Photos by Rochelle Kaplan, July 2003
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Sign upon entering Kraziai

Rapeseed field in Kraziai

Rapeseed field in Kraziai. Rapeseed is used in canola oil

Trees and rapeseed field in Kraziai

Outskirts of Kraziai

Kraziai intersection, houses

House in Kraziai

Kraziai houses

Aleksandrs Feigmanis, on right, queries elderly Kraziai citizen about the town's Jewish history

Kraziai house and potato field

Kraziai house and potato field

Kraziai house

Kraziai houses, vegetable gardens

Kraziai pastoral. Jesuit College in background

Purported home of former Jewish residents, Kraziai

Purported former Jewish home in Kraziai

Kraziai homes, potato field

Kraziai home and inhabitant

Jewish Synagogue now torn down. Photo by Aleksandrs Feigmanis, 2002.

Kraziai homeowner's flower garden

Bus station building, next to former outdoor market, Kraziai

Kraziai Ethnographic Museum

Farmer with horse and cart, Kraziai

Kraziai Wildflowers

Wildflowers in Kraziai Jewish Cemetery

Reconstructing Jesuit College of Kraziai

Kraziai in background