Contemporary Events.

2013 Rosh Hashanah Services at the former Synagogue of Counterclerks/Salesclerks, led by the head of the Jewish community in Bendery - Mikhail Tul'chinsky
Click Here To See A Youtube Video Of The Services

2013 Trip To Bendery by Gloria Green (Daughter of Jacob Moses Schwartzman of Bendery)
Gloria gives us the opportunity to share her trip to Bendery through her excellent pictures and conceptual understanding.
You will need a PDF viewer and Microsoft Power Point To View Her Presentations.
Bendery Castle
Bendery Jewish Cemetry
Bendery Market & Town
Bendery Schtetl
Bendery Recommendations

Reunions/Information Request .

Rose(Ruchel)SOBELMAN or SOYBELMAN. She was born in Bendery, Moldova about 1889 and was one of nine siblings; - Frances Spak