Introduction to Anykščiai, Lithuania Welcome to Anykščiai KehilaLinks! These pages have been a longtime in the making and it is hoped you will derive some benefit from them. Consider this site a home for the sharing of information about our ancestral shtetl, the Jewish kehila (community) of Aniksht, which existed within the larger Lithuanian community of Anykščiai from the 17th century to 1941. Please take the time to explore the material on these pages. We welcome additional pictures, stories and comments that would further enrich and increase the research value of this site. NOTE: if the text on your computer screen or tablet appears too small for you to read, use the magnification button/menu on you web browser to enlarge the print. About Anykščiai and Aniksht The Lithuanian town of Anykščiai and the Jewish shtetl Aniksht were one and the same yet different. They occupied the same physical space but were separated by religion, culture and language. During peaceful times, relations between the Lithuanian townspeople and their Jewish neighbors were amicable. Each was tied to the other by business, commerce and place. Throughout this website, the town names Anykščiai and Aniksht will be used interchangeably. “Anykščiai” will be used when discusssing the town from the Lithuanian perspective. “Aniksht” will be used when discussing the town from the Jewish perspective. Where is Anykščiai? At 55°32' N latitude, 25°06' E longitude, Anykščiai is situated in north-eastern Lithuania - see detailed map. Latvia is to its immediate north and Belarus to its immediate east.  Anykščiai has approximately the same geographic latitude as Copenhagen, Denmark; Moscow, Russia; Ketchikan, Alaska, USA; and Glasgow, Scotland. טשקינאַ Aniksht (Yiddish) Anykščiai*(Lithuanian) *pronounced Ah-neeksh-chay Other spellings: Anīkšči [Latv], Anikshchay, Anikshchyay [Rus], Aniksht, Anikst, Anixt, Anykščių, Anykshchay, Anykshchiai, Anykst, Onikschten [Ger], Onikschty, Oniksht, Onikshty, Onikszty [Pol], Onixt, Onixty, Onukszty, et al. Home Welcome Jewish Gen Home Page KehilaLinks Directory This site is hosted at no cost to the public by JewishGen, Inc., a non- profit corporation. If you feel there is a benefit to you in accessing this site, your JewishGen-erosity is appreciated. Compiled by: Lewis Chilton & Marlis Humphrey Updated: January 2012