.
Morry Korman <>
I am looking for any relatives who might have survived the war. My parents were David Szyja Rauchweld or Rochfelt born in Nove Miasto [Nowe Miasta] but he lived all his life in Baluty Lodz where he was a butcher My mother Perla (Pola) Wilczkowska born in Radoszyce also lived all her life in Baluty Lodz. My father had two younger brothers Hershel and Eli and a sister Rifka who was married to an Icek from and lived in Warsaw with two children (I think her daughter's name was Cesia). Her husband took their son and tried to go to Russia with him during the war. My mother had two brothers Hershill and Icek, and two sisters Gitel and Tobcia.Tobcia perished in camp and Gitel survived. My parents as well as Gitel and her family were among the 800 final survivors at the Lodz Ghetto.
Anna Iosiovich (nee Rauchweld) <>
My MARKOWICZ, ZYLBERSZTAJN, GOLDSZTAJN and LITMANOWICZ ancestors came from Piotrkow Trybunalski, but Lodz was relatively close (26 miles) so there may have been some ancestors there also.
Leonard Markowitz <>
1279 June Road Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-8405, (215) 947-7374 -
I'd like to hear from someone ..born in Poland in the city of Ozorkow (near Lodz) I go by the name of Alex Perez now.
Alexander Ziskind Parzenczewski <Letspretend1@WEBTV.NET>
11765Penmar..Maryland Heights, Missouri (63043) U.S.A., 314-739-5376 -
Maiden name prior to 1945 was Tosia Cukier
Toby Rimler
144-75 Melbourne Av. Flushing N.Y. 11367, 718 544-6319 -
my father ICEK JELEN was leaving in LODZ till 1929 he was born in LASK
kibbutz mishmar hanegev il, 97279911258 -
this site is very moving. i pray that you will all those who died have found peace, and that all those who were left behind have found the happiness they deserve. you may not know me but my heart is with you. my love goes out to all of you who have lived this horror and have lost loved ones. how could this have happened? Peace be with you all!
veronica <>
I am very sorry about what Germany did to your people!!!!
Frank Haislett <>
As I was scrolling down I noticed some questions people had about visiting Lodz. I think it would be nice if there was a time mentioned as to when the question was posed (year & month.) I don't want to answer an irrelevant mail. I just returned from Lodz. Visited what was once my home and school. People were very friendly and helpful. Have the address of a man who takes people to places of their interest (like cemetery etc.) He has a lot of addresses of people all over the world. He is a walking encyclopedia. He gave me an address of a man in Israel who lived in the same apartment house as I did. I already heard from the man. Anyone wishing his address email me. Lili Susser
Lili Susser <>
2117 Hollywood Dr. Pueblo, Co, -
seeking any charlupski, especially descendants of Shimon Charlupski, Pinhas Charlupski, Helena nee Charlupski, Beranard Charlupski, and Max Charlupski, children of Shmerayahu and Greena Charlupski of Pabianice, Poland
henry charles nee charlupski <>
9, grange park, west bridgford, Nottingham, England. ng2 6hw, 1159231265 -
Petra Cohan <>
858 454 3396 -
I am a survivor of Lodzer Ghetto. Is there an organization of survivors? and where Henry
Henry Branch (formerly Heniek Aichencwajg) <>
2502 Harmon Cove Towers Secaucus, NJ 07094, 201-866-2008 -
Amazing Site. Would like to know if anyone has any information on the Glaich family. Abraham was my great grandfather's name. I do not know if there are any variations to the Glaich name because we are the only ones to live in the US. The rest are in Israel. Thanks.
Asaf Glaich <>
Houston, TX USA/Tel Aviv, Israel, -
I am a holocaust survivor: Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz, Birkenau, wustegiersdorf, kaltwasser lager lerche, grossrosen, flossenburg. I am the chairman of the survivors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Aleksander h. Laks <>
Rua Tonelero 356 / 1001 Rio de Janeiro22030-000 Brazil, (21) 2554909 -
I have been researching my heritage since 1992. Father, Jacob Rosenfeld or Rosenfelt, born Jan. 8,1901 in Piotsokofsky, nearby to Brzezin [Brzeziny], Poland. Mother was Mayeni or Miriam Fuks, born in Brzezin. These cities, I am told were nearby to the larger city of Lodz. Anybody out there recognize these long lost families or the names? Thanks,
Pamela Perkins <>
2801 W. Olive, Burbank CA 91505, (818) 845-3531 -
I have traced my family tree back to Judah & Leah Yarrochovsky who were born in Lodz. Nearly all of their 10 children were born in Ozorkow approx. between 1880 to 1900. The siblings names are Shea, Toba, Menuchem, Woolf, Barnet, Jacob, Rebecca, Ester, Sam. I have been unable to find any record of my family prior to this, possibly the spelling of the surname is incorrect. When they moved to England before World War 1 they changed the surname to Yarrow.
Jenny Robb <>
25 Bushlands Park Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand, (09) 4159659 -
I am interested in the list of inhabitants of the Lodz Ghetto. My father, Albert Finger (aka Abba Fingerhut) was deported from the ghetto the day before it was liquidated; I do not know when other family members were deported.
Diane Finger <>
710 Castleman Drive Westfield, NJ 07090, 908-789-1088 -
Nice site! I hope to visit your town once...
francesca <>
italia, -
I am so mesmerized by Shirley's wonderful research which has inspired me to keep going, thanks a million. Shirley I am researching BERLINER Families who lived in Warsaw and Lodz and also JONGEROVSKY/JEZIOROWSKI from CZESTOCHOWA,Poland. Grandfather Solomon Berliner and Grandmother and her Parents and Siblings all sailed to London, in 1890. One Brother, possibly SZMUL JONGEROVSKY/JEZIOROWSKI sailed to the USA but was never heard of again. Grandmothers Family name changed to ISAAC on reaching London and Berliner Family name changed to BURTON in 1940's. Does anyone have any connection to these Families?
18 Rialto Street Morphett Vale 5162 South Australia, -
How absolutely amazing. I congratulate you, Shirley on all your wonderful achievements. Long may it go on and on. Thank you for this website, it has been fascinating.
18 Rialto Street Morphett Vale, South Australia 5162, -
Shirley, can you send me your family tree? we have a lot of similar names, and I think you may have the original "Polish/Yiddish" spellings of some surnames and given names of my family - just a funny feeling I have. But was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing any of it? Robin (Wenz) Krout
Robin Krout <>
11 Porter Drive Abingdon, MD 21009, -
Please accept my gratitude to you and everyone else connected with this project. My paternal grandfather, Ber'l Glowinski (for whom I am named), and grandmother (ne Regina Hochmanova) both came to the U. S. before World War I, settled first in Detroit (where my father was born in 1918), and then moved to St. Louis, where much of my family still resides.
Ben Glovinsky <>
Department of Music California State University, Sacramento6000 J Street Sacramento, Ca 95819-6015, (916)278-7487 -
CONGRATULATIONS! How is it possible to find relatives? The family of my father was between 1905_1940 in Poland...The only thing that I have, that is their given names and the picture of the graves of my grand parents, with birth dates in Odessa and date of death in Poland (Warsaw?) Thanks for information's. PK
kogan <>
1, quai koenig F-67000 Strasbourg, 0033 3 88 36 34 19 -
I am a survivor of the Lodz Ghetto. I was there until the liberation on January 19,1945. Would like to locate anyone of the 800 people that were alive in the Ghetto on that day.
Broni Zajbert <>
San Francisco 309-602Mexico D.F. 03100, (525) 536-90'33 -
I am conductor. I want LODZ philharmonic information. Can to me send information and internet address also philharmonie
Kim Young-keun <>
samick bechtown apt,102-305 namchen 2 suyoung pusan s-korea , ++82 51 622 3336 korea ++431 5966052 wien -
1535 N LAKE DR LAKEWOOD NJ 08701, 732 370 4322 -
excellent web site. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of my uncle Pinkus Charlupski born in the Lodz area early 1900s believed to have been in Warsaw or Lodz at outbreak of World War 2, also of my aunts his sisters one of whom was a teacher of deaf children in Warsaw and whose first name was Helen or Helena. she was married with a family but i do not know her married name. My father was Berek Charlupski born in Pabianice in February 1892. he had a brother Shimon who went to the USA in about 1912. also a brother Max who went to Switzerland and later to Paris
henry charles nee charlupski <>
9 grange park, West bridgford, Nottingham. NG2 6HW. England, England 1159 231265 -
I am trying to trace my grandfathers family from Piotrkow. My great grandfather was Moses Jacob Zynger my grandmother Annie. They had eight children altogether. My grandfather came over here as a young man. After the war, my grandfather David Singer, which he was known as in England, tried to trace his family after the war. it was led to believe that his family were able to escape to Rakow forest. But were captured and shot. I am hoping there may be family out there. I am planning a trip to Piotrkow September next year which I am looking forward to. If there is anyone out there that may know of my family when they lived in Piotrkow I would be very grateful if they would get in touch with me
Irene Zynger <>
10 Bascraft Way, Godmanchester, Huntingdon PE18 8EGCambridgeshire England, 01480-434822 
I would like to thank you, for giving people like my self the change to look at your site. My grandfather came from Piotrkow Trybunalski. So thank you very much
Irene Zynger <>
10 Bascraft Way, Godmanchester Huntingdon PE18 8EGCamberidge England, -
My paternal grandfather Israel Bocian (mother's maiden name Grossman), from Brzeziny, married Miriam Bernstein in Piotrkowskie, July 14 1899, and emigrated to Scotland soon after. Many of both families (unknown) lost in Shoah.
Stanley Grossman <>
22 Lauderdale Drive, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 5APScotland UK, 0141 577 6826 -
my mothers family was from lodz. Originally from Odessa Russia. Their name was Kapelusznik. My mother appear to be he only survivor. Do you know anything about the Kapelusznik family?
bella ross <>
409 joyce kilmer avenew brunswick, nj 08901, 732-296-1300 -
My father, Morris Granatstein, is from Lodz and I will be visiting the city this summer. If anyone has any information about the Granatstein family in Lodz or any thoughts on visiting Lodz, please contact me. Thanks. Ettie Taichman
ettie taichman <>
I am doing research on the Lodz ghetto during ww2. Would like to know which police battalion was located at Lodz after Police Batallion 1o1 left around 1940. Or was Lodz guarded only by SS? If you don't know, can you let me know who might know?
Paula Noonan <>
7140 S. Depew St. Littleton, CO 80128, 303 9320716 -
Searching for anyone who knew the KON family from LODZ before 1939 (TADEUSZ KON,(a/k/a Taddy) Naftal (a/k/aJULIAN)KON, Shajndla (aka Stefanya) Kon, Dawid and Ruchla Kon and Bolwslaw Kon 113 Piotrowska Street, Lodz address in Lodz Ghetto Hohens 21
17163 CLEMONS DRIVE, ENCINO, CA 91436 USA, 818-905-8886 
I am having a terrible time finding my family FRANKEL - FRENKEL from Lodz. They were fullers of wool and named Mordacai and Esther who had 8 children. If anyone can give me any guidance in searching for them and their descendants, please contact me. Thank you.
Susan Herrmann <>
1214 Springwood Dr. Sugar Land, Texas 77479, 281/343-0702 -
Reading over the names, there's a high probability that this may be my family. Since the surnames appear similar and the first names are similar, I suspect there may be some relation. Only a gene test would be the main confirmation at this time. Since I don't have exact dates for marriage or family names in Yiddish or Russian/Polish, it's hard to really say. However, reviewing my names to yours, there's a lot of likeness in the names.
Robin Krout <>
11 Porter Drive Abingdon, MD 21009, 410 569-7596 -
A cousin researching as come up with the family surname being Wiazowski. Once in Canada the name has changed considerably to Wenzowski/Winzowski/Wenzoski/Winzoski being the most common spellings. My Great grandfather Jusef was from Wlodawa area and was a glass blower by trade and were some of his sons. I wondering if there is a connection. I do not know if Jusef had any brothers or sisters. A son of his did return to Poland and died during WWII.
Steven Wenzowski <>
My father, Abraham Chaim Peter, was one of the survivors of the lodz ghetto.
Orli Peter <>
6220 Maryland Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90048, (310) 820-3202 -
thank you for the site
Dan Biber <>
1717 Cleveland Avenue Charlotte, NC 28203 USA, 704 334-4300 -
For a research on Zionist filming I am looking for every bit of information on: Abraham/Adolf Neufeld, son of Yosko (manufacturer) and Easter from Lodz, born in 1875, later married Helena (Dentist), used to live in Warsaw (Praga).
Joseph Halachmi <>
p.o.b. 2738, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel 47216, 972-3-5490635 -
Our search has only just begun - you're well on the way, congratulations.
Herzberg <>
PO Box 975Mount Ommaney Qld 4074AUSTRALIA, +67 3374 0688 -
searching for family background with the surname chu"dy, first name stefen, has 2 or 3 brothers from Poland, now aged around 77, now living in Adelaide - Australia. Please contact granddaughter a.s.a.p. On forwarding address.
rebecca garner <>
4 campbell street oaklands park 5046adelaide south australia, 83582051 -
My mother is a survivor of the holocaust and lived in Lodz.
Gerri Penn <>
2714 Amberly Way Doraville, GA 30360, 770-457-2474 -
I am working on a senior research paper. I am researching information what went on in the concentration camps. These internet pages helped me a lot. Thanks!
Brandy Garrett
Rt 1 box 103 Casa, AR 72025, 501-662-4519 -
Im trying to find more about my Great Grandfather Micheal Hoffman/He came from Lodz married Rose Ritier??? I think. They had A daughter named Molly, Wanda , a son named Roman.
Kathy Langfield <>
2850 ocean Ave EUREKA ca, 707-443-1196 -
My parents, Renee Berlinska Solarz, and Simon Solarz, were Holocaust survivors from Lodz.
Susan Solarz <>
1260 Los Rios Dr., Carmichael, CA 95608 USA, (916) 978-9265 -
My parents both came from Lodz, Poland, My father (Louis Korman, a carpet weaver by trade) immigrated to USA about the turn of the century (1900). He returned to Lodz in around 1927-28 and married my mother (Fanny Korman) and they both moved to Toronto for perhaps 3 years, then again we all moved to Seattle in 1946. I believe all my family in Lodz were killed by the Nazis except for an uncle Joseph (Jose) Korman (deceased) (mothers side of family) who had moved to Montivideo, Uruguay and then to La Plata, Argentina. I would sure like to hear from any possible relatives--but I have doubts that there are any. I remember immediate family stories that we may have some distant relations (unknown to me) living in Patterson, N.J. Thanks for the wonderful site. Best wishes, Morry Korman.
Morry Korman <>
5210 Somerset Drive, Bellevue, WA 98006 USA, 1=425-641-9099 -
I'm looking for members of my family Dobrzynski who lived in Wozniki in Podlasie (Poland) before the 1863.
Janusz Dobrzynski <>
PL 41-800 Zabrze ul.Pospiecha 1a/7, +48604133748 -
I will study in Lodz for 1 year, in next October. It will be fun, i Hope!!! congratulations for the page in the net!
Bruno Esteves <>
Portugal, -
Just checking for any links to my family PERLIS from Lodz.
Josef Meszorer <>
Toronto, Canada, 416-221-5292 -
You have gathered a great deal of information and shared so much with all of us who have ties to Lodz. My grandfather, Morris Kolski was born in Lodz. I have family photos of the Kolski family taken prior to World War II. Please advise if you are interested. This site was truly spectacular. Donna Kolsky
Donna Kolsky <>
AFG, Inc.16-00 Rt. 208 SouthFair Lawn, NJ 07410, 201-797-8330 -
Your work is so beatiful and at the same time so important...I thank all of you the devotion in this project of brotherhood and love. Thanks a lot.
BORNSTEIN, Rafael <>
Marcenado, 34 -5C. 28002 Madrid, Spain, #34 915 191 506 -
This web page is very moving and a tribute to those we lost. Thank you for creating it and bringing so many people together. I am a law student in Cleveland. Through a Judaic Law elective, I have chosen to explore Halachic treatment of the Judenrat's activities during the war. Can you advise me as to what sources may help me? Thank you again for this opportunity to view this cite.
renni Zifferblatt <>
1327 West 105 St Cleveland, Oh 44102, 216 939-1155 -
irving m. breitbart <irvsandy>
3478 Munson Place Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 10598, 914-245-6410 -
Where can I learn more about Rabbi Eliasz Chaim Majzel? On the page about him it says he was born at Grodko near Vilnius--could that have been Grodno? My grandfather [Jacob Akibovich Maizel] was born at Grodno, and supposedly his grandfather was a chief rabbi someplace (I'm not sure where--whether Grodno, or some other town). Thanks. OGP (above comments are a query, and not for guestbook page)--You've done a great job with your Lodz site. ogp
Olga G. Parker <>
This site is very interesting! It is great that there is somebody who remembers people who lived and died in Lodz. I could learn a lot about my Jewish brothers and their history in Lodz (I am a Polish catholic born in Zamosc near Lublin who is only 26 now). I wish there would be more websites like this. I hope that some day I will visit Lodz. Great job!
Agnes Kleban <>
My father, ZALMAN KAMINSKI, was born 1917 in Lask, Poland (a city adjacent to Lodz). His mother's name was Rachel DESAU. His mother had a brother who fled Europe prior to WWII and lived in Canada. My father had brothers and sisters named MIRIAM, SZRULEK (ISRAEL), MECHAL (MAX) and SALA.
Rachel Lehrman <>
1771 Easterly TerraceLos Angeles, California 90026, (323) 644-1138 -
Amazing site. Will certainly spend a lot of time here. I am looking for information on my late husband (he was a holocaust survivor) Sam Bench (Benczkowski). I am not sure if he was born in Lodz but was there. He was born 12/6/28, one of six sons. His father had a trucking company. I think his parents names were Gail and Isaac. As far as we know my husband was the only survivor. He had one cousin who survived, Henry Bentch (Benczkowski), he came to the USA after the war to Paterson, New Jersey, he has since passed away. I would like to know myself but especially for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for this wonderful body of work.
Arleen Bench <BobbiBench@AOL.COM>
Williamsville, New York , -
Looking for relatives, background of my late husband - Sam Bench (Benczkowski), especially for our children and grandchildren. He was a holocaust survivor.
Arleen Bench <BobbiBench@AOL.COM>
40-C Hamlin Square Williamsville, NY 14221, (716) 636-0835 -
This site is very rich and so much interesting ! To create similar sites for, in a first step, the big Polish towns -those where Jews were numerous- would be very useful, not only for genealogy but, above all in my mind, for the researchers in history. I joined this site not because my family was living at Lodz (my mother's family lived at Wilno, now Vilnius), but because I want to write a paper about Poznanski family' palaces in Lodz. I am a researcher, an historian of Art, and I am working about the Jewish industrialists in the former Polish Russia. Could you help me ? Many thanks and, twice, all my congratulations for this wonderful site (and I apologize for my bad English language...). Patrick LEON.
Ministre de la CultureD.R.A.C. CentreService de l'Inventaire6, rue de la Manufacture45000 - ORLEANSFrance, 02 38 78 85 22 -
I was born in Lodz and lived on Piotrkowska St. Later on in the Ghetto to it's liquidation. Names I am looking for are Cukier and Szwajcer from Lodz, Szklarczyk from Pabjanice .On Feb.15 You posted an URL to the opening of a book "And I still see their faces" which interests me greatly. I did not get to glance through all of it and now am unable to find it. I Would like to purchase the book if any one is interested in selling it. Lili Susser
Lili Susser <> Pueblo, Co, -
I am impressed and moved by your wonderful website and very much appreciate the work which has gone into its construction. With thanks, E.W.
Esther Wolfsan <> Scotland, -
Paternal grandfather SIMON SHEINHOLTZ, a tailor, was born in 1857, his father's name was ISAAC, also a tailor. Simon left Lodz in late 1870s. In England his name was translated as "bright-wood" and then shortened to WOOD. On 22.6.1879 he married MARIA GREENBAUM, also of Lodz, father's name Isaac, a tailor, in Kingston-on-Hull. Witnesses were AARON FELDMAN & LEWIS BERGMAN. Their children were: Harry, Alf, Ray, Charlie, Phil, Byrne, Fan, LOUIS (my father born 29.8.1897) and Lil. Family settled in Johannesburg, South Africa after the Boer War. Aunt Fan was in touch with SCHEINHOLTZ family in Lodz up to the outbreak of WW II.
Roy Lewis Wood <>
RR 22,1533 Park Ave., Roberts Creek, B.C. Canada. V0N 2W2, (604) 885-9769 -
259 MORIS AVENUE LONG BRANCH, N.J. 00740, 732-493-4683 -
My Father David Fuchs (deceased) was born on March 14, 1921 in Berlin Germany. However his parents went back to Lodz and stayed until the war broke out Ayzik & Elka Fuchs. My father had 3 sisters, Mindle, Edit (Ester) Regina and a young brother named Arnold. Mother's maiden name Elka Birnboim. Perhaps my grandmother's Family is alive. Anyone with information please contact me.
Elka Fuchs Elshtein <>
259 Morris Ave. Long Branch, N.J. 07740, 732-493-4683 -
This is a great web site. Am looking for relatives by the last name of Fuchs or Fuks from Lodz. Ayzik & Elka Fuchs.
Elka Fuchs Elshtein <>
259 Morris Avenue Long Branch, N.J. 07740, 732-493-4683 -
577 SUNDERLAND ROAD TEANECK, N.J. USA, 201-836-1071 -
Hi, Very impressed by your website. I noticed the name Pacanowskij which is also in my family tree. I have an Abram David Pacanowski,b. 1878 in Piotrkow Tribunalski, died 1942 Lodz Ghetto; married to Jochet (Helena) Glicenstein. I wonder if it's connected to your Pacanowski? Also the name Bacharier is connected to my tree. Are you aware that Morris Wirth is researching that name? I'll try to let him know of this one. Regards BILL GLADSTONE
Bill Gladstone <>
My father was born in Lodz-April 15, 1908. His name was Herman Weinkrantz (Hyman Wajnkranc?). His father's name was Morris (Moshe), mother Becky (Rivka). They emigrated to NYC in 1909. Morris was a tailor. I am looking for information about the family history and locations where they lived in Lodz. Thank you for creating this site.
Paula Abajian <>
Harry Stein <>
14705 N. Palm Ridge Drive Tucson, AZ 85737, (520) 825 0800 -
joseph mordechai rosen <ADHE@SLIP.NET>
735 9TH AVE SAN FRANCISCO CA 94118, (415) 750 0411 -
First time I looked through the shtetlinks I came across my grandfather and his father in the Polish page of Rodzina Baruchow Maybe this will help me find some relatives of whom I am not aware. Kol Hakavod for you effort. Stephen Baruch
Stephen Baruch <>
3/11 - 13 Ocean Avenue Double Bay NSW 2028 Australia, Tel +61 2 9327 5512 Fax +61 2 +9363 2356 -
My maiden name was Pera and my father came from Lowicz
Robin Arbib <arbib@>
I think this is wonderful, to be able to look at all of this, my mother really enjoys this, she is a survivor, we are looking for my fathers family, they were from Tuszyn,his name was Chaim Scwarz,his fathers name was Shiel Dovid, his mothers name was Ruchel Blady, thank you Sherry Schernbeck
Sherry D. Schernbeck <>
7708 Greenland Pl., (513)761-4928 -
I think this is a wonderful thing that everybody is doing, my mother enjoys looking at this with me, she is a survivor, I'm trying to locate some of my fathers family, this is wonderful though, thank you Sherry
Sherry D.Schernbeck <>
7708 Greenland Pl., (513)761-4928 -
From one numbered so few, I am a second generation descendant, who's family was in Lodz. I how ever am a first fruit of my new land and I can only allude to how it makes me feel to see this work. But lest we should forget the Shoah /The Holocaust as being the manifestation of "THE FINAL SOLUTION" ,the real impact of which was the loss threw duality," JEW" by "religion" and "JEW" by "race". I see that the religious side is well documented but there is ,almost as if by exclusion ,a lack of inclination to deal in what was lost, by way of blood ,to the Tribe . To only have mention of this relationship, even to this day ,is threw birth and death , cloaked with religion and kept from the exsoteric,does no justice to or commemoration for all threw that spirit of want. Truely Seymour Weintraub .
Ushua BEN Mushi (Seymour Weintraub) <>
P.O. BOX 174, Q.C. B.C., VOT1SO , 1-250-559-8383 -
I'm looking for Dora Burger from Lodz Poland I don't know if the spelling is right. She married Julius Greenberg and came to America with their two daughters at that time. Which was 1884
Mary Greenberg <>
Salem, OR, -
my late father, Sevek Winograd and my mother Frajda Kempinska were from Lodz
Seban Liliane <>
16A Sokolov StreetJerusalem, Israel, 972 2-5610083 -
jeff marcus <>
interesting site
j. hannoch <>
My father's name is Josef Rozenwald ( now Rosenwald ) lived in Piotrkow Trybunalski his father's name was Yehiel Chaim Rozenwald . My boss here in Israel is also from Piotrkow Trybunalski called Kalman Klinger .He is 70 years old and came on Aliya to Israel at the age of 8. He is interested to now if you know his parents the Klinger family and the Pinkusewicz family from Piotrkow Trybunalski. I would be very happy if you could be a help in his name. Best regards, Yehiel Rosenwald18 Hashlosha StreetBene Beraq 51363 , IsraelTel: 00-972-3-6197830 Home 00-972-3-9501505 At workFax: 00-972-3-9563142e-mail :
yehiel rosenwald <>
see comments, 00-972-3-6197830 -
I'm so close here in my search . It's difficult having a maiden name that was Brandt, before that Fetbrandt, before that Fetbraudt or Fetbrot. If it rings a bell, email me !!
Susan Stock <>
30670 Lakefront DriveAgoura Hills, Calif 91301, -
After signing the book I wonder if there any descendants of the Kiffer family of Chenstahof (phonetic spelling) [Czestachowa] and the Gleser or Glezer from Bialystok or Bielsk. I would love to hear if there are.
Mary Clark <>
, -
I am interested in Poland as my parents both came to Australia (father in 1920?) and mother in 1933.Mother was from Bialystok and Father from Chenstahof, not the correct spelling, but the best I can do is to spell it phonetically.
Mary Clark <>
2/41 Almond stSouth Caulfield VIC 3162Australia, 61-3-5327243 -
I was born in Lodz in 1926, I'm a descendent of the Cederbaums, the printers of Piotrkow Trybunalski
Joseph Ceder (Josef Cederbaum) <>
1481 Egmont Place Far Rockaway, NY 11691, (718) 471-2363 -
An impressive and moving effort. Many thanks. My family came from shtetls near Kiev (Lyubar and Bazar). They left Ukraine for Argentina in the early 1920's. I grew up in Buenos Aires and moved to the US after college. My mother's maiden name was Chaia Guitle Olschansky (bat Golda). My father was Abraham Usher Landau (ben Pesah).
Luis Landau <>
Washington, DC, USA, -
This is a wonderful and moving tribute to this community. May I ask who designed the website. We would love to have something as beautiful and well laid our for Courland which we are working on at the moment. Thank you
Constance Whippman <CWhippman>
33 Dunmore Road, London SW20 8TN England United Kingdom, 0181 946-8175 -
Thank you for compiling this information. I hope to spend more time at this and related sites. Perhaps you can help me with my own genealogical query. I am searching for background on my family, variously spelled as FAITLOVITCH; FEITLOWITZ; FAJLOWITCH; FAILOVIC (FRANCE); and FAITH (ENGLAND/AUSTRAILIA). Have you ever come across this name. My grandfather's parents both emigrated from Lodz pre-1910. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
Ilana Feitlowitz <>
My father Jakob born 1912, in Lodz. Survived the holocaust and moved to Sweden in 1948.
Michael Szeps <>
Lillngsgatan 11S-16858 Bromma, SWEDEN, -
My father is a survivor of the Lodz ghetto
Mike Markowitz <>
5308 Jon Dodson Drive Agoura Hills, CA 91301, -
I was born in Bialystok in 1921, lived in Lodz since 1923. I am looking for any information about my family and/or their descendants. We lived in Lodz on 75-d Narutowicza. I left Lodz in October 1939. My father Lazar (Lejzor), mother Pola (Devojra Perla) sister Sonia, brother Czesiek (Becalel Leib)
Edward (Chaim Eli) Lewkowski
1455 Sherbrooke Street W. Apt.1007Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1L2, 514-935-6567 -
I am not able to obtain a list of the Lodz Ghetto inhabitants. Can you help?
Edward (Chaim Eli) Lewkowski
1455 Sherbrooke Street W. Apt.1007Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1L2, 514-935-6567 -
Whilst browsing I came across the surname Kaminsky. My great grandmother was Annie Kaminsky (Chaia Bat Meir) and her brother was Baruch. Her father was Meir Kaminsky and her mothers name was Miriam. They came from Neistadt in Poland and settled in the UK about 1860. Annie was born in 1852. She married my ggrandfather Lewis Szapira of Volkovysk, Belarus.
Stanley Szapira <>
51 Engel Park, Mill Hill, London. NW7 2HE, 0208 3431931 -
I found a name Pacanowski on your web site. David Pacanowski was my maternal grandfather. He and my grandmother perished in the Lodz ghetto in 1941. He had a store with stationary and a small paper factory in Lodz. Please let me know if there is any relation between us. Thank you.
Bogdan Filc <>
exellent,thanks I'm looking for relatives of the Offman(Ofman)and Wroblewski family from Lodz. Itche son of Jakob Zwi son of Abraham Chaim son of Mojshe lajb son of Katriel David offman from Lodz-Tomashov [Tomaszow] Itche grandson of Hendel Konig daughter of Sara Rivka Konig (nee Wroblewski) daughter of Jeshaje and Henna Wroblewski. Thx
Offman Itche <>
00 972 2 9991595 -
I'm from lodz stumbled on your website liked it very much
morris kenigsztain <>
Searching wife's grandparents etc. Mother's maiden name Bottcher (could be Bottjer or other spelling). English version Berger. First names Yaacov Zvi and Braana (maiden name Blass.
PO Box 251 Caulfield South, Victoria 3162 AUSTRALIA, 613 9505 3401 -
My family comes from Lodz as well. I'm named after my grandfather. My father's names is Menachem/Mendel (d.1971). My grandfather's brother, Dov-Ber Berger lives still in Israel. I am going to contact him and his family in order to find out more over ancestors of the family.
Berger, Shlomo <>
Weesperzijde 297 1097 EM Amsterdam The Netherlands, (31) 20- 525 2353 -
My family comes from Lodz as well. I'm named after my grandfather. My father's names is Menachem/Mendel (d.1971). My grandfather's brother, Dov-Ber Berger lives still in Israel. I am going to contact him and his family in order to find out more over ancestors of the family.
Berger, Shlomo <>
Weesperzijde 297 1097 EM Amsterdam The Netherlands, (31) 20- 525 2353 -

Lodz area, my tree names Weitzner, Groll
Mike Smolin <>

I think that you are to be congratulated on an excellent site. It is a wonderful contribution to Jewish History and to the memory of your family and others who lived and died in Lodz. There is much for me still to read and digest.
Arlene Beare <>
8511-116'A'STR. DELTA B.C. CANADA, (604)594-7070 -
this site is an amazing tribute to the memory of all our families who lost there lives in the Lodz ghetto, it is though provoking, & quite emotional to view the whole site..I will take it bit by bit .Thank you to everyone who worked so hard collating the information & putting it together ..
corinne silver <>
17 Tewkesbury Drive Prestwich Manchester England M25 0HR, 0161 798 8408 -

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