Jewish Cemetery information currently available online for Romanian Bukovina


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Eventually we hope to have a definitive list of all the Jewish Cemeteries in Romanian Bukovina. Here are links to 5 main resources currently found online.

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  1. Federation of Romanian Jewish Communities: "Memoria cimitirelor evreiești."
    Aurel Vainer, Menachem Hacohen, Bianca Ştiubea, Federaţia Comunităţilor Evreieşti din România, Bucureşti, 2007.This book in Romanian and English describes the Federation's program to preserve all of the Jewish Cemeteries in Romania. They list 32 cemeteries in Bukovina and Botosani without further information on any of them.
    Click here to see Romanian Federation Jewish Cemetery Memorial Book
    • Botoșani (7)
      1. Botoșani Vechi;
      2. Botoșani Nou, str. M. Eminescu 194;
      3. Bucecea;
      4. Frumușica;
      5. Săveni;
      6. Suliţa;
      7. Stefănești;
    • Dorohoi (6)
      1. Dorohoi Vechi;
      2. Dorohoi Nou, str. Eternitătii;
      3. Dărăbani Vech;
      4. Dărăbani Nou;
      5. Mihăileni:
      6. Rădăuţi Prut:
    • Fălticeni (2)
      1. Fălticeni I, str. Victoriei 106;
      2. Fălticeni II, str. Broșteni 76
    • Rădăuţi (6)
      1. Rădăuti I, str. Arbore;
      2. Rădăuţi II, str. Ștefan cel Mare;
      3. Arbore;
      4. Siret I, vechi, str. 9 Mai;
      5. Siret II, nou, str. Orizontului 6;
      6. Solca:
    • Suceava (9)
      1. Suceava I, str. Ștefan Tomșa;
      2. Suceava II, str. Parcului 6;
      3. Burdujeni I, str. Iasomiei 17;
      4. Burdujeni II, str. căp. Andrei 14;
      5. Gura Humorului;
      6. Iţcani;
      7. Câmpulung;
      8. Moldoviţa;
      9. Vama
    • Vatra Dornei (2)
      1. Vatra Dornei;
      2. Cârlibaba ;

  2. JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) Cemetery Inventory
    For Bukovina region JOWBR lists 6 cemeteries, 7862 burials
  3. Arbore (1 cemetery, 73 burials) (data online 7 January 2010)
    Bucecea (1 cemetery, 646 burials)
    Cîrlibaba (1 cemetery, 36 burials) (data online 17 July 2009) City: Gura Humorului (1 cemetery, 664 burials)
    Gura Humorului (664 burials) (data online 14 June 2007)
    Radauti / Radautz (1 cemetery, 5604 burials) (data online 7 January 2010)
    City: Suceava (1 cemetery, 839 burials) (data online 21 November 2007)


  4. Click here to see the 26 Suceava Judet Cemeteries complied from IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project: Romania

    This IAJGS's project stated mission is to document every Jewish burial site in the world. They have a vast listing for Romania although there is no county or regional breakdown, just a list of over 1000 place names. We have linked to those 26 listed in Suceava and Botosani. .

  5. EPHES Jewish Cemeteries, Monuments & Towns - Photograph Albums from Bukovina, Galicia and Romania
    A collection of excellent quality photos of many Bukovina cemeteries can be found by clicking the links below. Webmaster Jerome Schatten gathered and organized these photos from multiple sources, including the work of Hannelore Condiescu, Sasha Wolloch and Edgar Hauster. The following list is of towns extracted from their website from only Romanian Bukovina, including Botosani.

  6. Brodina


    Campulung Cemetery Photos - May 2012 by Hannelore Condiescu

    Botosani Romania - photos by Edgar Hauster


    Gura Humorului Cemetery - Photgraphy by Irene Fishler


    Moldovita Romania - 2009 photos by Hannelore Condiescu




    Suceava 1,Suceava 2

    Vatra Dornei

    Vama 1, Vama 2

  7. "Jewish Cemeteries of the Bucovina," a new guidebook-brochure
    written (and photographed) by Simon Geissbühler, a Swiss diplomat based in Bucharest .This volume provides information on and pictures of the Jewish cemeteries of

    • Campulung Moldovenesc
    • Vama,
    • Gura Humorului,
    • Solca,
    • Arbore,
    • Radauti,
    • Moldovita,
    • Siret,
    • Vyzhnytsia,
    • Banilov,
    • Vashkivtsi,
    • Mihaileni,
    • Storozhynets,
    • Novoselitsa,
    • Hertsa.

  8. Other individual Cemetery Links

  9. US Comission on the preservation of American Heritage Abroad
Cemetaries in Ukraine encyclosights