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 in 2009.   The LON/LAT listed in IAJGS are close but not accurate for the exact location of many cemeteries. Perhaps they came from an atlas giving the center of the named towns. Please recheck if you are planning a trip. 

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Botosani Jewish Cemetery 

Dorohoi Jewish Cemetery


str. Penes Curcanul no. 6, Botosani judet, 45 km from Suceava. 

47°40' 26°45' 20-100 from 19th c
BOTOSANI (II) str. Mihai Eminescu no. 403, Botosani judet, 45 km from Suceava. 47°40' 26°45' 100-500 from 19th c
BOTOSANI (III) str. M. Eminescu no. 403,  45 km from Suceava   47°40' 26°45' >5000 19th-21st c
BUCECEA Soseaua Principala no. 1, Bucecea, abt 3 km E of Bucecea center on northside of highway to Botosani 47°40' 26°28' 20-100 19th-20th c
DARABANI (I): str. Poenitei no. 58, Darabani, Botosani ju, 6.25 km from Dorohoi 48°20' 26°35' 100-500 18th-19th c
DARABANI II): na, Caretaker, str. 1 Decembrie 1918 no. 389, Darabani, Botosani na 100-500 19th-20th c
DOROHOI (I): b-dul Victoriei no. 110, Dorohoi, Botosani judet, 3 km from Suceava 47°56' 26°27' 100-500 18th-19th c
DOROHOI (II): str. 1 Decembrie 1918 no. 55 na >5000 na
FRUMUSICA 15 km. from Hirlau 47°32' 26°54' >500 na
FRUMUSICA 46 km from Tīrgu Frumos, 2km from former congregation bldg 47°39' 26°58' 100-500 19th c to 1941
MIHAILENI 244.0 miles N of Bucharest and 55 km from Suceava 47°58' 26°09' 100-500 19th-20th c
RADAUTI-PRUT 112 km from Suceava 48°24' 26°49' 20-100 19th-20th c
SAVENI Str. Stefan Luchian no. 32, Saveni, 38km from Botosani 47°57' 26°52' 500-5000 19th-20th c
STEFANESTI str. Marasti no. 51 ("īn Mahala"), Stefanesti, 55 km from Botosani 47° 48' 27°14' 500-5000 19th-20th c
SULITA: Sulita, Botosani judet 47°42' 26°56' 500-5000 19th-20th c

Jewishgen Online World Wide Burial Registry -  Cemetery Inventory

Click here for JOWBR , click  ROMANIA and "drill down" to  REGION and CEMETERY.   There are 10 cemeteries inventoried in Romania as of February 2008 with the following two located in  Botosani County: 
Bucovina Bucecea Cemetery is located at the end of the eastern part of the town. It has a fence and an unlocked gate. 47°46' 26°26' 646
Moldavia Botosani NA NA 13198


Bucecea is near but not part of  historic Bucovina.

JOWBR Botosani data is from the cemetery registers as described below.

Botosani Cemetery Project

by Bruno Segal

Botosani was the second largest Jewish town in the Romanian province of Moldavia. This province experienced large waves of Jewish immigration from Poland and Russia in the 19th century. By the end of that century the Jewish population of Botosani reached about 16000 which constituted about 50% of the town’s population according to the Encyclopedia Judaica. 

The Botosani cemetery ledgers lists about 13,000 burials between January 1906 and and 2002. It is important to note that Jews lived in Botosani since the 17th century and many Jews are buried there in what is known as the old cemetery. Most of the burials listed in the Botosani cemetery ledgers are in the new cemetery that was started in the later part of the 19th century. However, for some of the entries listed in the ledgers it is indicated that the burial was in the old cemetery.

It is important to note that many Jews who lived in Moldavia did not have last names until early 20th century. Many Jews were listed according to their patronymics in the cemetery ledgers and in other vital records. A man might be listed as Meir sin Iehuda Leib where it can be assumed that Iehuda Leib was Meir’s father. However, a woman that is listed as Rivka sin Meir sin Iehuda Leib might be the wife of Meir sin Iehuda Leib if she was married. Occasionally, the ledgers might indicate the name the husband as well as a woman’s maiden name or name of her father. Also on some occasions a person is listed according to the mother’s name.

The Botosani Cemetery Database spans some very significant historical periods for the Jews of Botosani and as such contains a treasure of information. First, it contains burials during 1907 which saw the great peasant uprising throughout Moldavia. Many Jewish homes were attacked and looted and some Jews were killed during the uprising. It can be assumed that some of the victims were buried in Botosani as well.

Romania saw many battles on its territory during World War I and many Jewish soldiers from the Romanian army as well as other armies are buried in Botosani. The cemetery ledgers lists many soldiers who are buried in Botosani who died in battle or as a result of wounds suffered in battle. For some of those soldiers the ledgers indicate the army corps where the soldier served and possibly the hospital from where the body arrived.

The Botosani cemetery ledgers do not identify the age of the deceased until listings from 1943. However, the ledgers do identify from 1906 if the deceased was a child. It seems that children were buried in a special section for children. The ledgers also indicate many instances of miscarriages and even what month the miscarriage occurred. Sometimes you can ascertain if a woman died in childbirth by noticing the death of a child on the same day as the mother.

There are some cases where the ledgers indicate if the death was a suicide or a homicide. In some cases the ledgers identifies that the spouse of the deceased was also deceased at the time of the burial. For example, it might say Rivka the wife of the deceased Meir sin Avram. In a similar manner the ledgers might indicate the profession of the spouse. Rivka the wife of Meir the tailor.

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