The following entry is excerpted from an article appearing in the Summer 2000 issue of Shtetl Anthology - Our Family History Newsletter (privately published by L. Chilton). Following the death of family matriarch Alice Plotnick Goldman (1900-1998), her granddaughter and great-granddaughter, Joan and Jennifer Honig, decided to pay a tribute to her by visiting the shtetl of her birth.  Joan and Jennifer had often heard Alice's stories of Aniksht and what it was like growing up there, so they decided to journey back to Aniksht and walk in Alice's footsteps - 86 years later.  Here's a brief account of the trip, as told by Jennifer. Arriving in Aniksht & Exploring Synagogue Street We were in Lithuania from April 23 to May 2, 1999 and traveled to Vilnius, Kaunas, Nida and Klaipeda. On one day we took a Soviet-style bus from Vilnius to Anykščiai where my great-grandmother was [born]. The river was right there [as] we disembarked the bus. It was wide and gentle. We walked across the bridge and tried to figure out where my great-grandmother might have lived. There was a large neighborhood of small, old, wooden houses that were nicely kept and painted in thick yellow, orange and green. We found Synagogue Street near this neighborhood, which was at the center of town. We asked a local man which building [had been] the synagogue. He [went off to] ask someone else then returned to tell us that it was the large stucco building at the end of the lane, but by then we had already found it and wandered inside. Fresh challah-like breads were arrayed on the floor. We bought two loaves that were delicious. The building, which was only being used to store the bread loaves, no longer showed any signs of having been a synagogue.   Searching for the Jewish Cemetery The town is still small. We saw the large, beautiful church that must have been built while my great- grandmother Alice lived there. We asked some people about the [Jewish] cemetery, but we didn't have a dictionary and didn't get very far. [At the end of the day, Joan and Jennifer boarded a bus and returned to Vilnius. - editor] After returning to Vilnius, we headed west to Kaunas… We visited the synagogue and received a warm reception. One congregant had relatives in Boston. My mother knew the name. Had Joan and Jennifer planned ahead and hired an English-speaking tour guide, their visit to Anykščiai might have been more productive. If you have been to Anykščiai, please write down your memories of the visit and send them to us so that we may share them with other Anykščiai landsleit. Scanned or copied pictures would also be most welcome!   Photo Credit: Jennifer Honig, April 1999 Schlepping Photo Credit: Jennifer Honig, April 1999 Photo Credit: Jennifer Honig, April 1999 Photo Credit: Jennifer Honig, April 1999 Photo Credit: Jennifer Honig, April 1999