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Kosice's Coat of Arms
Košice, Slovakia

Košice and its Holocaust Memorials

When it comes to the Holocaust, so much can be said and shared.

Viewers are welcome and encouraged to share information, photos, and stories. 

Zvonarska Street Synagogue

1 June 2019

Peter Absolon reported that the plaque that was affixed to the wall next to a door of the Zvonarska Street Synagogue was taken down for renovations.

"Before the renovations, there was a memorial plaque attached to the old synagogue, on the wall opposite the prayer hall. During the reconstruction it was placed in a deposit and now it will be attached back (after the repair).  It is all in Hebrew and I'd really appreciate if you can translate it. Of course I would also like to ask you to publish it on KehilaLinks site.

What is even more interesting is the rear side of the plaque. It looks like list of donors (for synagogue reconstruction?) incl. the contributed amount. So it seems that old plaque was re-used later and it was probably bigger before (see how the top line is only half visible and is not due to picture being cropped).

The surnames on the donor list are from Neolog community, I recognize them. And I'd say the [original] plaque is from end or 20's / beginning of 30's because Miksa KORACH died in 1934, [per burial in Kosice cemetery].

Plaque of 1949
Back of 1949 Plaque

Photo of Plaque Mounted next to Door of Zvornaska Street Synagogue,
taken by Jerry Isenberg, August 1996.
Enlargement of Hebrew Inscription
dedicated in 1949
Inscription on the Back of the 1949 Plaque

Here is a copy of the names found on the back of the plaque and the donated amounts.
We were unable to determine the fullnames of some institutions as indicated by the question marks or ellipses. If anyone can correct them, please let us know.

..., Bratislava
Dr. and Mrs. Jeno ROSENBAUM, Kosice
Jewish Girls Society?, Kosice

3,000 Kronen
...Poor?, Bratislava
Beregszasz Brickworks

2,500 Kronen
Miksa KORACH, Kosice
Aladar MARKOVITS, Kosice
Jeno WEINER, Kosice

2,000 Kronen
Zoltan DICKER, Chicago
Jeno FREIMANN, Kosice
Secovce Jewish Community
Presov Jewish ?
Samu & Agnes née ENGLANDER LENGYEL, Humenne

1,500 Kronen
EHRENBERG & Tsa, Strazke
Jeno GARAI, Kosice
Mor ROTH, Kosice
Jozsef SCHWARTZ, Kosice
Ervin SPITZ, Kosice

Hebrew Inscription on Plaque

A stone from the wall will cry out!

For eternal memory and for the weeping of generations

The skies were covered in gloom.
The countries of Europe wore sackcloth.
The burning snake, the fascistic Germans,
Spilled its burning poison and bit me.
The cursed Nazis and other oppressors
Poured out the blood of Israel like water.
Old, young, children and suckling babes
Were exterminated by sword, famine, fire and water.
Among them were members of our community, the holy and pure;
Twelve thousand were burned as martyrs.

This terrible destruction took place in the years
5701-5705 (1941-1945)
May God avenge their blood!
This memorial stone was set
on the 6th of Tishrei, 5610, by the survivors,
the members of our community, in mourning and great lamentation.

(6th of Tishrei, 5610 = 29 Sep 1949)

List of Donors on Reverse Side of Plaque

Hebrew Inscription
The first line is from the prophet Habakkuk 2:11

Translation (by M. Isenberg)

These photos are of Holocaust memorials on the exterior and interior walls of the synagogue on Pushkinova Street, as well as memorials in Kosice's Jewish Cemetery.

All photos below were taken by M. Isenberg, November 2013, with the exception of the Holocaust plaques taken by Peter Absolon, November/December 2015.

Memorial Pushkinova Syn

The Holocaust Memorial above, is located on the left side of the entrance to the Orthodox Synagogue on Pushkinova Street.

The plaque on the right is located on a wall inside the synagogue's side entrance. 
Translated from the Hebrew, it reads:

"From this holy temple,
in the spring of 1944,
12,000 members of this holy community
were rounded up and deported to extermination camps. 
From there they were slaughtered like holy sacrifices and died as martyrs. 
Orphans and the bereft survivors,
the few that survived,
erected this memorial 30 years afterward,
in mourning and bereavement,
in 1975."



Holocaust Memorial for those who have no burial place.

The Magen David shown here once graced the Neological Temple. Dr. Tomas Tesser, a resident of Kosice and great supporter of its Jewish community, stands at the right.


In April 2002, young people aged 11-14, vandalized this cemetery damaging 135 tombstones. This memorial was erected by generous donations from the institutions and individuals listed.
A quote from Proverbs 22:9 is written in Hebrew, English, and Slovak:

"One with a good eye will be blessed for he has given of his bread for the poor."

Peter Absolon has undertaken to photograph tombstones in Kosice's cemeteries and to do additional research where possible or necessary.  The undersigned (Madeleine Isenberg) helps when possible especially with translations from the Hebrew.  As work progresses, the photographs and information can be found at the findagrave site for this cemetery.

Near the entrance to Kosice's Jewish Cemetery is the memorial as pictured above.  Peter has recorded all 108 names found on the Holocaust memorial and they are included in the table below. Our thanks to Peter for his selfless efforts to remember those who have no real burial places.

Note: As of June 2017, Peter Absolon can now offer additional help via his genealogy services.


To view an enlarged image in a separate window, click on the image above.

Family Name Given Name Maiden Name Hebrew Name Birth Date Death Date Comments On This
      Chana Lea bat Tzvi Mordechai       plaque_3.jpg
      Mordechai ben Esther       plaque_3.jpg
AKOS Izso           plaque_4.jpg
AKOS Otilia           plaque_4.jpg
BARKANY Hugo     1893 1945   plaque_5.jpg
BARKANY Edit SZANTO   1904 1944   plaque_5.jpg
BEAR Majer         Auschwitz plaque_4.jpg
BEAR Tereza         Auschwitz plaque_4.jpg
BERGER Etelka           plaque_3.jpg
BERNHARD Karoly           plaque_3.jpg
BERNHARD Gizella SCHACHTER         plaque_3.jpg
BERNHARD Pal           plaque_3.jpg
BIRO Dezso         Auschwitz plaque_4.jpg
BIRO Margit         Auschwitz plaque_4.jpg
BIRO Gabriela         Auschwitz plaque_4.jpg
BLAU Sandor       1944   plaque_3.jpg
BLAU Erzsebet BERKOVITS     1944   plaque_3.jpg
BLAU Edith       1944   plaque_3.jpg
CZUKOR Istvan           plaque_4.jpg
EDELMAN Jozef           plaque_6.jpg
EDELMAN Terezia           plaque_6.jpg
EIZIKOVITS Arnost           plaque_2.jpg
EIZIKOVITS Efraim Israel         Birkenau plaque_6.jpg
EIZIKOVITS Lea TESLER       Birkenau plaque_6.jpg
ENGLÄNDER Heinrich           plaque_4.jpg
ENGLÄNDER Anna           plaque_4.jpg
ENGLÄNDER Imre           plaque_4.jpg
FEINSILBER             plaque_4.jpg
FISCHER           3 generations plaque_2.jpg
FOSSNER Manci         Age 26, Auschwitz plaque_2.jpg
FOSSNER Magda         Age 24, Auschwitz plaque_2.jpg
FOSSNER Eugen         Age 22, Auschwitz plaque_2.jpg
FRÄNKEL Adolf     1886 1944 Auschwitz plaque_3.jpg
FRÄNKEL Tibi     1915 1943 Prac. Tabor
FRÄNKELOVA Rozsi     1892 1944 Auschwitz plaque_3.jpg
FREIBERGER David           plaque_3.jpg
FRIED Jenö     1882 1944 Dedicated by Mara nee FRIED CLIFTON, of Kassa, but then Hull, Great Britain. plaque_5.jpg
FRIED Gizella MARKO   1886 1944   plaque_5.jpg
FRIED Karoly     1910 1945   plaque_5.jpg
FRIEDMAN Iren           plaque_2.jpg
FUCHS Jenö       1945 from Budapest; Mauthausen plaque_4.jpg
GLÜCK Zoltan     1914 1944   plaque_3.jpg
GOLDBERG Salamon       25-May-1944 Auschwitz (see also on -5) plaque_6.jpg
GOLDBERG Sabina GOIZ     25-May-1944 Auschwitz (see also on -5) plaque_6.jpg
GUTTMAN Jakub     04-Jul-1896 1944 Auschwitz plaque_5.jpg
GUTTMAN Klara           plaque_5.jpg
HERSKOVITS Jenö Jakab     1893 1944   plaque_4.jpg
HERSKOVITS Jakabne     1902 1940   plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH Moshe           plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH Rachel           plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH David           plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH Bracha           plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH Tzvi           plaque_4.jpg
HILSENRATH Abraham           plaque_4.jpg
JANOVITZ Andor     1914 1943   plaque_3.jpg
KERSCHENBAUM B.           plaque_5.jpg
KERSCHENBAUM Gizella ACKERMAN         plaque_5.jpg
KERSCHENBAUM Bela           plaque_5.jpg
KESZLER Ervin           plaque_4.jpg
KESZLER Ida           plaque_4.jpg
KESZLER Ferenc           plaque_4.jpg
KLEIN Ilona     1882 1944   plaque_3.jpg
KLEIN Albert           plaque_3.jpg
KLEIN Erzsike BERGER         plaque_3.jpg
KLEIN Eliza           plaque_3.jpg
KLEIN Nina           plaque_3.jpg
KOPPEL David           plaque_5.jpg
KOPPEL Hanna STEINBERGER         plaque_5.jpg
KORNFELD Samuel     07-Jan-1886 01-Jan-1945 from Maly Hores, Auschwitz plaque_5.jpg
KRAUT Regina Rivka EIZIKOVITS         plaque_6.jpg
KUFFLER Aranka     1915 1942   plaque_4.jpg
LEBOVITS Sandor           plaque_7.jpg
LEBOVITS Iren FRIEDMANN         plaque_7.jpg
LISSAUER Dezso           plaque_4.jpg
LISSAUER Szeren FLEISCHER         plaque_4.jpg
MANN Izidor           plaque_4.jpg
MANN Rozsi       1944   plaque_4.jpg
MOLNAR Lajos     1910 1944   plaque_4.jpg
NEUFELD Jenö           plaque_3.jpg
NEUFELD Boriska           plaque_3.jpg
RAUCHMAN Jozef           plaque_2.jpg
RAUCHMAN Rosalia           plaque_2.jpg
RAUCHMAN Edit           plaque_2.jpg
REICH Herman           plaque_5.jpg
REICH Hanna SCHWARCZ         plaque_5.jpg
RUBIN Regina KOHN Rytzl bat David Yuda haKohen   1944   plaque_4.jpg
SINGER Alexander           plaque_3.jpg
SINGER Lina SPATZOVA         plaque_3.jpg
SINGER Igor     1938 1944   plaque_6.jpg
STERN Herman           plaque_4.jpg
STERN Rozsika           plaque_4.jpg
STERN Ernö           plaque_4.jpg
SÜSSHOLZ Izidor       1944   plaque_3.jpg
SÜSSHOLZOVA Irma       1944   plaque_3.jpg
SZASZ Herman           plaque_5.jpg
SZASZ Regina GOLDMAN         plaque_5.jpg
SZASZ Marta           plaque_5.jpg
SZASZ Klara           plaque_5.jpg
SZASZ Ignac           plaque_5.jpg
SZASZ Szeren ROTH         plaque_5.jpg
TABAK Lazar       1944   plaque_4.jpg
TEICH Sara       1942   plaque_6.jpg
UHR Ignac           plaque_6.jpg
VEGH Salamon     15-Mar-1894 31-Dec-1944 Auschwitz plaque_6.jpg
VEGH Mikulas     17-Jul-1920 1945 SSSR plaque_6.jpg
VEGHOVA Olga BRAUNSTEINOVA   09-Dec-1893 31-Dec-1944 Auschwitz plaque_6.jpg
WAGNER Markus           plaque_3.jpg
WAGNER Katalin MOSKOVITS         plaque_3.jpg
ZIMMERMAN Blanka           plaque_6.jpg
WYANT Judith ECKSTEIN   1928 1979 (Not known why she is memorialized here.) plaque_3.jpg

 Compiled by Madeleine Isenberg 
Originally created
10 September 2014
updated: 13 June 2019
Copyright © 2014-2019
Madeleine R. Isenberg 
All rights reserved.

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