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Welcome to Berezne
51°00′ N, 26°45′ E

Alternative names

Berezne [Ukr]; Berëzno [Rus];
Brezhna [Yid]; Bereźne [Pol]

Jewish Population

1897: 2,765

  • Holocaust time line

    • 6 July 1941: Nazis occupy Berezne

    • 300 Jews sent to the Kostopol Labor Camp

    • Several hundred Jews placed in a ghetto for skilled workers

    • 6 October 1941: 1,500 Jews forced into another ghetto

    • 25 August 1942: 3,000 Jews executed

    • 150 Jews survived the war

  • see Encyclopedia of Jewish Life
    Before & During the Holocaust
    vol 1; p. 115

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