Personalities Of Bendery Kehila.

Belov Nikolay - Lieutenant Colonel Of Imperial Russian Army (buried in Jewish cemetry, legally baptised?) - Dr. N. Petroff of Bender (Tighina), first succeeded in isolating the typhus germ in 1926
A wealthy banker in the Russian Empire was Ignaz I. Manus born in 1860 in Bender to Jewish parents, owner of the Manus bank, another wealthy businessman was Haim Cole, others were the Abramovich family, the brothers Janiszewski, Haim Gorshteyna, Gregory Schmalz, Fuchs.

    Simonovich Berg Prominent Geographer And Evolutionst.
    Sir Michael Postan Historian.
    Zrubavel Gilad Poet, Editor, Translator.

Agadati, Baruch (Boris L. Kaushansky) - Israeli dancer, creator of the Israeli folk dance ("Horus Agadati"), film director and producer
Barash, Michael - American violinist and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Barash Communications Technologies
Bauch, Ephraim (Ephraim) Isaakovich - Moldovan and Israeli Russian writer and poet, chairman of the Union of Writers of linguistic unification of Israel
Weinstein, Ossip L. - Soviet historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences
Glickman, Timothy Abramovich (Timothy Greco) - Russian writer, translator, scholar Hellenist
Goligorsky, Blum - Soviet urology and nephrology
Gorenko Anna (Carp) - poet ( Israel )
Grigorov, Nahum Leonidovich - Soviet astrophysicist, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR
Dubossary, Boris S. - Moldovan violinist, Honored Artist of the MSSR (1989)
Kara, Ida G. - French painter, graphic artist and kollazhist
Chisinau, Mark Haimovich - Soviet chemist, Honored Scientist of the Moldavian SSR
Kaufman, Yigal (Igor) - Moldovan and Israeli drafts player, world champion Russian checkers, four-time world champion at junior stokletochnym checkers
Leonids, Leon - American choreographer, choreographer and producer
Manik (Leiderman), Schick - Jewish poet ( Yiddish )
Neyman, Jerzy (Yuri Cheslavovich) - American mathematician and statistician, a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
Okunev (Okun), Yakov Markovitch - Russian writer, journalist, and science fiction
Arm, Moses E. - British historian and medievalist, founder of the economic history of the Middle Ages
Rabinovich, Zina - Jewish children's writer and poet (Yiddish, Hebrew)
Reisman, Myron (Maurice) - French chess player, a seven-time French Champion, two-time champion in Paris
Toybish (Tobias), Label - a Jewish writer, lexicographer (Yiddish)
Edlis, Yuliu Filippovich - playwright, novelist
Karchevskii, Hanin Isaakovich - song composer and teacher, founder of the Israeli national songs and music education in Israel, grew up in Bender
Kahana, Mozesh (Moses Genrikhovich) - Moldovan and Hungarian writer
Kopanskii, Yakov - Moldovan historian, spent his youth and attended school in Bender
Luxembourg, Eli (Ilya Motelevich) - Writer ( Israel )
Chapkis, Gregory N. - Ukrainian choreographer and dancer
The Above List Courtecy of