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Families of Kraziai
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Moses Solomon Zaks, born in Kraziai between 1837 and 1844. Photo taken in Hasenpoth, now Aizpute, Latvia.


Young Moses Solomon Zaks, armed and ready.

Raschel Zaks, Rochelle Kaplan's great-grandmother, as a gymnasium student about 16, in Leipzig, Germany. She was born in Kraziai in 1865.

Max Beilinsohn as a boy - photo taken in Kraziai. Photo courtesy of Max's son, Maurice Beilinsohn.

Raschel Zaks Gerson-Herson, another photo.

Wolf Gurvitz, second from left, working in an American Army base kitchen, near Munich, after WWII.


Jewish Administration Displaced People's Camp ID for Dachau ex-inmate, Wulf Gurwitsch, aka Wolf Gurvitz.


Wolf Gurvitz, 1946. Photos of Wolf donated by his son David Gurvitz.

Bernard Abrahams with his family in Kroz in 1912.