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Esther Gilbert

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Esther pauses at
Berezne entrance

15 August 2011
Esther with
Evgenia Petrovna

Evgenia, born 1933,
was a Shabbos Goy
Holocaust Memorial
mass murder site
Berezne Jews
Russian Memorial
"On this place
25 August 1942
the German-Fascist
occupiers shot
3,680 Soviet civilians"
Hebrew Memorial
"In memory of those holy martyrs
in Berezno and its surrounding areas
who were murdered and buried alive
on 12th Elul 5702 - August 1942
by the Nazis and their collaborators,
may their names be blotted out.
And may You gather our blood
into vessels, because
there is no other who can
gather it in like You."
G. Alterman

The voice of our brothers' blood
cries out from this earth

May their souls be bound
in the eternal bond of Life
Jewish Street
Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery

Additional photos of Berezne and nearby towns, taken by Esther Gilbert, may be viewed at Picasa.


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