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The Romanian National Archives has over 40  branches which hold the civil records of the local counties (Judet). These records are in Napoleonic full text style in bound hand-written registers. Civil records exist from about 1865 and all religions are grouped together and recorded chronological. These include births, marriages, and deaths. For Botosani city there are separate register volumes for each type of event by year. For smaller towns withing Botosani Judet all three record types are bound together by year or multiple years. Public record availablity is 100 years.  Research at the Archives is open to the public but there are limits (currently five) on the number of books that can be used each day.  

Many Jewish records prior to the early 1900s have no surnames! Instead, the patronymic is used in the format "Itic sin Avram" or "Rifka sin itic Hers". In the second case Itic is the son of Hers. In a few rare occasions the grandfather's name includes his father! In somes cases a person has two given names and there may also be surnames for the person and/or their father.  For these reasons the indexing becomes complicated and requires a wide spreadsheet.

The Botosani Research Group has spent significant effort over many years to index these wonderful treasures in a manner that will be most helpful to future generations who are researching their family history.   An example of a two page marriage record and the section that contains the associated indexing is shown below:   

Marriage Record page 1

1884 Marriage record 63 -  Leizer sin Itic marriage to Ruhla sin Avram  - Page 1

Marriage Record page 2

1884 Marriage record 63 -  Leizer sin Itic marriage to Ruhla sin Avram  - Page 2

New Botosani Marriage Indexes


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