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We have pictures of those who were born in, or lived in Boyarka. If you want your friend or relative
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We also have posted cemetery photos and have photos of Boyarka in the present day.


HarryCherson moischeTalansky
        Yona Sokol
President of the Boyerker
  Moishe Goldberg
   Morris Goldberg married
  Feige Levit from Stavisht

    Leyia Yurkovsky
    Lily Rapaport lived
        to the age of 100!

     Chaike Sokol
  Ida Sokol Goldberg
married Harry Goldberg
Hersch Chersonsky
    "Harry Cherson"; photo
  from Declaration of Intent

Moische Talansky
Morris Talansky
from Declaration of Intent
Chaim Kruglack

Hyman Kruglack
married Celia Feldberg
Sura Feldberg
(btwn 1910-1915)
Sara Feldberg Kruglack
huband: Benjamin
Bentzion Kruglack
(btwn 1910-1915)
Benjamin Kruglack
Leah Kruglack
Lillian Kruglack Krantz
Leah Kruglack
from Declation of Intent
Nehema Kruglack
Elaine Kruglack Katzeff

Bluma Kruglack
Golda Pohorowski
Gertie (Gertrude)  Packer
from Declation of Intent



Boyerker Society: 5th Anniversary - December 30, 1929
Front Row (left to right): Mr Weiner, Joseph Gordon, Motel Savetskt, Pesie Friedman, Sam Carabell.
Standing (left to right): Max Savbetsky, Louis Rovinsky, Unknown, Toby Cohen, Sam Lashinsky, Jack Packer and David Feldberg.

                Photo Credits
: Photos of the Kruglack& Feldberg family and the group photo of the Boyerker Society (1929), were taken from the book,
                                                   Hyman Kruglack: As We Knew Him
, with permission from Paul Katzeff.

                                         Photos of Yona Sokol, Moishe Goldberg, Leyia Yurkovsky, Chaike Sokol, Hersch Chersonsky, Moische Talansky, Leah Kruglack(1934),
                                                   Golda Pohorowski,


 Thanks to Daniel Goldberg, (paternal grandparents - Harry Goldberg & Chaike Sokol - both born in Boyarka), we have pictures of the
that is in the Boyerker Benevolent Society section of the Beth David Cemetery. Beth David Cemetery is located at 300   
 Elmont Road, Elmont, New York. The monument lists the names of
the many people who were murdered in the pogroms of 1918, 1919,
 1920 and 1921. The following photos are just a few, of the many, that Dan took at the Boyerker section of the cemetery.
I have created
 a list of all the names that appear on the monument. (Go to Databases Page)

Click on photo for an enlarged view.
pic6 The monuments are inscribed
in both Hebrew and in English.
pic9   "These are the names of   our people who were brutally murdered in the
pogrom of 1918 (5678) in the town of Boyerka, Cull of Zvenigrodka, Russia."

pic16 In this photo you can see that the names of those killed weren't always given or known. "Bentziys son in law" and "Levi the Shames" are examples. pic18 More names from the pogrom of
           1921 (5781)

pic10 In this photo, we again see that full names are not given. "Sarah and 2 sons" and "2 daughter in laws & 2 children" are engraved in the monument. pic13

 Boyarka sign, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
Boyarka Landscape, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
  Boyarka Post Office, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
  Formerly a Jewish business was here.
 Boyarka Public School, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
  A large part of the shtetl had occupied this site.
   The "new store," by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
   This was the site of the old Hassidic Shtiebel.
   Boyarka Town Hall, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
   This was the site of the old Jewish 'megastore' named after Aaron

   Remnants of a Mill, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013
   This mill had been owned by Yankel Moshkovich Stavitsky.
   More remnants of the mill, by Jeremy Borovitz 2013


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