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Kolonia Yakovlevo, Belarus


Recorded Memories of Joseph Levine
Conducted July 18, 1992 by Basil Pollitt in Hewlett, Long Island, NY. Reprinted and made available online with the permission of Joseph's daughter Zena Kassel. ‚Äč
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A Monument of Memory in the Forest of the Holies.
According to the Israeli Genealogical Society, this is probably in the Eshtaol Martyrs Forest in Israel, but hidden from view by forest growth. Given to Miriam Steinberg by Tova Avida (born in Yakovlevo) of Tel Aviv, now deceased. Photograph taken October 16, 1958.

Approximate Translation of the Monument
Remembrance to the Holy
2 The Agricultural Moshava
3 Koloniya Yakovlevo
4 (Community-Yaakov)
5 Polesie, White Russia, Pinsk Region
6 Killed in the Shoah at the hands of the Nazis [on Shabbat*]
7 In the year 5702 on the 11th of Av
8 Who died in their homeland in the lime depths of Brona Gura **
9 in the vicinity of Kartuz Bereza in the District of Pruzhany
10 The emigrants of Yakovlevo
11 in Israel

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Monument for Jakowlewo (Yakowlevo) at the Eshtaol, Martyr's Forest, Israel
Listed at Memorials for Vanished Communities at The Israel Genealogy Society Website
(in Hebrew).

Eshtaol Monument

Ketubah and Engagement Contract
The engagement contract (the longer document) and the marriage contract (the shorter document) are between
Yitzchak-Isaac, the son of Yakov David Turniansky, from Kibbutz Yakovla Hutava, and Yehudis, the daughter of
Shachne Rynberg, from Yanava.

The wedding took place on the fourth day of the week, the sixth day of the month of Adar II, 5660
[Wednesday, March 7, 1900] in Yanava.

The document states that the groom lives "b'kibbutz Yakovlevo Hutava" (in the colony of Yakovlevo Gutava).
The documents are written in a combination of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic.
They are from the collection of Miriam Steinberg.

ketubah contract

ketubah contract


Compiled by Debbie Kroopkin with significant research and input
by Miriam Steinberg, who has visited the site of Yakovlevo.
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