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Kolonia Yakovlevo
Yakovleva, Belarus


Photographs by Morton Steinberg
Provided by Miriam Steinberg
Taken August, 2001



pix2 640x471 This road leads to Gutovo (Hutava).
Pictured: Deborah Parnes, Miriam Steinberg, and Barbara Eisenberg
The shul was at the site of these dirt tracks.
The road on the left leads to where the cemetery was located.
pix2.5 640x275
pix 2.75 640x499 The dirt road went into the forest where the cemetery was located.
The paved road goes into Gutovo.
This was the main intersection of Kolonia Yakovlevo;
the shul was on the right. .
yakovlevo pic1 640x436
pix3 640x430 Pictured: Mort Steinberg
A typical house near (what was) the cemetery pix4 640x429
Agricultural Colony Yakovlevo
Founded in 1849 by 16 Jewish families from Kobrin. By 1898, the population of Yakovlevo was 354 residents, and all of them were Jewish. Residents of this colony grew fruits and vegetables as well as dairy produce. At the beginning of the 20th century, lots of families left the colony, by 1921 only 155 Jewish residents were left there. In the fall of 1941, all the remaining Jewish population of Yakovlevo was transferred to the ghetto in Drogichyn and later killed there. Currently Yakovlevo is merged with the village Gutovo, which is located 8 miles away from Drohichyn, and became part of it.
Photo to the left: residents of Yakovlevo at the beginning of the 1930s.

(source: Yuri Dorn, Belarus Jewish Genealogy and Ancestral Travel)

Compiled by Debbie Kroopkin with significant research and input
by Miriam Steinberg, who has visited the site of Yakovlevo.
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