Volochisk, Ukraine

Volotchisk , Wolochisk , Woloczysk

Lat: 49° 32' , Long: 26° 10'

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General Description

Volochisk is a small town in the Western Ukraine located on the left bank of the Zbruch River. According to its description in the IAJGS Jewish Cemetery Project, it is 203.6 miles WSW of Kiev, about 18 km from Skalat and about 50 km from the county seat, Tarnopol. Volochysk is a district center in Khmelnytsky region. The town population is 24,000 with 8 Jews in 2000. It is noted for having a train station which was the starting point of many of our ancestors on their long journey to America.

Across the river is a sister town, Podvolochisk.  Before WW1 the river served as a border separating Volochisk and Podvolochisk nationally as well as geographically. Volochisk was in Russia, and Podvolochisk in Austria. Again, according to the IAJGS, the 1939 Podwolocyska population was 7,000 including the town of Zdanishovka of which 20% were Poles, 20% Ukrainians, and 60% Jewish (about 4,200.)


Maps & Location

 Volochisk is located in what is now the northwest Ukraine
at 49° 32' by 26° 10' in the Volhynia province. 
It is located east of Ternopol and Southwest of Kiev.


Voloczysk and Podvoloczysk are located at the very bottom of Volhynia province. One can make out the train line, which partially obscures the name
Volochisk. This map is from Blackie and Sons Atlas (Edinburgh, 1982).

You will need to zoom in to see Volochisk.

Includes a topological map plus photographs from Volochisk and a list of hotels.

This town map provides residents' names and shows their house locations

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Photos were taken by Jeremy Grant, a Volochisk descendant and this websites primary translator.

Photos by Bobby Furst, a Volochisk descendant

A gift of Yeva Lozdernik, names of students included.....maybe you will find a relative!!

Photos taken by Sharon Zane, a Volochisk Descendant


Photos taken by Sharon Zane

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Links To Volochisk


Translation of a Yiddish document written by Samuel Trugman describing life in Volochisk for a contest in the newspaper, “The Tog”

Bernard Wolf left Volochisk in the early part of the twentieth century. Read about how he escaped.

Translation of a Russian letter written by Yeva Lozdernik describing a wedding in Volochisk

Jeremy Grant writes to Helen May about his trip, fall of 2000. At the end is a list of legible stones in the cemetery of Volochisk that Jeremy was kind enough to record.

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