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Korobka Tax on Kraziai's Jews

 Document 49-1-1362 from the Kaunas Archive

This document from 1844-1845 details item list of Korobka tax for Kraziai or Krozh. The Korobka tax, translated as a meat or slaughter tax, was an extra tax paid only by Jews for each animal slaughtered in accordance with the Kashrut rules and for each pound of this meat sold.   

Six important townspeople who administered the Jewish community signed the document. The signers included Zavel Shebshelov Zak, Yankel Shebshelov Zak, Chaim Notel Shepshelov Zak and three men with the surname Zhiv. The administrators distributed the Korobka tax to Krozh' Jewish community per the following list.  Click here to see original document in Russian.  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3



Debt to Church 81
Krozh Nuns 10.80
Tchaplinsky nobles (state tax debt for 102 poor, handicapped & absent community members)   315.18
Kahal (community administration)   73
Kahal rent   60
Scholarship for poor pupils    50
Synagogue maintenance      70
School maintenance    75
Hospital maintenance   37
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